Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator

Exuviance Age Reverse Hand RejuvenatorI have so much fun with skincare. Masks, serums, creams- I love the process of applying them and really taking care of my skin. I love having mini spa nights and seeing how different products make a big difference in my skin. I hate to say it, but pretty much all of my pampering involves my face. Skincare for hands is definitely something I need to work on, especially since no matter how great and young my face looks, if my hands look rough I won’t be fooling anyone. I recently got the chance to try the Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator– a two-piece set that works to diminish signs of aging on hands. I was pretty excited since a hand peel is much for fun to use than just a normal hand cream. Who knows, it might even get me interested in taking care of my hands.

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