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I wanted to take a quick break from my Europe trip to share another great LA restaurant. One food I really missed in Europe was cheeseburgers (I did cave and have one in France but it wasn’t quite the same). The Local Peasant is a hipster gastropub that has great burgers along with fun appetizers such as deviled eggs, Peasant Balls (cheese fritters and cheese sauce), and soft pretzels.  It has two locations – Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks – and I’ve been to both. I’ve only been a couple times but the food has always been great. The first time I went was actually with my team from work for St Patrick’s Day. They had a special St Patrick’s Day menu which of course included corned beef and cabbage and green cocktails. Unfortunately they didn’t have any green beer! I don’t remember exactly why but I think it had something to do with all of their beer being craft specialty beers but it was still a little disappointing. Since it was St Patrick’s Day I, of course, had to order the corned beef and cabbage. Growing up, our mom made that for us every year for the holiday – I used to hate it but actually enjoy it now so I was glad to order it. It was so good but the portion was massive so I didn’t come close to finishing it.

The Local PeasantNow when I go I usually get a burger (9 times out of 10 I will order a bacon cheeseburger whenever I go to a restaurant).  They offer a few options such as sliders, the classic burger, and the peasant burger which comes with an egg. I typically order the peasant burger but hold the egg and add bacon with a side of onion rings. They definitely know how to make a good burger and the onion rings are delish! I especially like that the burgers come with a quarter slice of dill pickle on the side and that it is all served on a cute metal tray instead of typical plates. The Local Peasant has definitely become one of my favorite places to grab a burger!


Do you have suggestions for burgers I must try in Los Angeles?

**Side note: Wanderlust really has taken over. I’ll be going to Nashville, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Washington DC next month (partially for work). I would love any suggestions you have for places to eat or things I should do! **


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