Top 20 Best Anti-Chafing Underwear for Women (#13 Is The Most Practical)

You’re lucky if you’re not familiar with chafing during workout sessions. Riding a bike or running; chafing irritation and pain has not invaded your inner thighs. But I’m almost certain you haven’t been so lucky of late. Why would you be reading this article otherwise! I mean don’t you want to know the top 20 best anti-chafing underwear for women for a reason?

But the good news here is that you can deal with and prevent chafing. Without going through too much trouble that too! You just have to wear the right kind of panties under your workout clothes.

Pick any one of the top 20 anti-chafing underwear for women listed below. And feel free to cycle or run a long distance without a concern.

Top 20 Best Anti-chafing underwear for women


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Before I read a little about each underwear, do have a look at this table. It paints a clearer picture when it comes to choosing a style you prefer. One that is the most suitable for your body shape and personal demands!


Our Rating




Editor’s Choice

Nylon and Spandex

5 color options


Polyester and Spandex

5 color options


Polyester and Spandex

5 color options


Cotton and Spandex

2 color options


Nylon and Spandex

16 color options


Cotton and Spandex



Nylon and Spandex

3 color options


Nylon and Spandex

4 color options


Nylon and Spandex



Modal and Spandex

3 color options



3 color options


Nylon and Elastane

3 color options


Nylon and Elastane

Plenty (pack)



Plenty (pack)


Rayon and Spandex

3 color options


Nylon and Spandex

9 color options


Nylon and Spandex

10 color options


Nylon and Spandex

4 color options



3 color options



4 color options

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  1   Vassarette Women’s Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty 12674

Vassarette Women's Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty 12674, Black Sable, X-Large/8

The Vassarette Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty is the first to provide the much-needed smoothing. Throughout the entire day that too! It keeps you feeling comfortable. No matter the activity you’re performing!

The soft, seamless, and lightweight design offers generous amounts of stretch. This is what gives you a customizable fit. You know the kind that pairs up well with pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses. You should also be aware of the fact that the yarns are soft and silky. Meaning the short panties are plenty comfortable and smooth.

There are no riding up worries to deal with either. So the anti-chafing properties are high up on the list. All day long!

  2   Beleaf Women’s 8” High Waist Workout Yoga Shorts

Baleaf Women's 8" High Waist Workout Yoga Shorts Tummy Control Side Pockets Black Size S

Let me begin by stating that the BeleafYoga Shorts feature ergonomic and chafe-free seams. Nothing beats this pair in terms of design. Cause such seams have the ability to make room for natural movements. Without causing any sort of the slightest irritation during cycling or running.

What’s more is that the fabrics used (polyester and spandex) are all things at once. Meaning they’re stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking, and non-transparent.

On top of that, quite literally, the waistband is wide and high-rise. For maximum coverage and to prevent a muffin top! So you can stretch and bend however and as much as you like.

Additionally, you also get side pockets. This implies that convenience is as much a part of the experience as anti-chafing.

  3   Undersummers Women’s Ultrasoft Classic Slip Shorts

Undersummers Women's Ultrasoft Classic Slip Shorts: Prevent Thigh Chafing with Stay-Put Mid-Thigh Length (S-4X)

Slip shorts are the most commonly found in most top 20 anti-chafing underwear for women articles. Especially options like the UndersummersUltrasoft Classic Slip Shorts. And why is that so? It’s because these types of underwear have a special inner thigh structure. The area is seam-free, which protects your inner thigh from experiencing any chafing.

Furthermore, the slip shorts are built using breathable, cool, and lightweight fabric. This material (polyester + spandex) doesn’t even show panty lines. Then there’s the stay-in-place leg. That prevents the bottom from creeping up. During both strenuous and mild activities!

  4   Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Bike Short

Hanes Women's Stretch Jersey Bike Short, Black, Large

Hanes is a household name with regards to underwear. For both men and women! The Hanes Stretch Jersey Bike Short is perfect for anti-chafing due to many reasons. For starters, the pair has a soft cotton structure. That offers enough stretch. As for the inclusion of spandex, this fabric takes care of movable comfort.

The use of thick materials is proof you can wear bike shorts as is. They’re not see-through. Moreover, the inseams give you the most flattering fit. And the elastic waistband feels extremely comfy against your skin.

In all, the Hanes Stretch Jersey Bike Shorts are the epitome of superior comfort.

  5    Jockey Women’s Underwear SkimmiesSlipshort

Jockey Women's Underwear Skimmies Slipshort, Bronze, M

Every top 20 anti-chafing underwear for women post is incomplete without Jockey Skimmies. In particular, I’m talking about the Jockey Underwear SkimmiesSlipshort. It’s equipped with a cotton gusset, which is exactly what prevents chafing.

The skimmies cover your body like shorts. And they smooth your curves much like any remarkable slip. You can wear them under almost everything. Exceptional quality, fit, and comfort is what Jockey is known to offer. So don’t expect any disappointments in those areas.

Jockey Skimmies Slipshort


  6   Emprella Slip Shorts Cotton Spandex Stretch Boyshorts

Emprella Slip Shorts 3-Pack Black Bike Shorts Cotton Spandex Stretch Boyshorts For Yoga,Black,Large

Here’s what sets the Emprella Slip Shorts Stretch Boyshorts apart from the rest. The manufacturer decided to combine breathable cotton and spandex. So the panty can hug your natural curves. To allow you to move as freely as you like!

The coverage is abundantly smooth. Plus, there’s no need to deal with the underwear riding up. Emprella has seen to it!

  7   Spanx Women’s ThinstinctsMid Thigh Short

SPANX Women's Thinstincts¿ Mid-Thigh Short Soft Nude X-Small

What do the Spanx Thinstincts Mid Thigh Shorts do best? They offer targeting support for shaping. The pair is engineered to shape your tummy. Along with providing extra benefits like breathability!

The mid-thigh shorts have excellent anti-chafing properties. And they’re not cursed with elastic, which means no pinching.

There’s a cotton gusset to eliminate panty lines. And the microfibers used are lightweight plus breathable. So turn to Spanx for shaping, anti-chafing, and breathable comfort.

Spanx Trust Your Thinstincts Mid-Thigh Shaping Short


  8   Vassarette Women’s Invisibly Smooth Slip Short Panty 12385

Vassarette Women's Invisibly Smooth Slip Short Panty 12385, Black Sable, X-Large/8

The one special feature here is the way the legs are designed. And that’s the reason to buy the Vassarette Invisibly Smooth Slip Short Panty. The legs have a lay-flat, seamless structure. With no fraying concerns whatsoever! The former part means the panties look sleek and invisible under your clothing. And the latter simply paves the way for durability.

The addition of spandex opens the door to a stretchy, comfortable fit. The underwear stays put even when you’re running or cycling. And here’s an enticing part. The Vassarette Invisibly Smooth Slip Short Panty comes in all sizes and shapes.

  9   Jockey Ladies’ Skimmies Slip Short Smooth Lightweight Mid Length

Jockey Ladies' Skimmies Slip Short Smooth Lightweight Mid-Length , 2 Pack (Large)Black - Light Nude

Yet another pair of Jockey Skimmies you might want to buy instantly. It’s the Jockey Smooth Lightweight Mid Length Skimmies Slip Short. But this one is packed with mesh panels. And when combined with microfiber, these panels keep your body cool.

You’ll also like to know that the leg bands and waist are wider. To keep the Jockey Skimmies from straying during strenuous movements!

But it’s the seam-free construction of the slip shorts that makes the greatest impact. It means you can wear the underwear below form-fitting garments and sportswear. Without worrying about lasting comfort and smoothing coverage!

 10  CnlanRow Womens Lace Short Skirts Safety Pant Leggings

CnlanRow Girls Lace Short Skirts Safety Pants Leggings Ultra Thin Stretchy Workout Athletic Leggings for Girl

Why should you opt for the CnlanRow Lace Short Skirts Safety Pant Leggings? There are many exceptional factors involved in this case. For one, comfortable and lightweight fabric is employed. And that’s modal, combined with stretchy spandex for a perfect fit.

Don’t expect the pair to feel unpleasantly tight. I mean this underwear opens the floodgates to air circulation. So you can wear it even when it’s 100 degrees outside. And you wish to go long-distance cycling or running! There’s no chafing reaction taking form under there.

 11  All Woman Plus Size Anti Chafing Short Leg Panties

All Woman Plus Size Anti Chafing Short Leg Panties NO Riding UP- Single Pair (US14/18 Waist to 42", White)(UK18/22)

I’m halfway through the top 20 anti-chafing underwear for women reviews. So let me present a unique pick here. Did you know that plus size underwear too can offer anti-chafing benefits? Much like the All Woman Plus Size Anti Chafing Short Leg Panties.

The leg cuffs, in this pair, are ribbed. To prevent the legs from riding up of course! Then the use of cool, soft, airy, and light polyester is perfect for hot weather. Or for activities like exercising that generate a lot of heat and sweat.

And to top it off, the design is seamless. It’s an all-in-one package, don’t you think?

 12  SpanxWomens Power Conceal-Her Mid-Thigh Short

SPANX Women's Power Conceal-Her¿ Mid-Thigh Short Natural Glam X-Large

Spanx and body shaping go hand in hand. It’s the second time I’m proving this point in the article. The second Spanx pick is the Power Conceal-Her Mid-Thigh Short. And what’s so exceptional about this option? That it conceals all your natural bumps and lumps.

There are double fabric layers packed in here. The first contributes the most to shaping. And the second to concealing. Apart from the non-binding design of the legs obviously! This smoothens out the feel between material and skin.

Don’t think twice about panty lines either. Thanks to the cotton gusset.

Spanx Power Conceal-Her Extended Leg Mid-Thigh Short


 13  Balanced Tech Women’s 3 Pack Classic Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties

Balanced Tech Women's 3 Pack Classic Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties - Black/Nude/Gray - Medium

The first pair of briefs that is anti-chafing by nature! Allow me to introduce you to the Balanced Tech Classic Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties. It’s the lack of seams that eliminates all the chafing. While also showing zero panty lines!

Moving on, the improved reinforced design maximizes durability and comfort. Also, the inclusion of moisture-wicking and odor-resisting technology is quite commendable. Particularly when underwear is concerned!

As for the fit, the four-way nylon stretch makes enough room. For conforming to your body, providing support, and encouraging flexibility of movement.

 14  EkouaerBoyshort Panties Women’s Soft Underwear Briefs Invisible Hipster

Ekouaer Boy Short Panties Womens Micofiber Seamfree Underwear (Black/White/Nude, Small)

Now here’s the most comfortable pair of boyshort hipsters. Designed using a durable, breathable fabric (polyamide). This material feels unsparingly smooth and soft against your skin.

The coverage is incredibly comfortable too. And so are the leg bands!

These are seamless boyshort hipster panties, right? So what this means? Only one thing, in this case, and that is no chafing. So feel free to wear them under any type of clothing.

 15  Mancyfit Slip Shorts for Women Lace Undershorts

JTANIB Slip Shorts for Women 3 Pack Mid-Thigh Leggings Lace Plus Size Undershorts

Thigh chafing is a huge concern for many people. Irrespective of whether you run, cycle, or workout for long hours! But there are plenty of anti-thigh chafing panties that do away with the problem. Like the Mancyfit Slip Shorts for Women Lace Undershorts.

The underwear offers great elasticity, which means you can wear it for movements. The flat edges and knee-length prevent the bottom from curling. And the fact that the undershorts are high-waist suggests what? That they have the power to shape your tummy region!

There’s no chance these don’t end up as go-to slip shorts once you try them on.

 16  Yummie Women’s Ultralight Seamless Short

Yummie Women's Ultralight Seamless Shapewear Short, Frappe, Small/Medium

Presenting the thinnest and lightest anti-chafing shaping short. It’s the Yummie Women’s Ultralight Seamless Short. The pair is the best for compression. This underwear doesn’t cause any form of irritation down there.

The overall weight is considerably lighter than most. Plus, the fact that it’s seamless indicates no panty lines. Expect the Yummie shorts to hug your belly in order to support it just as you wish.

 17  Neosan Women’s Seamless Slipshorts Smooth Panties

	 Women's Seamless Slipshorts Smooth Panties Light Nude XL

For mid-thigh length, nothing performs better. Than the NeosanSeamless Slipshorts Smooth Panties. Needless to say, the fabrics involved are super breathable and stretchy. That means you can put these on in the summer too.

The possibility of chafing due to your thighs rubbing together in the heat is also eliminated.

Furthermore, the seamless design and secure fit are quite remarkable features. The former welcomes tight-fitting clothes. And the latter, combined with the mid-length, earns 100 points when it comes to extra coverage.

 18  Vanity Fair Women’s Smoothing Comfort Slip Short 12290

Vanity Fair Women's Smoothing Comfort Slip Short 12290, Midnight Black, X-Large/8

No rolling, no chafing, no show. That’s exactly how I would describe the Vanity Fair Smoothing Comfort Slip Short. The pair is outfitted with a gorgeous looking lace material tummy panel. For optimal shaping of course!

Then there’s the much-needed smoothing effect you feel. Right after you put on this underwear. The elastic closure is comfortably snug. And the panties look great under all types of pants, dresses, and skirts. They’re simple yet so very useful.

Here’s the Brief version of the Smoothing Comfort style:

Vanity Fair - Smoothing Comfort Brief


 19  B2Body Women’s Regular &Plus Size Stretch Cotton Long Leg Boyshort Briefs

B2BODY 5 Pack Women's Plus Size Stretch Cotton Long Leg 6.5" Boyshort Briefs(2XL)

Don’t underestimate the power of these B2Body Stretch Cotton Long Leg Boyshort Briefs. Cause they’re built using not just any cotton. But natural, insulating, non-allergenic cotton!

As for getting rid of chafing, the legs are long enough to do that. The inseams style eliminates the chub rub. Plus, it keeps you cool throughout the day or activity.

So it’s a combination of non-allergenic cotton and long legs that you get to make the most of.

 20  ChaffreeWomens Anti Chafing Long Leg Briefs

Chaffree Womens Anti Chafing Brief Knickers Long Leg Briefs, Ladies Sweat Control Exercise Running Sports Underwear, Prevent Thigh Rubbing Panties, Seamless 1Pk (ML; Waist-Midi; Leg Long, Skin Brown)

Your size, shape, or age doesn’t matter here. The Chaffree Anti Chafing Long Leg Briefs fit all women. Thanks to the use of a flexible, stretchy, and seamless fabric.

But what’s unique about this pair is the presence of anti-bacterial properties. They are responsible for providing relief from thigh chafing and stomach sweating. This means the Chaffree Long Leg Briefs are ideal for skin sensitivities.

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This brings me to end of my top 20 anti-chafing underwear for women article.

You now have as many as 20 excellent options to choose from. You can select depending on your budget, style, or any other personal preferences.

The goal is to buy a pair that prevents and helps you deal with chafing. And all options discussed in here do that. So you can’t go wrong with any.

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