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Try the World Thailand BoxI’ve been getting Try the World boxes for a few months (see my Paris Box and my Holiday Box) and I have to say, the boxes keep getting better and better. I’m still not sure if they’re worth the $39 price tag but they’re a lot of fun to get and I’m enjoying trying the different foods. The premise behind Try the World is really fun- every other month you get a box full of foods and drinks. Each box has a theme of a different city or country and the idea is that you get to “try the world” by sampling foods from different places. It’s a great concept and although I’m a pretty picky eater, I love trying new foods. The latest is the Try the World Thailand Box, packed full of eight Thai snacks.

Try the World Thailand Box 6The first item in my box was a box of Chaidim Herbal Tea, which includes three different flavors made with lemongrass. I’m a fan of tea in general and I love Thai iced tea so I’m excited to try this. If it’s as good as the tea from my previous boxes, I won’t be disappointed.

Try the World Thailand Box 9Next I got a small jar of Chiwadi Coconut Flower Syrup. This syrup is made from coconut blossom nectar. It is designed to be used as a sweetener and Try the World recommends using it in Thai tea or as a substitute for honey. This sounds really good and I can’t wait to try it.

Try the World Thailand Box 3My Try the World Thailand Box also contained a box of Virgin Coco Coconut Crispy Rolls, which are traditionally given as gifts to wish people wealth. These have an unusual taste but they are addicting, it would be easy for me to eat the entire box in one sitting! These cookies have a slightly sweet taste but they aren’t sugary sweet. The coconut flavor is light and pleasant at first and then I get more of a strong sesame seed flavor. I’m not a huge sesame seed fan but I can’t stop eating these. They have the perfect crunch to them, almost like denser pirouette cookies and they are great with Thai tea.

Try the World Thailand Box 4Next was a slightly healthier snack- Soft Dried Jackfruit from Eros. I like dried fruit so I was happy to get this. It’s not super sweet and it’s a little tougher than dried apricots or mangoes but this is good and it’s a nice change from cookies.

Try the World Thailand Box 7My Try the World Thailand Box included a package of Jasberry Rice, as well as a recipe for Jasberry Rice Pudding. Jasberry Rice is unique in that it is a great source of antioxidants and it has a rich purpley-black color. I’m really interested in trying this and I wonder how it would taste with stir fry.

Try the World Thailand Box 2Next was a package of Siammit’s Rice Crackers Thai Spicy Flavor. I’m one of those weird people who actually likes rice cakes but I don’t love super spicy foods. These crackers are really interesting. The pieces of rice that make up the crackers aren’t very puffed- they’re still about the size of normal rice and they have a great texture. These crackers are super addicting like the Coconut Crispy Rolls. There are a few different flavors in the bag, some of which are pretty spicy and some of which are a bit on the sweet side. This is a great snack but I have to be careful, I want to eat the whole bag at once!

Try the World Thailand Box 5In addition to snacks, my Try the World Thailand Box included a Tom Yum Soup Set from Lumlum. This is a sour and spicy soup that is known for its medicinal properties. I’ve had Tom Yum soup before. It wasn’t my favorite but I wouldn’t mind eating it again. I am looking forward to trying this though, the included spices and ingredients look pretty good.

Try the World Thailand Box 8I also got a container of Green Curry Paste from Nittaya Thai Curry. I like curry and I’ve never tried green curry before so this will be interesting. Try the World included a recipe for Green Curry Chicken that looks pretty good but they also say this would be good in soup.

Try the World Thailand Box 1I’m really happy with my Try the World Thailand Box. These flavors are all new to me and I wouldn’t have picked any of these out to buy on my own but I really like everything I’ve tried so far. The Coconut Crispy Rolls and Rice Crackers are so addicting and the Soft Dried Jackfruit is pretty tasty. I can’t wait to try the Herbal Tea with the Coconut Flower Syrup. The Jasberry Rice, Tom Yum Soup, and Green Curry Paste will pair well together for a Thai dinner. I have to say, Try the World promoted their Paris Box everywhere but in my opinion their Holiday Box and Thailand Box have been so much better. I’m going to continue my subscription for now, I think it’s really fun to get a box of new foods from different countries every other month and I love the snacks I’ve been getting! If you would like to check out Try the World, you can use my referral link here to get $15 off your first box!


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  1. Megan Ayres says:

    This sounds so interesting! Though my fear would be trying something, becoming addicted and then not being able to find it anywhere lol Do they sell all the products in the boxes on their website or anything like that?

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