Tour of Tuscany

After leaving Rome, I only had about a week left of my time in Europe – a few days each in Tuscany, Venice, and Paris. M, N, and I actually rented a car from Rome to go on a mini road trip through Tuscany (3 quick days). Let’s just saying driving in Rome was quite an adventure! We had discussed our mini road trip with our tour manager, who is Italian, and he told us to be careful! This should have been a sign for what we had in store. Getting out of Rome was probably the craziest part of the drive – everyone just seems to go whenever/wherever and the streets aren’t in a grid system so it’s a little more confusing than what we are used to. Once we made it to the highway towards Greve in Chianti, the driving calmed down except for the speed – everyone drives crazy fast there! We were even almost run over by a police office – he was driving so fast and there was a semi truck next to us so we couldn’t get over right away! Probably the scariest part of the drive. Once we got into the Tuscan region, we drove through the country roads and had quite a view of the countryside. The whole Tuscan region was so beautiful! Rolling hills, trees, and vineyards everywhere.

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