When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do

After a jam packed two days in Florence we set out for our last few days of the tour in Rome! I was super excited to be going to Rome – because of all the history, to see the Colosseum, and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain! Rome was quite the city and definitely didn’t disappoint!

Upon arriving in Rome, we went directly to the city center to check out some of the main attractions. During the drive through the city, I spotted my company’s Rome office, which was pretty cool to see! We were then dropped off in the city and our tour manager took us on a mini walking tour – first stop was the Spanish steps, followed by the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. The Spanish steps were quite a sight – they were located right at the end of a street with all the high fashion stores – and they were pretty massive. It started to sprinkle when we got there so I didn’t climb up the stairs at that time (we later went back on our third night in Rome and climbed to the top).

From the Spanish stairs, we walked through the city to the Trevi Fountain. It started to rain pretty hard on the walk towards the Trevi. Of course, I hadn’t packed an umbrella, but luckily once it started raining, all of the street vendors suddenly had umbrellas and ponchos to sell! I was able to make a deal with one of the sellers and got hooked up with an umbrella for 10 Euros! I was pretty happy with my purchase – it definitely helped make the rest of the day more enjoyable. The Trevi Fountain was actually under renovation during my visit. They are cleaning and restoring the fountain, so there was no water in it. Since it’s under construction, they have actually built a Plexiglas bridge across the fountain so that people can walk across and get an up close view of the fountain. They also put a mini pool of water out front so that everyone can still toss their coins into the “fountain” and make a wish. It’s tradition to throw coins into the Trevi and make a wish – one coin to ensure you will visit Rome again, two coins to fall in love with a Roman, and three coins to marry a Roman. It was fun to throw a coin in and make a wish, even though it was just the mini pool.

After our quick stop at the Trevi, our tour guide then took us to the Pantheon which was much larger than I was expecting. It was cool to go see a building that I’ve learned about in history class. We had the chance to go inside and it was packed with people. The inside was beautiful; it has a giant dome that has intricate designs carved into the cement and a large skylight at the very center.

The Pantheon, Rome, Italy

^^ The Pantheon

The Pantheon in Rome, Italy

^^ View of the Dome


After our quick walk through the city it was time to head to dinner. We went to a cute little pizza restaurant where they showed us a demonstration of how to make pizza dough – a few members of the group got to help make some of the dough. The pizza turned out really well; it was pretty simple pizza (large rectangle pizzas that had three one topping sections) only a few toppings but it was fun to try the different flavors and it was all you can eat so the pizza just kept coming. Before and during the meal, the restaurant also had a singer who put on quite the performance – he was pretty interactive with the group and played jokes on some of the people who weren’t paying attention. After our huge pizza party, we headed back to the hotel to rest up before our next full day in Rome.

– Stacie

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