Best Bra For Large Breasts Lift You Need To Support – Top 10 Choices

If you have large breasts, then you know how tricky it is to find stylish and supportive bras. Shopping is not fun as far as bras are involved. It’s a challenge to buy the best bra for large breasts lift. Or the best bra for lift and side support. In that case, aren’t you glad you’re reading this article?

My ultimate goal here is to help you choose a bra that’s COMFORTABLE, SUPPORTIVE, and STYLISH. All at the same time! And if you think that’s not possible, then you haven’t laid your eyes on what I have in store below.

It’s time to make bra shopping less cumbersome and more fun. And I’m here to prove to you that a task like this need not always be insurmountable.

I have pulled as many as 10 functional and gorgeous-looking bras. That is specifically designed to accommodate and uplift your heavy luggage!

Bra Name

Our Rating


Back Closure


My Choice

Non-padded, full coverage

2 hooks


Non-padded, full coverage

3 hooks


Padded, partial coverage

2 hooks


Padded, full coverage

2 hooks


Non-padded, full coverage

3 hooks


Non-padded, full coverage

2 hooks


Padded, full coverage

2 hooks


Non-padded, partial coverage

2 hooks


Non-padded, full coverage

2 hooks


Non-padded, full coverage

3 hooks

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  1   Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra – Editor’s Choice

	 Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra, Nude, 38H

The top pick is the best support bra ever. The chances of finding anything better than the ElomiCaitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra are quite unlikely. Thanks to the presence of the invaluable inner slings. And the rigid material that lines the cups to deliver extra support.

When talking about the best bra for large breasts lift, what are the first few things that come to mind? Straps, fabric strength, side support, coverage, etc.

  • Straps are wide-set, which means strong enough to provide enough center pull. 
  • Elastane fabric is used. So there’s not too much give. That’s another piece of great news!
  • Then the side support is present in the form of extra inner cup lining. 
  • Plus, the high sides!
  • And lastly, there’s complete coverage to enclose every bit of your large breasts.

What about the underwire of the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra? This particularly crucial aspect is on the broader side. Combine it with an arched middle panel, and you have a bra perfect for high tummies.

So you have no reason to doubt the performance of the Caitlyn as the best bra for lift. Irrespective of the shape, size, or type of your breasts!

It’s a relief to have cups come up high on your breasts. The structure encloses breast tissue present on the sides as well. So the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra is good for the chest and underarm region.

As you already know, the Caitlyn offers complete coverage. And such a design is not really a suitable option for low necklines. In order to gain something, you have to lose something after all.


  • Underwire is very comfortable and stays put.
  • Side slings are plenty supportive.
  • Cup sizing is dead-on accurate.


  • T-seam cups are visible through clothing.
  • Not suitable for low-cut tops and shirts.

Elomi Bra Fitting Guide


  2   Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Best Wire-free Bra for Large Breasts

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra

If you’re not such a fan of underwires, here’s an option that might peak your interest. And interest your peaks if you know what I mean! The Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Bra is a wireless version. It’s an ultimate example of the combination of support and beauty.

The fusing of feminine elements, smooth fabrics, and optimal support is quite commendable. This bra has the physical ability to support each and every part of your large bosoms. 

  • You’ll be quite thrilled to know that it features a breathable, seamless lining. It is present in the cups and back for nothing but superior comfort.
  • The sides are higher for complete coverage. 
  • The straps are wider for a no-digging-into-the-skin experience. 
  • The cups are rounder to prevent spillage. 
  • And the back is smooth for the much-needed stability.

It’s a silky, smooth piece of lingerie that easily disappears under your clothing. The plush-back designed underband is another crucial aspect responsible for all-day support. Even when your breasts seem larger than life!

The Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra feels like home for breasts that cannot befriend underwires. Raving about comfort, support, and fit without an underwire is a rare occurrence. That means more bras like these should be manufactured!

Unless you don’t mind the shape of your nipples showing through clothing, this option is right for you. But if you do, you might not appreciate the bra’s very thin cup lining.


  • No underwire equals no discomfort or irritation.
  • Side bulges are practically non-existent.
  • It doesn’t lose original shape and form very quickly.


  • Sizing is a bit small.
  • Cup padding/lining is too thin.

Playtex Bras – What Do You Call Your Boobs


  3   Freya Women’s Deco UW Molded Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts

Freya Women's Deco UW Moulded Plunge Bra, Black, 32F

When looking for the best bra for large breasts lift, it’s quite uncommon to stumble upon plunge bras. But when it’s a brand like Freya, you can leave all your worries behind.

The Freya Deco UW Molded Plunge Brais an ideal choice for women with large, saggy breasts. It’s the most suitable T-shirt bra you can wear at such times.

  • The inclusion of wider straps is nothing but a huge relief here. Center pull is the most important thing when it comes to lifting and supporting. Not many such plunge style bras are equipped with broad-set straps.
  • Furthermore, the contoured cups offer no stretch. That means your girls don’t shift or move around without any cause. On top of that, these cups are padded in the most suitable manner. Light padding equals not much bulk to deal with.
  • What’s that other element that plays a crucial role in plunge bras? It’s the underwire, right? Case in point, the reinforced wire, and its surrounding material, encase the cup completely. Without riding up and giving rise to any form of discomfort!

Given the features of the Freya Deco, I’d say it’s best for saggy bosoms. So are you a full-busted woman who’s into plunge style bras? If so, then you don’t have to settle for anything less than what your breasts demand.

Keeping each breast where it’s supposed to be. Without causing side or middle spillage! And all this sans additional padding too! That’s how remarkably designed Freya bras are. The straps and underwire are incredibly comfortable. And you don’t even feel the need to make constant adjustments to experience that superior comfort.

Expect every form of support and comfort except for full coverage. When it’s a plunge design, your boobs only enjoy the limited coverage. And a cleavage! So pick your battles wisely.


  • Cups are contoured for smooth shaping.
  • Stretch, close-set straps don’t slip.
  • Seamless microfiber is also included.


  • Sizes are not wide-ranging.
  • Complete coverage is not a part of the deal.

  4   Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded Best T-shirt Bra for Large Breasts

Fantasie Women's Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra, Black, 30DD

It’s quite a task finding the best bra for large breasts lift that you can wear on an everyday basis. So options like the Fantasie Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra seem like a blessing in disguise. The piece of wonder features contoured, smooth cups. That shape, lift, and support your breasts just how you want them to!

  • Just because it’s a bra crafted for daily wear doesn’t mean the thing has to look boring. The manufacturer decided to add tiny bow accents in the center bust and straps. Because Fantasie understands that sometimes visual appeal is just as important to you as functionality.
  • Moving on, there are seamless cups installed in here. To give you that natural and smooth projected shape. There’s absolutely no stretch in the center gore. This is very useful for bringing about extra support.
  • The cup lining features a soft finish. The contoured structure here is well designed with an underwire. And to make things even better, the FantasieSmoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra’s middle panel is arched. So it doesn’t matter even if you have a high tummy. This piece of lingerie fits like a dream!

In the end, I would only like to declare one simple truth. The unique balcony design offers a low center. With cups that contain enough foam for a modest look!

You’re looking at a molded t-shirt bra, correct? That means you’re looking at a piece you can wear with anything you like. The design is such that it encapsulates your breasts completely. Even if your cup size is on the bigger side!

The Fantasie Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra features broader-set straps. Now, these are great when it comes to providing the much-needed center pull. But this also means that the straps are not narrow enough for your tank tops.


  • Molded, foam cups are seam-free.
  • Microfiber keeps moisture and sweat away.
  • Underband fits supportively and snugly.


  • Overall structure feels stiff at first.
  • Straps are too wide to wear under tank tops. 

  5   Wacoal Women’s Bodysuede Underwire Bra Best Minimizer Bra for Large Breasts

	 Wacoal Women's Bodysuede Lace Underwire Bra, French Nude, 40DD

Minimizing effects go a long way when it comes to lifting and supporting large breasts. So if that’s the kind of an outcome you desire, look no further. You’ve found just the right bra for yourself. It’s called the Wacoal Bodysuede Underwire Bra. Since it’s Wacoal, you should expect durability, functionality, and style. (How to wash a bra the right way)

So now let me tell you why it ranks as the best bra for large breasts lift.

  • This particular style offers a seamless fit. With details like double cups and foam sling! Both elements are responsible for supporting, shaping, and uplifting like no other.
  • But what I found to be the most appealing is the use of bodysuede fabric for construction. It feels exceptionally comfortable and smooth against the skin. 
  • What’s more is that the bra doesn’t form any uni-boob or side boob. Something that tends to bother women with large breasts! So that’s a huge relief, isn’t it?

In all, the Wacoal Bodysuede Underwire Bra minimizes pretty well. The flattering shape that you long for is very much a part of the deal.

Wacoal never disappoints well-endowed women. The company manufactures cup sizes that begin from C and go all the way to DDD. That means you’re looking at the best support bra for full-figured. Plus, it minimizes in the most comfortable manner!

The only problem you might encounter is associated with the size. The bra runs smaller than usual.


  • Shoulder straps are the most comfortable.
  • Back stretch material is wide and soft.
  • Cup lining pulls and lifts to make breasts sit forward and high.


  • Sizing is a bit off.

Meet your bra fitter!


  6   Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Best Lace Bra for Large Breasts

Panache Women's Envy Stretch Lace Full Cup Bra, Nude, 30D

If you’re more inclined toward buying a lacy bra, here’s something that might capture your attention. The Panache Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra is created for fit. And designed for comfort!

So you get access to a combination of good looks and high functionality. Something that’s hard to come by when looking for the best bra for large breasts lift.

  • The delicate floral pattern lace and bold houndstooth jacquard are praiseworthy design elements. That are responsible for the luxurious style the bra has to offer!
  • The Envy bras of Panache are meticulously crafted keeping nothing but fit in mind. They include underband support, power-mesh material wings, and four-section cup. 
  • On top of that, the reinforced band has the ability to wrap around sizes above GG as well. Talk about lifting those large breasts!
  • Allow me to tell you more about the four-section cups. These sectioned cups feature side sling and lining. To provide you with all the lift and support your heavy luggage commands.

Honestly speaking, you don’t have to be a bra expert to determine what’s comfortable and what’s not. Simply put on this bra and you’ll know.

An exceptional fit is not easy to find when you have large breasts. In that regard, the Panache Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra is the perfect option. Irrespective of the shape of your breasts, it offers complete coverage. And that too with delicate and pretty embroidery!

The fact that the bra has zero padding is not a drawback. But it sort of becomes one when the fabric involved is lace. A little bit of padding with lace gives a smoother, more flattering look. So that’s out of the picture here.


  • Lace is stretchy, thus super-comfortable to wear all day.
  • Material feels soft against the skin.
  • Strong elastic underband fits even the bigger cup sizes.


  • Meeting-point of the two wires tends to poke.
  • There’s no padding for smoothness.

Modelled by Role Models


  7   Chantelle Women’s C Magnifique Best Seamless + Minimizer Bra for Large Breasts

	 Chantelle Women's C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer

The current wonder is a combination of the three most important elements.

  • 1
    The first is top quality lingerie.
  • 2
    The second is the everyday beauty.
  • 3
    And the third is the modern comfort.

That’s not all, mind you. The Chantelle C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Bra is also a minimizer. So your large breasts feel not only comfortable and well-supported. But smaller too!

There are very few bras like these that are designed for throughout-the-day comfort.

  • The minimizing cups offer total coverage. They center your breast tissue in the most efficient manner. The outcome of which is that slimming effect you desire.
  • To make matters even better, Chantelle has equipped the bra with seamless fabric. So it appears smooth below any type of an outfit. 
  • Moreover, the band is wide and firm to hand out extra support all over. Even if your cup size is larger than most!

The Chantelle C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer shapes and slims your curves. And the best part about it is that you can wear it on a daily basis. It doesn’t impose any restrictions when it comes to wear-ability. Not many minimizer bras yield that kind of power.

The Chantelle C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer Bra is a genuine favorite. Its sizing goes as high as expected.

The minimizing effect is such that you should expect a reduction by at least 1-cup-and-half. Plus, exceptional support of course!

But there is something here that sort of dispels the good. Unfortunately, the Chantelle C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer is not such an ideal option for summer. The fabric used for construction doesn’t bode well with heat.


  • Cups are seamless and lightly lined.
  • Thick back band reduces fat.
  • Wide-set straps don’t dig into the shoulders.


  • Nipple protrusions are visible.
  • Material is not so great for hot days.

  8   Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconnet Bra Best Balconette Bra for Large Breasts

Cleo by Panache Cleo Women's MarcieBalconnet, Burgundy, 32B

Are you by any chance a bra expert? If YES, then I don’t need to tell you that balconette bras are not such a suitable option for large breasts. But, fortunately, I cannot say the same about the Marcie Balconnet Bra. This one’s a force to be reckoned with in terms of structure and support. Even for your bigger twins!

  • The design consists of three parts demi cup. So expect Marcie to deliver the much-needed support. Without forgetting delicate details such as scallop embroidery and center bow. The intricate embroidery and overall spot detailing provide that desirable flirtatious look. The kind that you normally long for in bras!
  • But let’s keep the physical appearance aside for a second. It’s time to focus on the more important aspects. Like the fit of the Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconnet Bra. In this department, you’ll be glad to know that there’s power mesh material wing. Such a fabric for the wings offers a secure fit. Even if you have J size cups.
  • The straps are abundantly adjustable to make the experience as comfortable as you like.

To be honest with you, it’s a relief to know that balconette bras like these exist. I mean you don’t have to settle for any other style just because your breasts are larger in shape and size. You should be able to wear what you desire.  (Different types of bra straps)

The Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconnet Bra has a construction that supports your boobs like no other. Balconette bras don’t do that. When it comes to fit, they don’t cover the top part of your breasts. But with a design like this, all the fullness at the top does get covered. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

If you’re used to the smooth foam equipped padding of bras, then you might not like this one. Marcie’s lace fabric is slightly visible below shirts. But if the functionality is a priority, nothing else should matter.


  • Cups produce a perfectly round shape.
  • Ribbed straps hold adjustments well.
  • Wires are stiff, which means no shifting.


  • Straps are not wide-set for enough center pull.
  • Lace is visible under clothing.

Cleo by Panache


  9   Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Full Coverage Best Bra for Lift and Side Support

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra, Cappuccino, 38F (38DDD)

Choosing the best bra for large breasts lift is quite a challenging task. But brands like Chantelle make it easier. This is not the first pick by Chantelle I’m reviewing in the article.

So what does that tell you? It suggests that the company knows which type of bra is good for heavy breast.

But do you know what’s unique in this case?

  • The fact that the piece of lingerie is armed with support panels at the sides. This is how it ranks as the best bra for lift and side support. These side panels help in centering your breast tissue. Which, by the way, provides the necessary slimming effect!
  • What’s more is that the Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra offers comfort all day long. It features three-seamed cups that also give you that slimming effect.
  • The lace is stretchy and soft. Needless to say, it lays completely flat under your clothing.

The manufacturer also decided to include power mesh material in the back. So your shoulders don’t have to bear the heavy burden. Ultimate comfort is pretty much covered in that aspect. What more do you need, right!

It feels like a dream to come across a bra like the Chantelle Rive Gauche. Top-notch construction with anti-gravity type features. I like to refer to it as the miracle bra.

Here’s something tragic to hear. The wires of this bra are painfully sharp along the sides. They jab into the region right under your armpit.


  • It minimizes the bust.
  • Side support and overall fit are incredible.
  • High-quality lace screams durability.


  • Underwire tends to bend inward.

  10   Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra Best Support Bra for Full-figured

Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra

Here’s the last of the best bra for large breasts lift. It’s called the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra. And it scores high marks for comfort and visual appeal. The current market either offers practicality or style. Never both! In that regard, the fusion of functionality and good looks here is a huge asset. Much like your large breasts!

  • The three-part cup design shapes and lifts the heaviest mountains. This is great if you have saggy breasts too. 
  • On top of that, the underwire is incredibly soft and padded. 
  • And nickel-free, which means nothing but optimum comfort.

Then there’s gorgeous lace embroidery. It looks fun and flirtatious, which adds more appeal. Padded contours, natural cups, underwires; try as many as you like. Nothing beats the unique structure of this best bra for large breasts lift.

It’s highly unlikely to feel uncomfortable in the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra. No need to let go of support for sexy. Or style for comfort!

Look closely, the straps of the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra are a bit too fancy. The floral detailing might look pretty. However, it doesn’t make the task of adjusting the straps easier.


  • Quality craftsmanship is a big part of the deal.
  • Comfort is exceptional, even for larger cup sizes.
  • Shape remains intact despite frequent washing.


  • Not suitable for wear with lower necklines.
  • Straps feature floral appliques.

Best Bra for Large Breasts Lift Buyer’s Guide (All You Need to Know)

Choosing the best bra for lift and shape is a task in itself. So the undertaking gets even more complicated when the boobs are large or saggy. Being well-endowed comes with its own pros and cons, doesn’t it? But that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to say is that finding the best bra for large breasts lift is not easy.

This is where my reviews and guide enter the picture. A bra that fits well helps in improving your body posture. Along with your overall appearance! In fact, in the case of big breasts, it has the ability to minimize back, shoulder, and neck pain as well. So if you’re genuinely interested in buying the best support bra ever, there’s no reason to stop reading now.

Understanding the Best Bra for Large Breasts Lift


Photo credit:


There are so many different bra styles. But not all of them offer the kind of support and lift your large breasts demand. So it’s important to know which of these styles actually do.

Bras constructed for bigger or saggy breasts feature cups that offer complete coverage. That means each cup covers the entire breast. With that in mind, you can rule out two very popular styles. The first is balconette while the second is plunging.

Balconette bras cover only the lower part of your breast. Leaving the upper half bare, even though with broad-set straps! On the other hand, plunging style bras have a low-cut design. The narrow center join of these bras tends to pull your breasts together. Giving rise to cleavage!

Large breasts scream for a more comfortable and secure fit. To be specific, WIDER STRAPS and MORE THAN TWO HOOKS at the back. The former eliminates shoulder pain. And the latter guarantees a proper fit.



Photo credit:

To be honest, you can still choose whatever style you wish. But the same cannot be said about the size. Irrespective of the style, the bra will not support and lift your boobs if it’s not the right size. And you don’t have to be a bra fitting professional to understand this. But you can go to one at any department or lingerie store to get to know your correct bra size.

Here’s a video that shows how to measure your bra size at home:



When talking about the fit, the first component that comes to mind is the underwire. This little thing is supposed to contain your breast. It prevents the breast tissue from pushing into your underarm region! Don’t forget that underwires that lie flat against the chest only have the ability to deliver optimal results.

Another crucial factor is the design of the cups. Cup size is a major player here. Too small and it causes your breast tissue to peep out from the sides.

Features of the Best Bra for Large Breasts Lift


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The question is “which type of bra is good for heavy breast?” If you want the exact answer, here it is. The following are the ingredients that make up the best bra for large breasts lift:

  • Full coverage cups.
  • T-seam cups.
  • Underwire.
  • Boned or reinforced siding.
  • Wide-set straps.
  • Broad and sturdy underband.
  • Non-stretch fabric used for construction.

In an ideal world, the best bra for large breasts lift is equipped with all the seven features. But practically speaking, five out of seven is not a bad deal either. In that regard, I have reviewed the most suitable options for you.



Should I buy “full figure” or “plus-size” bras for large breasts?

The best support bra for full-figured is not the same as the best plus size bra. It’s necessary to keep this in mind. But what is the big difference here? “Plus-size” bras focus heavily on the underband size. And, to the contrary, “full figure” refers only to cup size. The former is usually above 40 inches. And the latter is DD or higher.

Here’s a good example to explain the answer better. If you have large breasts, it means your cup size is DD or higher. Correct? If yes, then you should be wearing the best support bra for full-figured.


Why is it so difficult to find bras for large breasts?

Here’s the ugly truth. Mainstream bra companies are simply not interested in designing bras higher than D cup. They don’t cater to women with a larger bust size. And there’s only one logical explanation to this. “Full figure” bras are NOT AS COST-EFFECTIVE as regular bras. In terms of manufacturing of course! The former requires more attention and resources than standard sizes.

In simple words, the brand would rather have you wear a bra that you think is only “good enough.” Instead of spending a little more money in producing bras that actually fit bigger breasts. (Common bra problems)

Final Recommendation

I do my best to make sure you buy a product that suits your needs and requirements the most.

Finding the best bra for large breasts lift is a very personal decision to make. But options like the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra are crafted to exceed expectations.

After all, the piece of lingerie features super-supportive cups. That is equipped with highly practical side slings. And these do nothing but lift, support, shape your bosoms in the most comfortable manner.

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