Off The Shoulder Blues

Blue Floral Off the Shoulder TopShoulder details are so big right now. Everywhere I look, there is an off the shoulder dress or a top with cutout shoulders. Everything looks so cute but since the pieces are pretty trendy, it can be hard for me to spend a lot on them. Who knows if I’ll even like that off the shoulder dress in a few months? I love inexpensive fashion companies for this very reason. It’s easy to test out a trend to see how much I’ll wear it before really investing in it. I recently picked out an inexpensive off the shoulder top and cold shoulder dress to test the waters of the shoulder details trend.

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Black and White Striped Tunic

ootd striped tunic topIsn’t it funny how sometimes our outfits can go in stages? Sure, we all have certain pieces that we gravitate towards and trends that we like to follow, but don’t you sometimes just find yourself reaching for the same thing over and over again, even though your closet is full of other clothes? I know I definitely experience that and this black and white striped tunic is my latest obsession.

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March Beauty Favorites

March Beauty FavoritesI haven’t been buying too many new beauty products so far this year but I’ve been having a lot of fun rediscovering products I already own. My March beauty favorites included a new concealer that has gotten quite a bit of use, an old favorite nail polish shade, and a lip primer that I finally figured out how to use well. I’ve been wearing a lot of soft pink and purple shades of makeup but I’ve been trying different combinations with a few different palettes so none of them have really stood out so far. I’ve also been wearing a lot of pink blushes and lip colors and tring some new skincare products. But when it came down to it, these three products really stood out in March. My 2016 March beauty favorites were the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, Essie’s Lovie Dovie Nail Polish, and the Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer.

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My Favorite Cozy Sweater

cozy sweater outfitWe’ve been going through a warm spell lately which I absolutely love. It has been in the mid-80s and so nice, I’ve been able to ditch my tights and boots and break out my tees and ballet flats. I have a feeling it won’t last forever though and I’m sure we’ll have another cold spell soon. Luckily, I have my favorite cozy sweater on hand so I’ll be prepared. I got this sweater several years ago and I love it. It’s got ribbed sides that give it a little extra texture and it’s lined with fleece. Seriously, it’s so cozy and warm on the inside but still looks chic and slim on the outside. I love the cowl neckline that can also be worn off-the-shoulder (although if I did that, my shoulders would be freezing!).

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October Beauty Favorites

october beauty favoritesMy October beauty favorites all revolved around a new palette that I’m obsessed with. I change my makeup everyday and I almost never wear the same look two days in a row. Usually I’m all over the place- a neutral eye and bold lip one day, a pink eye look with neutral lips the next, and lots of brights the day after that. It’s hard finding a product I use more than a few times a week. Then I got this eyeshadow palette and it’s all I’ve been wearing this month. My picks this month are Urban Decay’s Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette, Eco Tools’ Bamboo Deluxe Concealer Brush, and Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.

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A Range of Orange Lipsticks

orange lipsticksOrange lipsticks can be intimidating to get into. Orange isn’t a traditional lipstick color but it’s been very “in” in the last few years. It’s a great bold color that can replace red as a statement color but it can also be soft and natural. Orange is a really fun color to wear but it does take some getting used to and there is definitely some trial-and-error involved in finding the perfect color. I typically think of my lipstick stash as 90% pink with a few berries, a handful of nudes, and a couple oranges thrown in but I was surprised by just how many orange lipsticks I pulled out when I wrote this post. Turns out, I own a lot of oranges! Today I’m swatching several different shades, just in time for Halloween.

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