Venice was our last city in Italy and the last stop of the trip for M and N! We arrived in Venice in the late afternoon after driving from Montefollonico. It was a nice end to our road trip getting to drive all the way to Venice. After dropping the car off we took a taxi to the water shuttles, and then a water shuttle to our hotel. The water shuttle was quite the adventure. Our hotel was located on the far end of the island so we got to see quite a bit of the city on the way. Venice was beautiful – besides Nice it was the prettiest city of my trip. The architecture was incredible and the water made everything that much more beautiful. I practically grew up on a boat so I definitely enjoyed the boat aspect of the city. It’s still a little crazy to me that there are no cars in the city but after spending a couple days there I’ve seen how impossible it would be to have cars there – the city just isn’t designed for it. After getting dropped off by the water shuttle it was quite the adventure trying to find our hotel. We ended up taking the long way which included dragging out luggage over four extra bridges (luckily people saw us struggling and offered help) before we found our hotel.

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