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The other week the roommate invited me along with a few friends to go to Trivia Night at Pitfire Pizza. It sounded like a lot of fun so I was totally in to go despite my lack of trivia knowledge. I’m just awful at remembering things about pop culture or tv shows and don’t even get me started with trying to remember movie quotes! I rarely watch a movie more than once unless I really love it so movie quotes have never been something I can remember! I thought it would still be fun to go and hang out with friends and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

We got there in time to order food and drinks before the actual trivia started. The roommate and I split the The Burrata Pizza which had burrata cheese, caramelized onions, hazelnuts, and arugula. The pizza came out pretty quick and was the perfect size to split. I really liked the burrata cheese and hazelnuts but wasn’t a big fan of the arugula. I just cant get behind having any type of lettuce on a pizza.

imageThe trivia part of the night was actually pretty fun! The host was pretty entertaining and kept the night flowing. We had to start by naming our teams so we went with the applicable “Clueless” as our name. Some of the rounds were just questions, while others included looking at pictures to name those people, and even a round where one team member had to go onstage and name an SNL character and act out that character. The SNL part of the night was really funny and I was definitely impressed by how many characters some of the people knew! Also throughout the game, teams had the chance to give a Mean Girl’s Quote for extra points. While we didn’t end up winning Trivia Night, we didn’t come in last. I think we ended up like 8th out of 14 teams so not too bad for our first try. I can totally see why people make this a weekly event – definitely something fun to do with friends during the work week!


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  1. Sarah says:

    That pizza looks fantastic! There is an awesome pizzeria here called Capanna Pizzeria and I tried a pizza with arugula on it as well… it was tasty, but it was a little messy because the arugula pieces were too big for one bite. Sounds like you had fun :)

    Sweet Spontaneity

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