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When Sheet MasksI have a bit of an obsession with face masks. I love all different kinds and I really love trying new ones. A few that I always have in rotation are some kind of mud/charcoal mask to remove impurities, a hydrating mask to keep my skin moisturized, and a bevy of sheet masks to keep my skin looking great. I love how low-risk sheet masks are- they’re pretty inexpensive and since they’re a one-time use, if I hate it I never have to use it again! And they’re just fun to use! I recently got the chance to try a couple of When sheet masks: The Last Choice and Travelmate. When is a Korean brand that is starting to pop up all over the US (their masks are sold at Sephora, Ulta, Birchbox, and Anthropologie). When sheet masks come in five different varieties to suit all different skin needs. The masks are made from coconuts and are designed to be suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin.

When The Last Choice MaskThe Last Choice is a super hydrating mask that delivers instant moisture to your skin. I love hydrating masks so I was super excited to get this one. When sheet masks are a little different than the other sheet masks I’ve used. Inside the package are three different pieces: a plastic-coated paper lining, a jelly-like mask, and a thin paper layer that looks like a normal sheet mask. I was initially super confused. The directions said to discard the plastic and paper pieces (which I mistook to be the paper lining and the actual mask because that felt pretty plasticy) but just know that the actual When sheet mask is the thick, plastic-like jelly layer, not the paper layer that looks like a normal sheet mask. The Last Choice definitely moisturized my skin well. I didn’t notice a huge change in how my skin looked but it felt pretty moisturized and looked a bit more plump the next morning. I would use this again.

When Travelmate MaskTravelmate is good for moisturizing and refreshing skin after traveling. I travel quite a bit so I was really excited to try this mask. I really liked how easy these masks were to use. You just put them on for about 30 minutes and then take them off. There isn’t any mess and they are a nice way to pamper yourself. I liked the results I got from Travelmate. Once again, I didn’t notice a huge difference in how my skin looked immediately after using this mask but I really liked how my skin felt after a while. I can see how these would be great for sensitive skin. They worked well but didn’t sting or make my skin tingle at all and the jelly texture felt really nice on my face. I would also use the Travelmate mask again.

What are your favorite sheet masks?


I received these two When sheet masks in exchange for my honest review.

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