Rocksbox Review Update + Try It Free!

Rocksbox Review Update and Three Statement NecklacesDo you love jewelry as much as I do? Do you constantly buy new jewelry only to find yourself tossing it aside after a few months? Would you like to try before you buy or play around with new jewelry and send it back when you get tired of it? If so, I have a fun subscription box for you to try. I’ve been using Rocksbox for about a year now and I love it! It’s been awhile since I posted anything about it (see my previous Rocksbox review) so I thought I’d give you guys an updated Rocksbox review, plus a promo code so you can try it yourself for free!

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Charmed with Soufeel

Soufeel Travel Charm BraceletI LOVE charm bracelets. I had a dream when I was younger that someone would buy me a charm bracelet and then continue to buy me fun charms for special occasions. Needless to say, that didn’t exactly work out. A few years ago, Stacie actually bought me a charm bracelet as a gift but since they’re not very popular right now it’s hard to find charms and I’ve ended up buying myself most of the ones I have! I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to make my own Soufeel charm bracelet. I still love the idea of collecting different charms and making a personalized piece of jewelry and theirs are so fun!

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Rocksbox Jewelry Fun

RocksboxJewelry is one of my favorite things to buy. I love how a statement piece or even a few delicate necklaces can really transform a look. I think it’s so fun to pick up a few inexpensive pieces to try out and I really love taking my time to find a nicer piece that’s just perfect and has a sentimental meaning behind it. My jewelry addiction can be a bit of a problem though as I tend to hold on to far too many pieces that I don’t wear anymore! My jewelry box is constantly overflowing and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started appreciating nicer jewelry that doesn’t tarnish after a couple of wears so unfortunately my love of jewelry can end up costing a pretty penny. I recently got to try Rocksbox, a subscription jewelry rental box which seemed to solve a lot of my jewelry woes.

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Moda Boutique and The Frothy Monkey

moda_boutiqueOne of our stops in Nashville was Moda Boutique. Located in Nashville’s trendy 12 South area, Moda is a house-turned-boutique that carries cute clothes, jewelry, and gifts. I loved the look of the boutique with its fun purple paint and stepping stone walkway. The clothes were pretty nice but what really drew me in was the jewelry. I’d been eying a few pieces from Consider The Wldflwrs (see their matte stacking rings on my spring wishlist), and since the brand is from Nashville, I thought something from them would be a fun souvenir.

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Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Valentine's Day JewelryMy favorite thing about jewelry is how personal it is. At least, that’s my favorite thing about my jewelry. Sure, I have plenty of cheap, trendy pieces that I wear a few times and then get rid of when I’m sick of them, but a lot of my pieces have history to them. They remind me of a person or a place, whether they are gifts, hand-me-downs, or items I bought on my own. Sometimes they are special just because I enjoy wearing them. Other times they mean a lot because of where they came from. As eclectic and vast as my jewelry collection is, I own quite a few pieces that are perfect for Valentine’s Day (pink, hearts, all that). Here are some of my favorite pieces of Valentine’s Day Jewelry.

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