7 Benefits of Sleeping without a Bra (#5 Is the Most Important)

Why is wearing a bra while sleeping a bad idea? And what you should do instead? Many women have been asking around about the benefits of sleeping without a bra.

After all, everyone wants to feel more comfortable while they’re asleep. And not wearing a bra is just one of the many ways to sleep soundly.

For one thing, it’s true that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. So it’s bad enough that you’re not supporting your breasts during the day. At least the way you should be sleeping to avoid sagging breasts. Now imagine doing the same thing for the 6-8 hours you sleep.

Yeah! I guess it’s time to set things straight. And read more about the benefits of sleeping without a bra.

What Happens If You Sleep With Bra On


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pportive. And when you sleep on your side, this puts more pressure on your breasts with the bra on. Once you remove the bra, you give your breasts room to breathe.

What happens when you wear a padded or a bra with a tight band? You’re restricting proper blood circulation even more. Especially since you wear the same bra all throughout the day!

By taking off your bra before sleeping, you’re giving your body a break. And in the long run, you’re reducing the chances of varicose veins, numbness, or breast pain.

#2 It reduces chances of skin infection


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Do you frequently get under-boob skin rashes? Itchy boobs are more common than you think, ladies. And one of the reasons why is because you’re sleeping with your bra on.

Even the smallest skin condition can lead to something serious. It is more common among women with large breasts. As there is more pressure near the underwire region. A simple rash is bad enough, to begin with.

While a wrong bra size can be the cause of skin rashes. Wearing a tight bra for large breasts lift all night can cause heavy sweating too. The fabric rubs against the skin making it sensitive too. All these reasons contribute to skin infections.

#3 It lowers the chances of back pain and discomfort

It’s not a myth that a wrong-fitting bra can cause back pain. But what if you still get backaches after wearing the right bra? The reason behind this could be what you do with your bra at the end of the day.

When you sleep on your back, the clasp is bound to push in. Even if the clasp wraps around your back without applying pressure! From the sides, this puts pressure on your upper and mid back.

A good back pain relief would be skipping the wear altogether. This can improve posture and take pressure off of your shoulders.

Sleeping Positions to Improve Your Health


#4 It improves your breathing 


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A new study found that wearing a tight bra for hours can impact your breathing. This is because an underwire bra can restrict proper rib cage movement. So your muscles do not expand to the fullest while you breathe in.

This is true for women who tend to wear sports bras and support bras to sleep. A sports bra constricts the natural movement of the chest. Next time you wear a sports bra, be more mindful of how you breathe. My other article can help you in this case: 4 Proven Methods On How To Lift Your Breast

It’s most likely that you have to make an extra effort to breathe in a sports bra. Compared to when you’re not wearing a bra at all.

A recent study even found that a tight bra can cause heartburn.

#5 It keeps your breasts in proper shape


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Thought your bra is the only thing giving your breasts a good shape? Think again.

While bras offer support and make your breasts feel comfortable. Wearing them at night can restrict proper circulation. You need to allow your breasts to move around. Just as how you can’t sleep in tight jeans, the same goes for your breasts.

There are many different shapes of breasts. To support your natural shape, allowing your breasts to breathe naturally is necessary. It also promotes proper muscle recovery when you’re asleep.

Have you ever felt a bit stiff in a tight dress? Like you haven’t got room enough to move around? Your breasts shouldn’t feel the same way while sleeping. Give some space for the breast tissue to expand naturally. Allowing your skin to bounce back to retain its elasticity and firmness.

#6 It reduces the risk of breast cancer


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Can wear a bra for many hours a day increase chances of cancer? According to this study, it does! This does not even take your sleeping hours into account. So you know how important it is to sleep without a bra.

The benefits of sleeping without a bra are incomplete without this. It is one of the leading diseases affecting women. And the research on breast cancer is still growing.

This present study concludes that you should not wear a bra for long. It can affect your lymphatic system and hormonal changes.

#7 It fights hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that causes darker spots and rashes. It generally happens to women wearing tighter bras. Or the fact that they’re wearing a bra for a long period of time.

When the material of the bra rubs comes into contact with the skin. It can have a few reactions. This friction can cause skin irritation, rashes, and darkening. And this can alter the skin tone of that area.

Causing shades of red rashes or brownish-red patches of skin. This generally happens near the underarm region and under bust.


It’s 1 AM and you’re tossing and turning in bed with a backache or stuffiness. Do you have insomnia? Or do you just need to take off that bra? These benefits of sleeping without a bra have all the right answers.

Did you know you age faster if you don’t sleep well? Also, insomnia puts you at a risk for heart conditions, high blood pressure, and stress.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve done my research to know what is comfortable for women. And to understand the benefits of sleeping without a bra. So I couldn’t help but share this factual information with you.

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