Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Valentine's Day JewelryMy favorite thing about jewelry is how personal it is. At least, that’s my favorite thing about my jewelry. Sure, I have plenty of cheap, trendy pieces that I wear a few times and then get rid of when I’m sick of them, but a lot of my pieces have history to them. They remind me of a person or a place, whether they are gifts, hand-me-downs, or items I bought on my own. Sometimes they are special just because I enjoy wearing them. Other times they mean a lot because of where they came from. As eclectic and vast as my jewelry collection is, I own quite a few pieces that are perfect for Valentine’s Day (pink, hearts, all that). Here are some of my favorite pieces of Valentine’s Day Jewelry.

Silver LOVE ringHow could I make a Valentine’s Day themed jewelry post without a “love” piece? I picked this ring up awhile ago and it’s a little cheesy but I like it. I’m a fan of simple, feminine pieces and I like rings that are small enough to stack with others. This Sterling Silver Love Ring is on sale for here. If yellow or rose gold is more your style, this one would be perfect. Need a little sparkle? Check out the tiny diamond on this ring or if you want something a little more simple, this one might be perfect.

Venetian glass bead braceletAnother one of my Valentine’s Day jewelry items is this pink bracelet. It is made of glass beads that are wrapped in mesh and twisted. Stacie actually got this for me when she was in Venice, Italy last summer. It’s made of Venetian glass and it’s pink, so of course I love it! I like wearing this bracelet on its own or paired with several other bracelets for a layered look.

gold heart stacking ringThis gold heart ring was a gift from G for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. I wear it along with a few other stacking rings almost every day, so it’s definitely seen better days. It’s a silver ring that has been dipped in gold and over the years, some of the gold has worn off. Despite its slightly rough appearance, I still love it. This is one of those simple pieces that I will wear forever (or until it falls apart). It came from this Etsy shop and while she doesn’t make the gold version anymore, you can get the silver one here. I also like the gold-filled ring here and the two-toned version here.

Itsy Bitsy Silver Stud Arrow EarringsI don’t wear earrings much (I don’t like to sleep in them and I’m usually in a rush in the mornings so they get skipped) but when I do, I prefer smaller pieces. One of my top brands for simple, everyday jewelry is Itsy Bitsy, which I get at Kohl’s. Like the name suggests, these pieces are really tiny but they have so many fun designs. These arrow studs are some of my favorite, and they are a perfect pairing to heart jewelry for Valentine’s Day. You can get a set containing these silver arrow stud earrings here and there’s also a gold set here. I also love the mismatched arrow and heart set here. The mismatched lock and key set here as well as the love studs here and here would also be perfect as Valentine’s Day jewelry.

Gorjana Open Heart LariatA lariat necklace is something every “cool girl” seems to own. They are simple and perfect for layering, but they still manage to look effortless. My favorite is this Open Heart Lariat from Gorjana. It’s light and easy to wear, and it is the perfect length. Gorjana is one of my favorite brands for understated gold jewelry, and this necklace is perfect for me.

Gorjana Open Heart LariatI love the little hearts at the end. They are small enough that this isn’t a standout piece that I will get sick of in a few months. This necklace is sweet without being too cutesy and I love how delicate it is. This lariat is perfect with a t shirt and jeans, or with dressier clothing. The Open Heart Lariat is sold out but there’s a similar heart lariat here and I love the other Gorjana lariat necklaces here and here.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day Jewelry?


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    • mollyandstacie says:

      You can definitely rock dainty rings! Sometimes I like them by themselves for a minimalistic look but most of the time I stack three or four of them. Then it gives a chunkier look and I’ve received so many compliments on them!

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