Best Bras for Lift and Support That You’ll Love to Wear – Top 10 Choices

The article you’re reading focuses on only one topic. Finding the best bras for lift and support! Many women wish to reverse the effects of sagging or large breasts. And when there are non-invasive ways to do so, why not opt for them, right?

You’re reading this post, which means you have breasts. So you understand how extremely supportive a good bra can be. At the same time, you also know that hunting for this piece of wonder is no cakewalk.

With that in the clear, it’s time to look at options ideal for settled, pendulous, and not-so-full breasts. So if you’re a woman who can relate to what I’m saying, this is just where you need to be.


Top 10 Bras for Lift and Support: Product Comprasion 

How about you give your boobs that much-needed lift with these supportive bras? That, by the way, is also surprisingly comfortable!

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The 10 Best Bras for Lift and Support Reviews 

  1   Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra – Editor’s Choice

	 Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra,Nude 38DD

I don’t have to tell you how fancily designed bras don’t work. And how bras that actually work don’t look so pretty! You know that already, don’t you? But what you probably don’t know is that Playtex is a manufacturer who wants to change that for women.

So here’s the Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra.

It’s impossible for your heavy gear to not feel well-supported in the brand’s every bra. They do manufacture the best bras for lift and support after all. Expect to find lift panels in this one. The cups feature these lift panels to shape your breasts naturally.

Playtex and TruSupport go hand in hand.

  •  The latter is a unique bra design that provides 4-way comfortable support.
  •  And wait, what about the looks? The exquisite floral jacquard material takes care of that.
  • You’ll be quite relieved to know that the straps are cushioned. To what avail though? When straps are padded, they tend to stay put and not dig into the shoulders. Doesn’t it all sound comfortable, even if you have large or saggy breasts?

The Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Bra is wire-free. Don’t think any less of it when it comes to boob-boosting. The technology embedded in here offers optimal lift, shape, and separation. Even without that wire! So what you’re in for is a super comfortable bra that also looks sexy.

The front image of the Playtex bra displays wide-set, cushioned straps. But that’s not what they look like at the back. The straps thin out a bit too much. And that seems like unpleasant news if you have heavier, larger breasts.


  • Side panels keep the sides from bulging.
  • Wide straps don’t fall off the shoulders.
  • Partially lined cups keep chilly nipples concealed.


  • Lack of consistency in sizing.
  • Straps thin out at the back.
Playtex Positivity

  2   Bali Women’s #3353 Live It Up Best Affordable Bra for Lift and Support

Bali Women's Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra, Soft Taupe, 36D

Have you always been more inclined toward wearing the right bras? If so, then I’m sure it’s not the first time you’re reading about Bali.

The brand wants women to live beautifully. And that you shall, believe me. Especially with an item like the Bali Women’s #3353 Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra.

Bali is responsible for adding some of the best bras for lift and support to the current market. But this style caught my attention instantly. And why is that?

  • Simply because the Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra is designed with ultrasonic cups for supporting your breasts. Meaning no-stitch cups! And these have been given the power to support and lift your breasts like no other.
  • The well-cushioned straps are another huge hit for women with large or saggy breasts. Cup lining is comfortable. And wires are plush-wrapped. On top of that, there’s no padding either, if that’s how you like to roll.
  • Moreover, the Bali Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra has molded seamless stretch cups. They move when you move. And you don’t even have to shell out big bucks to get hands on such an experience.

What you’re looking at here is a two-in-one package. The first important function of this Bali bra is to lift your breasts. And the second role they perform is lifting them from the sides and underneath those cups. That does more than just pushing up your boobs. It also moves them forward.

The Bali Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra meets all expectations. At least in terms of the best bras for lift and support! So the drawback has nothing to do with that. Instead, what’s troubling, literally, is the side stitches. They tend to cause itching in that region.


  • It’s the best support bra for full-figured.
  • Perfectly shaped cups eliminate side overflow.
  • Fit and sizing are to the point.


  • Cups are not thick enough for protruding nipples.
  • Side stitches feel itchy against the skin.

  3   Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Magic Lift Best Bra for Lift and Side Support

	 Glamorise Women's Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra #1000, Soft Grey, 40B

The best bras for lift and support don’t always offer enough side support. Overall support is top notch. But the same cannot be said about side support. And that’s bad news if your twins are larger than normal.

In that case, the good news comes in the form of the GlamorisePlus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra. It’s also the best support bra for full-figured.

Now let me tell you why you should believe me.

  • The current option features a well-cushioned bust band. That is perfect for comfort, support, separation, and uplift. Not many wireless bras are equipped with such an underband. But this one is. That means it makes up for the lack of an underwire.
  • The straps are wide-set and adjustable (Different types of bra straps). So that’s another piece of great news that hits home. 
  • As for the looks, there are lace insets in the cups. Along with scalloped edging! And that says a lot about visual appeal, doesn’t it?

So now you understand why I’m recommending the Glamorise Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra.

Finding a bra that fits perfectly well is no easy job. So you’ve won the jackpot with the Glamorise Magic Lift Bra. It’s a wire-free option with a foam-cushioned underband. This band crosses under and over the cup. And that supports, separates, and lifts your breasts to meet all demands.

Unfortunately, the material of this bra requires a few washes to soften.


  • Shoulder, side, and bust support are remarkable.
  • It holds up well over time.
  • Breast minimization effects are quite noticeable.


  • Not suitable for open or deep necklines.
  • Fabric feels rough against the skin.
Glamorise® Magic Lift bras

  4   Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Best Bra for Lift and Shape

Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra, Nude, 38H

Can you, without any hesitation, declare that the best bras for lift and support shape well too?  No, right?

But I can about the Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra. You can rely on it for providing all the boob support you wish for. I can’t imagine the bra doing anything else given the inclusion of the inner slings!

  • The first praiseworthy feature is the strap design. Positioned perfectly well, these straps provide the much-needed center pull.
  • The second hard-to-miss characteristic is the exceptional fabric strength. The cups are such that they do an excellent job at keeping your mountains in place. Only after stretching the cups will you realize how sturdy the bra really is.
  • What about coverage you might be wondering? In that department, expect no pop-outs. Complete coverage is a part of the deal. This is what lifts and shapes your pendulous or large breasts.
  • Side support is also not a lost cause here. Thanks to the addition of the inner cup lining. And the high sides! 

So there’s a lot to appreciate. Apart from the wide arched middle panel and broad underwire. That combine to make the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra ideal for high tummies. It’s a win-win situation, whatever way you choose to look at it.

Why buy the Caitlyn? For one, it’s because the bra offers unparalleled side support. It keeps your breast tissue in place. Without squishing it and causing side spillage! But most importantly, purchase the Caitlyn for its band. The underband is what contributes the most to heavy lifting. That means the straps don’t have to do much.

Since the underband takes the weight off the shoulders, the narrowly-set straps don’t seem so disappointing. So a negligible setback is what it is.


  • It keeps your side boob in place.
  • Support is incredibly firm yet soft.
  • The fit is snug without any digging.


  • T-seamed cups are visible through clothing.
  • Straps lack width.
Elomi Bra Fitting Guide

  5   Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Lace Best Push-up Bra for Lift and Support

	 Maidenform Women's Ultimate Lace Push-up Bra, Soaring Pink/Pink Pirouette, 36D

What type of bra is best for sagging breasts? Sometimes the answer to that question is a push-up bra. And whenever that’s the case, names like these come up. The Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Lace Push-Up Bra belongs to that list of names.

The brand’s Comfort Devotion assortment offers many such options. That rank as the best bras for lift and support!

Every little and large element here is designed with nothing but superhuman comfort and support in mind.

  • The lace element offers a sexy lift. 
  • The soft construction brings tons of pleasantness into play. 
  • So the looks are as appealing as the support factor.

Even though padded, the Maidenform Push-Up Bra is a lightweight option. No complaints regarding the size ruin your experience. And here’s something interesting you might want to know. Particularly if you have skin sensitivities! The underband part is amazingly soft to prevent any form of irritation.

In the end, I would just like to say one thing. If you get this, your chances of buying more are enormous. And doesn’t that sound like something you would like to do!

Plush padding and underwire cups are the most attractive qualities in this case. And even more so when they manage to still be lightweight. What’s equally astounding is the presence of convertible straps.

Doesn’t the layer of lace on top look pretty? Of course, it does. But there’s a catch to it. Bras designed like this show through. So they know you’re wearing lacy lingerie.


  • Padded bottom shelf lifts to offer a fuller, rounder shape.
  • Straps are convertible into racerback.
  • Sizes are wide-ranging.


  • Colors are misleading.
  • Lace overlay means more visibility through thin shirts.

  6   Olga Women’s Luxury Lift Best Seamless Bra for Lift and Support

	 Olga Women's Luxury Lift Underwire Bra,Black,40D

Once you reach the end of the reviews section, you’ll notice that not all bras for lift and support are seamless. And those that are don’t outperform the Olga Women’s Luxury Lift Underwire Bra. So you buy the current style for that and its budget-friendly price tag.

  • All Olga bras have a smooth design. So they feel comfortable and soft against the skin. And there’s no reason to believe that the Luxury Lift is any different. The notable difference here is the lace detailing at the cup bottom. It is armed with extra support. This is very useful for lifting your boobies. Giving them the elevation they demand!
  • Furthermore, you have other features to look forward to as well. Such as the easily adjustable shoulder straps. And the pretty-looking picot trims. You’ll also value the super-soft inner lining. Why not when it’s entirely responsible for bringing that comfort into action!

So if what you’re looking for is the best seamless bra for saggy breasts, you’ve found it.

Are you in the process of switching to another bra? For better side and underbust support? If yes and yes, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t opt for the Olga Luxury Lift Underwire Bra. Even if you’re a DD!

You can adjust the straps alright. But while doing so, the heavy stitches present on them tend to block the adjustability. But you can get past it quite easily. Even so, the minor letdown is worth mentioning.


  • Support and coverage are flawlessly complete.
  • The underwire is the most comfortable.
  • It is suitable for all-day, daily wear.


  • Cup fabric lacks thickness.
  • Strap adjustability is a bit troublesome.
Olga Bra Fitting Tips

  7   Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination  Best Support Bra for Full-figured

Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Zoned in Support Full Figure Underwire Bra 76338,Leopard Shimmy Print,36DD

It’s time to welcome the best support bra ever. So if you’re full-figured, here comes a bra that your breasts might actually appreciate.

The thing about the Illumination collection of Vanity Fair is that it consists of lingerie that feels and looks stunning. As for the Illumination Zoned In Support Full Figure Underwire Bra, it delivers all-day support. That means you can wear it on an everyday basis as well.

What type of bra is good for heavy breasts? The best bras for lift and support, right? But that’s such a vague answer, isn’t it? A more accurate one would be the Vanity Fair Illumination Zoned In Support Full Figure Underwire Bra.

  • The interior satin lining stands out, doesn’t it? You should know that the lining feels super-soft against your body. 
  • And since we’re talking about things you should know, I have two more for you. An underwire that doesn’t poke and contoured, padded cups that service full coverage.
  • The list of features is not over yet. The plush wide-set straps have the ability to lay flat against your skin. Their leotard design at the back is what keeps them from slipping off.

The combination of ideal fit support and shimmering elegance is why you might want to consider this option.

If a sleek style is what you desire without any extra fluff, then it’s time to zone in your luggage. The Vanity Fair Illumination Zoned In Support Underwire Bra is a smooth garment. That works well under fitted tops and t-shirts.

What do molded cups remind you of? They suggest only one drawback; slightly pointed breasts.


  • Lift and separation are focal points.
  • Minimizing effect makes an impact.
  • Sizing is accurate.


  • Front padding is not adequately thick.
  • Cups are molded, which means pointy peaks.

  8   Freya Women’s Deco UW Best Plunge Bra for Lift and Support

Freya Women's Deco UW Moulded Plunge Bra, Black, 32F

How can you expect me to write about the best bras for lift and support without a Freya creation? It’s just not possible. In that case, here’s presenting the best. The Freya Women’s Deco UW Molded Plunge Bra. It’s the most popular t-shirt bra you could ever own!

  • The construction here is such that you should expect this bra and your saggy breasts to become BFFs. The addition of wide enough straps in the Deco offers a lot of that center-pulling action. The contoured cups have a light padding with no stretch. So eliminate all uncertainties related to fit.
  • With regards to coverage, anticipate the best performance. Spillovers are not common when wearing the Freya Deco UW Molded Plunge Bra. Even if you indulge in light activities or walking!
  • The underwire has the capacity to encase your breasts completely within that cup. But what’s the most admirable is the well-reinforced material surrounding the underwire. This is what adds the winning comfort to the garment. You’ll also appreciate how the wire doesn’t ride up.

And lastly, it’s important for me to state and you to know that the bra seems perfect for saggy breasts. Your chances of wearing anything better than this are minuscule in that sense.

Do you know how awesome it is to find a not-so-excessively padded bra that lifts comfortably? The Freya Deco UW Molded Plunge Bra is a figure-flattering option. That keeps your boobs right where they belong.

Don’t let the flaw I’m about to disclose discourage you from buying this Freya bra. Even so, it’s entirely your call to make that decision. In terms of sizing, the current product doesn’t offer a wide range. At least not as broad as you might expect. But as long as your size is available, you have nothing to complain about.


  • Molded cups offer extra shaping.
  • Straps support well, despite being narrow.
  • It helps in alleviating back pain caused by big breasts.


  • The underwire begins to poke through eventually.
  • Size options are limited.
Freya Bra Fitting Guide 

  9   Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra Best Contoured Bra for Lift and Support

	 Fantasie Women's Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra, Black, 30DD

When the best bras for lift and support are contoured to perfection, what does that mean? It implies that they are the most suitable for wearing under t-shirts. With that in mind, here’s the Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra.

  • The contoured cups are also seamless. So they can give your misshapen breasts a projected and natural shape. You’ll appreciate the tiny bow accents in the center bust region. And on the straps! These lend quite an attractive appeal to the undergarment.
  • I want to focus a little more on the cup design here because it demands extra attention. The cups have an underwire, as is evident. But what’s not obvious is that they are perfectly shaped and lined. This is the kind of contouring that deserves the spotlight. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Not all the best bras for lift and support feature an arched middle panel. But, fortunately, this one does. And what is it about this panel that speaks volumes? The fact that it makes the bra simply perfect for women with high tummies!

In all, look no further than the Fantasie Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra. If what you desire is a smooth, contoured bust shape!

Why do I think you might love this particular bra? Well, it’s hard not to like the complete coverage without any side boob. The padding in the cups is enough for proper shaping. And the support factor in here proves that a woman is responsible for designing the Fantasie Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra.

Upon closer inspection, I found the center part to be slightly narrower. So if I were you, I would opt for another option if I had close-set breasts.


  • Cup shape and fit are on-point.
  • Molded and lightly padded, thus no bulk.
  • Back rolls make no appearance.


  • Even though contoured, the bra broadcasts headlights.
  • Center is not wide enough.

  10   Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Best-looking Bra for Lift and Support

Chantelle Rive Gauche Bra, 32C, Milk

Looks aren’t everything. Now that’s true, isn’t it? But sometimes it’s okay to want to buy lingerie that looks attractive. Without having to compromise on support and comfort that is!

With that in mind, please do check out the Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra. It’s worth your time and consideration.

  • The lace-infused piece is designed to serve all-day support and comfort. It features three cup seams that give your chest the slimming effect you desire. As for the lace fabric, it’s plenty soft. And the material doesn’t fail to lay flat beneath your clothing.
  • Underwire cups are unlined, and full coverage is what they provide. Look closely to spot the front side panels. These are support panels that place your breast tissue in the center.
  • When you pay some attention to the back, you’ll see the U-designed power mesh inclusion. What such a structure does is take the weight off the shoulders. And this guarantees unmatchable comfort-fit.

The day you put it on, you’ll wonder how anyone could manufacture such an unbelievably supportive bra.

Super-supportive and beautiful; the way I would describe the Chantelle Rive Gauche. If you think the lace itches, think again. If you think those seams are noticeable, think again. If you think this kind of support doesn’t reverse the saggy effect, definitely think again.

Do you have a short torso or are you a petite woman? If yes, then you might not like this Chantelle Full Coverage Unlined Bra. Because it’s equipped with shorter underwires!


  • Side slings push the breasts upward and forward.
  • Boob separation is inevitable.
  • Straps are stretchy and sides supportive.


  • Lace edging creates a little bit of bulge.
  • Underwire is not long enough.

Buyer’s Guide of the Best Bras for Lift and Support

Well-endowed, aren’t we? But doesn’t that make the task of choosing the best bras for lift and support all the more difficult? A basic understanding, at such times, goes a long way. Bras that FIT, UPLIFT, and SUPPORT WELL can make a world of a difference. You’re a woman right, so I’m sure you know how that feels.

Important Aspects of a Bra



Photo credit:

Not all bra styles offer support and lift. Especially for large or sagging breasts! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any that do. Bras designed for such breasts PROVIDE FULL COVERAGE. They feature cups that cover the breast completely.

So what are the different bra styles currently available for big breasts?

  • 1
    Balconette bras focus on your lower half, leaving the upper half uncovered. But these are equipped with broad-set straps.
  • 2
    Plunging bras have a low-cut design with a narrow center join. What they do is pull your breasts together to make them rest in the middle of your chest. And that creates cleavage.

For a more secure fit, you should hunt for bras that are designed with THREE OR MORE HOOKS for closure. Since we’re on that, WIDER STRAPS also help in reducing shoulder strain.



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No matter the bra style, don’t expect it to support and lift your twins if the sizing is wrong. This is why bra fittings are so important. They are carried out by professional bra fitters. All you need to do is drop by any lingerie or department store.

But if you don’t really care for that, why don’t you try measuring your breasts at home? After all, what you require is only a measure tape.

MEASURE YOUR BUST LINE, which is right below your breasts. Pull that tape snugly. Then write down the number. If it’s not an even number, add one inch to make it so.

Now it’s time to MEASURE AROUND YOUR BREASTS. Please ensure that the tape is perfectly round and not too loose or tight.

Once you have both the numbers, SUBTRACT THE LATTER FROM THE FORMER. For example, underbust is 34 and overbust is 40. That means 40 – 34 = 6. This means there’s a 6-inch difference. And to know what those 6 inches mean, here’s a table that might help.


Size of the Cup

1/2 inch


1 inch


2 inches


3 inches


4 inches


5 inches


6 inches


7 inches


That means you’re a 34F.

Here’s a video demonstration:

Are You Wearing The Right Bra?



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It’s unreasonable to expect all bras to contain your breasts. And even more so to expect them to include the breast tissue present in your underarm area. Only the best bras for lift and support can do that. But how do you determine the best fit?

Bra underwires are supposed to lie flat across the chest.

Bra cups fit perfectly well when they don’t contain any excessive fabric. They should not offer extra front or side gape either. The aim is to contain all your breast tissue inside that cup. Anything too small just pushes it out from the top and sides.

Features of the Best Bras for Lift and Support


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So what are the ingredients that make a bra suitable for lifting and supporting the boobs? Especially when they are large or saggy!

Here’s what most of the best bras for lift and support have in common:

  • Narrowly-set straps
  • Non-stretch fabric
  • T-seam cups
  • Full coverage cups
  • Reinforced/boned siding
  • Wide underband
  • Underwire

These are the essential features responsible for adding support. So it’s best to choose a bra that is equipped with at least five of them, if not all.

Commonly Asked Questions about Bras


How do I determine the best fit?

Are your breasts spilling out the top? Or is there a gap between the cup and your sister? Even a single yes here means trouble. These two are important indicators that your bra doesn’t fit well.

Other unimportant indicators include a gore that’s pulling away. The part that connects the bra cups in the middle is called the gore. And this particular feature of the bra is supposed to sit flat against your skin. When it does that, you can rest assured knowing that you’re wearing a proper-fitting bra. So now you understand why it’s not okay for that gore to be pulling away?


Why does the band ride up and straps dig into my skin?

An underband that’s not ready to stay put can mean only one thing. That it’s too large. The best bras for lift and support are designed with ACCURATE BAND SIZES. Because manufacturers understand that bands are responsible for providing the greater part of support. (Common bra problems)

When you have fit issues, the first change you need to make is to opt for AS MALLER BAND SIZE. Along with A BIGGER CUP SIZE!


How often should I replace my bras?

To be honest, the answer depends on many factors. If you have a sea of bras, your chances of tossing them often are less. And when you have large breasts, you tend to go through bras more quickly. Cause there’s extra breast tissue for them to support!

In that case, women with fuller breasts can replace every 6-9 MONTHS. As for those with smaller mammilla are set for about 18 MONTHS!

Secret History of the Bra

Sealing the Deal

Wrapping it up with the Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra! And you should do the same if what you demand is the best bra for lift and support ever. It has cups designed with lift panels for natural shaping. And not just that; there’s a four-way support system in here as well. Known as TruSupport, which is a part of all such Playtex bras.

Each and every best bra for lift and shape I have reviewed in this post supports your breasts. More than all other bras, combined!

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