Stila Valentine’s Day Pretty in Pink Blush

Stila Valentine's Day Pretty in Pink BlushEvery year, Stila releases a limited edition blush (or, in the case of last year, a bronzer) for Valentine’s Day. I really like Stila’s products and their Valentine’s Day blushes are some of my favorite products to grab. I’m a big fan of pink blushes, and pink blushes with hearts on them?! Swoon. This year’s limited edition release is the Stila Pretty in Pink Blush.

Stila Pretty in Pink BlushThis year’s Stila Pretty in Pink Blush is a little lighter than previous year’s, which I’m really excited about. As much as I love bright pink shades, they can look a little clownish on my fair skin. Using a light hand is important but also difficult for someone as heavy-handed with their blush as me. Plus, they last way too long since I’m barely using any product. I have an embarrassingly large amount of pink blushes and the last thing I need is another deep pink that will last for 10 years.

Stila Pretty in Pink BlushHow cute is this packaging? Not only is the blush itself adorable, but the packaging has pink foil hearts on it. I really like Stila’s minimalistic cardboard packaging but the hearts take it to another level. This is a pretty decently sized blush, too. It’s larger than most blushes and at 0.3 oz it contains nearly twice as much product as a NARS blush.

Stila Pretty in Pink BlushThe blush comes in a square plastic case with a silver metallic bottom and a clear top. The Stila Pretty in Pink Blush is a mix of a few different pink shades- a pale pink matte, a darker pink shimmer, and a frosty metallic light medium pink. Stila describes it as a petal pink blush that’s perfect for a just-pinched flush. All three colors are very pretty and they look really nice mixed together.

Stila Pretty in Pink BlushI love the heart and the lace pattern on this blush, but it’s mostly for looks. Stila’s Valentine’s Day blushes are so pretty but the designs tend to disappear almost immediately. I originally thought the dark pink lace pattern was stamped over the frosty medium pink, but it’s actually the opposite. The shimmery medium pink shade is only on the top layer of the blush and it disappears as soon as you use it (I merely swatched mine and the pretty pattern was gone). Still, you’re left with a light pink heart in the middle of a darker pink blush. Still adorable, but not as cute as when it was brand new.

Stila Pretty in Pink Blush swatchI really like the color of this blush. Here I swatched all the colors mixed together and then tried to swatch them individually. Because of the lace pattern and the fact that the shimmery pink was only on the top layer of blush, it was hard to pick up each color on its own. The medium frosty pink ended up looking darker because I picked up the darker pink blush underneath. The dark pink is a nice medium bright pink with a little shimmer. The light pink is a matte pastel shade.

Stila Pretty in Pink Blush swatchI love the color of this blush. I really like the addition of the lighter pink because it makes the darker pink much more wearable for me. The Stila Pretty in Pink Blush is a gorgeous cool-toned pastel pink with just a hint of shimmer. It really is a nice wash of color and it’s so spring-y. This blush lasts all day on me and doesn’t look chalky. Because of the different shades in the pan, I pick it up with my brush and then swirl my brush on my cheeks to blend the shades together. I’m very happy with this purchase, although I wish the lace design on top of the blush lasted longer. Stila’s Valentine’s Day Pretty in Pink Blush is $18 here.


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