Tortellini Herb Soup

tortellini soup 2Today I have a really easy, throw-it-together-in-no-time recipe for you. I was over at my parents’ house one night when my dad gave me a package of tortellini and told me to make soup. Never having made tortellini soup before, I was at a loss for what to do. I looked up a few recipes online and ended up mixing and matching ingredients based on what we had in the pantry. The result was a really good, herby soup that was filled to the brim with tortellini. The addition of carrots and tomatoes make me feel like it’s healthier than it probably is, and the beans make it more filling. I’ve made it again since then, and every time I find myself throwing in more herbs. I basically raid my spice rack and add whatever sounds good. This recipe is how I originally made it, but feel free to throw in extra spices as you please.

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Chard and White Bean Stew

Chard and White Bean StewSomething about winter makes me crave hearty stews. This Chard and White Bean Stew is my favorite. It’s packed full of good-for-you veggies and definitely not short on flavor. This stew is tangy, rich, and filling, and great fresh or as leftovers. I’ve been making it for several years and it’s still my go-to during the cold months. If I had a signature dish, this would be it. I’ve adapted it from Smitten Kitchen (my favorite food blog). My version mostly involves adding shortcuts and cooking everything longer (G likes his vegetables more soft than crunchy and I find the flavors really meld together if it is cooked longer). One pot is more than enough for the two of us with leftovers (it probably serves about 4-5) but sometimes I double it to give us both lunches for the week.

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Pumpkin Risotto with Fried Sage, Pine Nuts, and Balsamic Reduction

Pumpkin Risotto with Fried Sage, Pine Nuts, and Balsamic ReductionI know my last few food posts have all involved pumpkin, but that’s because I love it! Pumpkin is quintessentially fall and it tastes so good! For the most part, I tend to use pumpkin for sweeter foods (pumpkin bread, cookies, pie, etc), but I wanted to try a more savory pumpkin recipe. I came across a recipe for risotto using butternut squash, fried sage, pine nuts, and a balsamic glaze and decided I could easily adapt it to use pumpkin instead. My parents love risotto and my dad had been asking me when I was going to come over and cook him dinner again, so we decided to try this recipe. Risotto is one of those foods that seems very daunting to make but it’s actual pretty easy. It’s not as difficult and hands-on as its made out to be (you don’t have to stir it constantly and it’s not going to be ruined if you add the chicken broth at the wrong time). Risotto is a good, filling food and it is so easy to change a few ingredients and get a completely different flavor. This Pumpkin Risotto with Fried Sage, Pine Nuts, and Balsamic Reduction is a great twist on a classic recipe.

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Whole30 Recipe: Pork Green Chili

On Sunday I finally had a chance to use my crockpot my parents gave me for Christmas last year (sorry it’s taken so long to use mom and dad). I used it to make paleo green chili for my second week of whole30. One of the more difficult parts of the whole30, at least for me, is all the cooking so I spent part of the weekend meal prepping for the week. I looked through a couple paleo cookbooks on Saturday to decide what I should make for the week. I picked out a couple recipes which included Pork Green Chili from the PaleOMG cookbook. This particular recipe was a slow cooker recipe so I was excited to finally use my crockpot! Even better it seemed like a simple enough recipe – throw everything in, turn the slow cooker on, and come back a few hours later when the food is done!

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