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atelier_cologneI like to rotate the perfumes I wear pretty regularly so it can take a while to use up a bottle. I used to buy the biggest sizes I could because they were generally a better deal but now I buy smaller sizes so I can try them out. If I love it and wear it all the time I can always buy another bottle. If I don’t like it as much as my other perfumes, I’m not stuck with a bottle that will take me years to finish. That’s why I really like perfume minis. They’re a great way to try a scent and the little bottles look so cute on my dresser. I’ve received a few Atelier Cologne samples and really liked them so I picked up a couple of their mini perfumes to try: Orange Sanguine, Vanille Insensee, and Rose Anonyme.

atelier_cologne_orange_sanguineI got Orange Sanguine and Vanille Insensee in a set from Birchbox. Orange Sanguine is a lovely crisp orange scent that doesn’t smell like every other citrus perfume out there. This is a great bright orange fragrance that smells exactly like fresh orange peels. It’s fruity and energizing (it really wakes me up in the morning when I put it on). This is a great scent on its own but it also pairs really well with vanilla. Atelier Colognes perfumes are nice because they smell really good on their own but they aren’t super complex so it’s easy to layer them. Orange Sanguine is a fun daytime scent that is very unique. It doesn’t last that long on me but it smells amazing. I think it also works as a unisex scent- it’s not super feminine or masculine.

atelier_cologne_vanille_insenseeVanille Insensee is a vanilla perfume with a twist. It’s not overly sweet, instead it’s a heavy vanilla scent mixed with jasmine and a hint of lime and coriander. This is a vanilla perfume you wear when you want to smell slightly spicy and woodsy instead of like a bakery. It’s pretty strong so I only need a little bit and it lasts all day. This is a pretty unique vanilla fragrance- it doesn’t have a strong vanilla scent but it still smells warm and heavy. It smells wonderful with Orange Sanguine, very creamy and fruity with some depth.

atelier_cologne_rose_anonymeI got Rose Anonyme as part of a Sephora promo. I don’t like overly flowery fragrances but I do like rose scents. This is a deep rose scent that reminds me of the pink bath salts I used to covet as a child (although it smells much heavier than those). It’s quite a bit different than any other perfume I own so I tend to wear this when I want something a little more unique. Rose Anonyme blends Turkish rose with velvet oud and patchouli to create a more sophisticated rose perfume. I think rose is a tricky scent to get right but I really like this one, it’s not overly simple or too flowery. The rose scent is almost secondary to the velvet oud. This also smells nice when layered with Vanille Insensee. Both are very warm, intense fragrances. This is also a little strong initially but it wears well throughout the day.

atelier cologne minisI’m really happy I picked up these Atelier Cologne┬áminis. They all smell really good and while they don’t smell exactly like “me,” I enjoy wearing them. Orange Sanguine is a wonderful bitter orange scent that makes me feel energized. Vanille Insensee is a great heavy vanilla that isn’t super sweet. Rose Anonyme is such a different scent for me but I really like it. It makes me feel nostalgic and the scent is pretty and comforting. Atelier Cologne’s minis come in bottle with screw tops so they are much easier to use than most mini perfumes with their pop off tops.

Have you ever tried any Atelier Cologne perfumes? What’s your favorite?


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  1. Chrissy says:

    I do the same thing because I like changing things up scent-wise as well. I buy small bottles otherwise I will never use them up on time. These look and sound wonderful – I love trying out new perfumes!

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