Spring Closet Refresh: What I’m Craving for Spring

spring closet refreshI always like to add a few new pieces of clothing to my closet at the beginning of every season. It’s an easy way to refresh my wardrobe and give me new outfit inspiration. I love how a couple of fresh, light pieces can get me ready for the entire season and what better way to say goodbye to winter than with a cute new spring dress? Keep reading to see what I’m currently craving this spring!

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March Beauty Favorites

march_beauty_favoritesLast month my favorite beauty products included a soft eye palette and moisturizing products for both my hair and face to combat the dryness of winter. This month, the weather warmed up and all I wanted to do was play with bright colors. It’s funny how quickly my favorite products can change. While I still love the products I was using in February, March called for some different items.

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