Zoya Chita and Solange

Zoya ChitaI had always heard great things about Zoya nail polish, but I never had any. After buying my first couple of bottles a few weeks ago and falling in love, I’ve slowly been growing my collection. When my Ulta recently had Zoya Chita and Zoya Solange on clearance, I decided to pick them up. They are both PixieDusts, which means they are matte and sparkly with a textured finish. The texture on these feels like very fine-grained sandpaper. It doesn’t bother me, but it is a little unusual and I find myself running my fingers over my nails all day long. I usually prefer high-gloss finishes to matte polishes, but these have so much glitter in them that even I’m a fan. Zoya Chita is a forest green with silver sparkle. I usually don’t wear dark green polishes because I find them to be a little dull on my nails, but this polish had so much sparkle in the bottle that I decided to chance it. I am so glad I did because Chita is stunning on. It’s a gorgeous green that is not too dark and a great color for fall. This is a perfect Christmas-tree green color, and will be a nice alternative to red for the holidays. I used two coats for the picture, but one would have been plenty.

Zoya ChitaChita was already super sparkly on its own, but I decided to see what it looked like with a top coat. I used a normal clear top coat, but should have used a thicker, high-shine top coat. All it really did was darken the color a little bit, and smooth the finish just slightly. A different top coat might help with the texture, but personally, I prefer Chita matte. It has enough sparkle already that adding a shiny top coat doesn’t really do much. Zoya Chita is $10 here.

Zoya SolangeI was expecting to like Solange more than Chita, but I actually like it a lot less. It’s a pretty yellow gold color, but it doesn’t really do anything for me. Zoyaย Solange is described as a gold metal foil sparkle, but it doesn’t look very metallic on. It definitely still has some sparkle to it, but they don’t stand out as much as Chita’s sparkles do. The formula is nice but the color is fairly sheer. I used two coats for the photo and it’s still not as opaque as I would have liked. Zoya describes Solange as being more opaque than Chita, but it’s not even close. A shiny top coat didn’t change how the polish looked. Zoya Solange is $10 here. Zoya polishes are 5 free.

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What are your favorite Zoya shades?


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