Brown Polka Dot Dress

Brown Polka Dot Dress, Skinny Jeans, and Ballet FlatsI’ll admit, I have a lot of clothes. Clothing is one of my favorite things to buy and my closet and dresser are both overflowing. For the most part though, I get a lot of use out of everything and tend to wear pieces for years and years until they are threadbare or totally out of style. There are definitely some basics that I reach for over and over again but most of my favorites are unique pieces that have a story behind them. I love buying clothing or jewelry as a souvenir when traveling or to wear for a special occasion and it’s so fun thinking of that trip or event when I wear it. Take this brown polka dot dress for example. I bought this when I went to New York City for the first time about 10 years ago and I still think of that trip every time I put it on.

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Shoshanna Print Dress

Shoshanna Print DressThis Shoshanna print dress is one of my favorite dresses to wear because it has so many different styling options! The print contains so many colors (blacks, browns, blues, pinks, yellows, greens) that you would think it would be difficult to find things to match but it’s actually the opposite. It’s so easy to add different layers and accessories and I’ve found that as long as I pair this dress with colors that are in the print, it works. I’ve worn it with lots of black or brown for an outfit that really lets the print stand out but typically I wear it with a little bit of everything. I just think it’s more fun! I wear this dress a lot in the fall and winter as it’s perfect for layers but it also works on its own with just a light sweater if it’s warmer out.

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Wearing the Kremlin

shein_dressHappy (almost) Halloween! I picked up a few mini pumpkins to use as a centerpiece and I couldn’t resist wearing an outfit that matched them, and throwing on one of my orange lipsticks. Last week I talked about my love of prints and this week I have a really fun one for you. From far away, this just looks like a dress with a nice autumn-colored fabric. The oranges, greens, and yellows are the perfect match for fall foliage. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that this dress is actually covered with tiny Kremlins!

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