Layered Maxi Dress

ootd statement necklace gray top layered maxi dressLately I have really been into light layers. I’ve basically been wearing my summer clothes and adding enough things on top until I feel warm enough. I love super soft, super thin fabrics and pieces that drape nicely and I’m having lots of fun coming up with new ways to wear them. This look is a perfect example. I love cool, casual maxi dresses but I’m not a fan of bare shoulders unless it’s crazy hot outside. So I added this thin tunic top over one and created a layered maxi dress that was perfect for wearing around town last weekend.

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Gray Draped Tunic

Asymmetrical gray tunicIt’s funny how there are certain articles of clothing we are drawn to over and over again. For me, it’s always a good tunic top. I think it stems from growing up, when I was super tall but living in a world of low-rise jeans- it was impossible to find a top that was long enough. Now I love them to be as long as possible and frequently wear mini dresses as tops (mostly because, again- really tall). This gray draped tunic is perfect. It has plenty of length and it also happens to be super comfortable and versatile.

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All Laced Up

Olive Mini Dress OOTD

I definitely go through phases with trends. Some days, I want to try everything and other days I want to stick to simple basics. Oftentimes (like what’s been happening lately), I will find one trend that I like and buy several different pieces to wear because I like it so much. Lately I’ve been into lace up details and cutouts. This lace up dress started it all. I’ve been wanting a short dress with sleeves and I loved the lace up neckline on this so much that I’ve been buying “all the lace up things” ever since.

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