Tester Korea Haul and Purederm Choco Cacao Mask Review

tester_korea_haulRight before Christmas, I placed an order with Tester Korea, and a little over a month later, I received a box stuffed full to the brim with masks and fun skincare products. After hearing so much about how great Korean skincare is, I purchased a couple of Memeboxes (reviews here, here, and here) to see what all the fuss was about. As great as my boxes were, they didn’t satisfy my need for sheet masks and other products, so I ventured further into the world of KBeauty and discovered Tester Korea.

Tester Korea is one of the better places to shop for Korean skincare and makeup. They have a huge selection and you can even request items you want to buy. The products are pretty inexpensive (and they offer 30% discounts on a lot of items if you register) and they carry all the big names in Korean skincare (Tony Moly, Missha, Etude House, etc). The only downsides? It can take awhile to get your order (mine arrived in about a month) and shipping is done by weight, so it can add up fast if you’re not careful (but they tell you exactly what shipping costs upfront and you can see the weights and make changes as needed). So, it’s better to place large orders on the site instead of smaller ones.

tester_korea_haul1The tally for my first purchase? Two foaming cleansers, one massage mask, one modeling cup, a handful of sleeping pack samples, two nose pore strips, a hair mask, a gel lip mask, two yogurt packs, a couple of cream masks and about a million sheet masks. I really liked how inexpensive everything was and now I have plenty of things to try before I place my next order.

tester_korea_samplesMy order came in a plastic box (perfect because it won’t be destroyed if it gets wet during shipping) and it was packed. I picked up a few larger items (the massage mask and two cleansers), but it was pretty much just filled with sheet masks. I also received several packets of samples with my order.

purederm_choco_cacao_maskOne of the masks I bought was the Purederm Skin Recovery Nourishing Mask in Choco Cacao. The Choco Cacao mask is supposed to nourish and protect the skin using cacao extract. You apply it, leave it on for about 15 minutes, slowly peel it off, and then rinse to remove any residue. I was really looking forward to this mask. What better way to nourish skin than with a chocolate mask?

purederm_choco_cacao_mask1 Unfortunately, my mask came all dried out. It was from an older batch (though the expiration date was March 2015) and there was quite a bit of air in the package. The mask felt pretty dry but I was hoping it would still be useable. I ended up adding some water to the mask and creating a thick paste that I was able to mostly apply (but there were still some chunks left). I was so excited for my chocolate mask that I was determined to use it! I will say, this mask didn’t feel very nourishing but worked fairly well as a clay mask. It didn’t smell good and chocolatey like I was expecting, but it was kind of useable. Fortunately, the other products I’ve tried so far have been much better than this mask, but I’m not sure I’ll risk repurchasing this one.

Tester Korea is pretty addicting to me now. There are so many different products to choose from and I’ve spent a lot of time adding things to my cart and trying to figure out what to order next. Even though it takes a little while to receive orders, I won’t be placing another one for some time (I have so many fun things to use up first). I’m having a lot of fun deciding what to use next! Expect plenty of reviews!


6 thoughts on “Tester Korea Haul and Purederm Choco Cacao Mask Review

  1. Michelle Hwang says:

    I am Korean and cannot get enough of Korean products! I’m so glad you are testing out Korean products – they’re fantastic. It’s such a shame that that mask came all dried up though! :(

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