Turkey Pot Pie

I spent the past week in Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. Several of my relatives were out of town this year so we had a small Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house before going over to my uncle’s house for a second dinner. My parents roasted a 14 pound turkey so we had plenty of leftovers. On Sunday, my mom and I decided to make turkey pot pie with all of the leftover turkey! The recipe was actually quite simple; lots of turkey, peas, carrots, onions, gravy ( we used the homemade gravy my mom made on Thanksgiving), and a couple potatoes as well! My mom found the recipe in the Peninsula Clarion, an Alaskan newspaper, when my parents were visiting a couple summers ago. You can find the recipe here. We mostly followed the recipe with a few modifications including using turkey instead of chicken.

turkey pot pie in mini cast iron skillets

turkey pot pie in mini cast iron skillets

turkey pot pie in mini cast iron skilletsMy mom has miniature cast iron skillets that we used for the pot pies. We also used pre-made crust to make it a little easier, but homemade pie crust would work just as well. We used two packages of crust which is four pie crusts and cut them to fit into each turkey pot pie we made. We filled the cast iron skillets with the dough, ladled in the filling, and then completed with a top crust. We brushed a little butter on top of the crusts and into the oven they went.

turkey pot pie in mini cast iron skilletsAfter cooking for about 40 minutes they were ready. They came out of the oven perfectly golden brown! I’ve never been a huge fan of pot pie so I didn’t have high expectations but they actually turned out pretty good – like I would make them again. If you’re on the fence about turkey pot pie I would totally try a homemade version before ruling them completely out! And it’s definitely a good way to use up some of your leftover turkey!

What did you make with your leftover turkey?


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