Black and White Gingham Top

Gingham Peplum Top with Tie BackGingham print just screams spring and summer to me. Just looking at it makes me think of picnics and sunshine and I can’t think of a better fabric to wear when the weather starts to warm up. I haven’t owned any gingham in a while so I was super excited when I got the chance to try this gingham top from SheIn. It has a really fun shape and the black and white print is so charming, I can already tell I’m going to be wearing this all the time.

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Monochromatic outfit of the dayMy cold weather wardrobe is made up of mostly monochromatic black and gray pieces, to the point that multiple people have commented on it. I love warm weather so the colder months always feel like a bit of a mourning period for me but really I’m just lazy. If I have a stack of black and gray pieces, it’s easy to grab a few and throw them on in the morning- they always match! Take this outfit for example. I wanted to wear these leather leggings and this sweater is one of my go-tos as soon as it gets a little chilly. I added a tunic for some extra layers and some bright white sneakers for a fun, sporty feel. It probably took about 15 seconds to pick everything out and I thought it looked really cute.

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Jewel Tones

OOTD Jewel TonesFor me, spring means lots of color! Now that the cold weather is gone, it’s time to brighten some things up! I know spring is usually the time for light colors but in addition to lots of cream, blush, and baby blue I’ve been adding plenty of bright jewel tones to my wardrobe. I just love how deep and vibrant the colors are and I think they really pop, especially when worn together. Plus, these vivid colors complement my skin tone a lot more than washed out pastels.

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Bows on Bows

OOTD Bow Print Top with Pink Pleated SkirtMy closet mostly consists of solids in neutrals colors because I find those pieces to be the most versatile but I also really love a good print. Printed pieces can really liven up an outfit or make a big statement. While a lot of the printed clothes I own are pretty colorful (like the prints here and here), I love understated neutral prints like this bow print top. The black and white print and nice fabric make it perfect for work and the bows add just a touch of whimsy to an outfit.

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Shoshanna Print Dress

Shoshanna Print DressThis Shoshanna print dress is one of my favorite dresses to wear because it has so many different styling options! The print contains so many colors (blacks, browns, blues, pinks, yellows, greens) that you would think it would be difficult to find things to match but it’s actually the opposite. It’s so easy to add different layers and accessories and I’ve found that as long as I pair this dress with colors that are in the print, it works. I’ve worn it with lots of black or brown for an outfit that really lets the print stand out but typically I wear it with a little bit of everything. I just think it’s more fun! I wear this dress a lot in the fall and winter as it’s perfect for layers but it also works on its own with just a light sweater if it’s warmer out.

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February Beauty Favorites

February Beauty FavoritesSimilar to my January favorites, my February beauty favorites were less about color and more about maintenance. February was pretty warm for us but my skin and hair is still feeling the effects of winter (and my hair had a mini flip out after I tried some new products that left it super dry). I ended up spending most of the month trying to get my hair back to its normal healthy state and fighting winter’s drying effects on my skin and hair. My February beauty favorites ended up being the Blax Snag-Free Hair Elastics, the HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Shine Hair Oil, and the Julep Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub.

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