Off The Shoulder Blues

Blue Floral Off the Shoulder TopShoulder details are so big right now. Everywhere I look, there is an off the shoulder dress or a top with cutout shoulders. Everything looks so cute but since the pieces are pretty trendy, it can be hard for me to spend a lot on them. Who knows if I’ll even like that off the shoulder dress in a few months? I love inexpensive fashion companies for this very reason. It’s easy to test out a trend to see how much I’ll wear it before really investing in it. I recently picked out an inexpensive off the shoulder top and cold shoulder dress to test the waters of the shoulder details trend.

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Marbled TopSometimes it’s hard to know how much you will like something until you try it out for awhile. A lot of times clothes can seem so nice in the store and it’s only once you get them home and wear them a bit that you find they’re too clingy, poorly made, or just not quite right. Other times, something turns out to be a lot better than you expected, which is the case for this cute marbled top.

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