Periwinkle Dress

periwinkle chiffon dressEvery now and then, you find the perfect dress. Something that you never get sick of, something that is always fun to wear, and something that works for almost any occasion. This periwinkle dress checks all the boxes for me. It’s several years old but I still love to wear it and it’s one of the easiest pieces in my closet. All I have to do is throw it on and go, but I still love adding fun accessories so it doesn’t look like the same outfit every time. It’s perfect for work but the light fabric is also great for parties or as a dressier look while traveling. What could be better than that?

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Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuchsia RS320

shiseido_rs320When it comes to lipstick, I have to own almost every pink out there. I usually find myself sticking to the same few brands for the most part but I recently branched out and tried a brand for the first time. Shiseido is known for their luxury skincare but I don’t really hear much about their makeup. Despite not knowing much about it, I picked up one of their lipsticks, the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuchsia RS320.

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