April Beauty Favorites

april_beauty_favoritesLast month, my favorite beauty products were mostly makeup. This month was a little different. I used a lot of the same makeup products over the course of the month but none of them really stood out as something I was excited about. Instead, I fell back in love with an old perfume and discovered two other products from my stash that I’d never really used much before. My April beauty favorites ended up being Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume, Julep’s Lissa, and Aveda’s Hand Relief.

midnight_fantasy_perfumeMidnight Fantasy is a perfume that I’ve had for years. My first “real perfume” was Britney Spears Fantasy, a super sweet, warm perfume that I love during summer. It was such a great scent that I bought the biggest bottle I could and it became my signature perfume. Eventually I decided I needed a different perfume for winter so I purchased Midnight Fantasy. It’s a lighter scent that also feels darker and more winter-y at the same time. Midnight Fantasy isn’t as sugary sweet as Fantasy, it’s more fruity. To me, Midnight Fantasy smells heavily like plums but it also has a little bit of a soapy scent to it (in a good, fresh way). I’ve heard the formula has changed over the years (it’s certainly quite a bit cheaper than when I purchased it) but mine has held up really well over time and still smells amazing. Midnight Fantasy is $26.99 here.

julep_lissaI received Julep’s Lissa in my July 2014 Maven box but I hadn’t worn it since I first got it. I pulled it out at the beginning of the month and used it for a pedicure. The color is so bright and fun that I’ve been wearing it all month. It’s a gorgeous turquoise creme polish with a formula that’s very easy to work with. Lissa is so much fun to wear and the color reminds me of summer. Every time I look down at my toes I want to go lie by the pool! Lissa is $14/11.20 Maven here.

aveda_hand_reliefI’ve never been much of a lotion person. I love my face moisturizer but I’ve never had very dry skin so I usually skip body lotion although I do have quite a stash from gifts and Bath & Body Works freebies. April was pretty dry here though and my hands needed a little extra help. I’ve gotten several travel size Hand Relief hand creams from Aveda so I started using them to keep my hands moisturized. Hand Relief is thick without being greasy and it doesn’t have the plant smell that most of Aveda’s products have. Hand Relief is $9.50 for the travel size or $24 for the full size here.

I’m always surprised by how my favorite beauty products change from month to month. The products I was so in love with last month have mostly dropped from my radar this month, with the exception of the Nuxe Lip Balm which I’m still pretty obsessed with. I use a lot of the same products every day but sometimes they become such a consistent part of my routine that I don’t get excited about using them. During April I was all about Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears, Julep’s Lissa nail polish, and Aveda’s Hand Relief hand cream. Which products will I fall in love with during May? We will find out!

What were your April beauty favorites?


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