Best Comforter for Night Sweats, Hot Sleepers That Is the Most Comfortable (Top 20 Reviews)

It’s time to start sleeping well - one good comforter at a time. You don’t have what comfort means until you’ve used one of these comforters before. Replace your old comforter and your entire sleeping experience changes.

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The following information covers everything you need to know. Including the product’s material, size, and special features. Make sure you read the detailed reviews to understand the little details.

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Best Comforter for Night Sweats, Hot Sleepers - Comparisons and Reviews

Best Comforter for Night Sweats: Top 10 Product Comparisons

Comforter Name

Our Rating




Editor’s Choice

Siliconized Fiberfill

Twin, Queen, King


Polyester (Fill) Microfiber (Cover)

Twin, Full, Queen, King


Bamboo, Microfiber

King, California King


Recycled fiber (Fill)

 Eucalyptus (Cover)

Full, Queen, California King



Twin, Queen, King, Large King


Cotton, Silk

Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King


Microfiber, Polyester

Twin, Queen, King


Cotton, Silk

Twin, Queen, King, California King


Alpaca Wool, Cotton

Twin, Twin XL, Queen, California King


Cotton, Polyester

Twin, Full, Queen

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Best Comforter for Hot Sleepers: Top 10 Product Comparisons

Comforter Name

Our Rating




Editor’s Choice

Polyester (Cover)

 Synthetic (Fill)

Twin, Queen, King


Cotton (Cover)

 Polyester, Outlast (Fill)

Twin, Full, King



Twin XL, California King, Full, King, Oversized King, Oversized Queen, Queen, Twin



Twin, Queen, King


Cotton Shell

Twin, Queen, King


Cotton, White Feather

Twin, Full, King



Twin, California Long, Queen, King



Oversized Queen, Oversized King



King, Queen



Twin, Queen, California King

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Best Comforter for Night Sweats: Top 10 Reviews

 1  Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert – Editor’s Choice

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert - Quilted Comforter with Corner Tabs - Hypoallergenic, Box Stitched Down Alternative Comforter (Queen, White)

When you want something that helps you relax. Look no further than the Utopia Bedding Comforter. It features a classic box pattern with piped edges. Making it the ideal and best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers!

It has a super smart construction with a fiberfill. To help you sleep through the night and break out even a single sweat. The duvet inside the comforter is both removable and washable.

For homes that are a bit colder than usual, this comforter is amazing. It keeps you warm enough without inviting stuffiness or sweating. The material is fluffy, soft, and breathable. Plus, the fabric is durable enough to work through all seasons.

The hypoallergenic barrier is a great addition for allergy sufferers. Adding that little touch of protection against germs into the mix!

For comforter care, you can rinse it in a washing machine. Make sure you set the machine on a delicate setting. And use an all-natural detergent with cold water. Do not rinse the comforter for more than two rounds. It should take around 2-3 hours for it to air dry completely.

This comforter wouldn’t give you the lightweight comfort that you might want. For hot sleepers, this can be a major disappointment.


  • The material feels soft and cozy.
  • The FiberFill Siliconized density is effective.


  • The material can feel too thick.
  • The fill starts to clump after washing.

Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter - All Season Comforter


 2  Natural Comfort White Down Alternative Best lightweight comforter on the market

Natural Comfort White Down Alternative Comforter with Embossed Microfiber Shell, Light Weight Filled, King

The Natural Comfort White Down makes a good last-minute addition to your bedroom. It’s known for its luxurious style and airy weight. But don’t mistake its featherweight construction as being fragile.

This is the best comforter for night sweats for many reasons. It comes with a polyester material fill and a microfiber cover. The polyester fill reduces heat and provides cushioning. And the microfiber cover is easy to clean and protective.

What I really liked about this comforter is its hypoallergenic quality. It reduces bacteria, germs, and dust formation. To help allergy sufferers sleep peacefully and comfortably.

It also eliminates stuffiness which causes night sweats. No matter what the room’s temperature is. It keeps you cozy, supported, and warm.

Depending on what works for you, you can choose to use a duvet cover. The material itself is durable and longer lasting than others. The color works for most other bedding ideas. And the fill spreads evenly across the surface without lumping.

You can wash and dry this comforter in a standard washer. That won’t change the way the comforter looks and feels after. It works better without a duvet cover than with one. The microfiber cover improves fluffiness and retains its featherweight comfort.

The size of this comforter is a bit narrower than a proper king size. With no bigger size to order, you might have to adapt to the width of the comforter.


  • Great for year-round comfort.
  • The 3D polyfill is comfortable and durable.


  • The king size is not big enough.

 3  Zen Bamboo Luxury Goose Down Alternative Best eco-friendly comforter on the market

Zen Bamboo Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter - All Season Hotel Quality Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert with Cooling Bamboo Blend Fabric - Full/Queen - White

A good natural alternative would be the Zen Bamboo Luxury Comforter. If you’re buying bamboo bedding, for the first time, there’s nothing better. It comes from bamboo and microfiber.

The ideal season for this kind of goose down comforter is winter. It increases warmth and coziness without feeling too hot. The natural bamboo fill is good for improving breathability. It can’t hurt to use a hypoallergenic and all-natural fabric, right?

Apart from the basics, the natural bamboo fiber breathes well. It also feels stronger than most other superficial fibers. And it doesn’t take much to keep it clean for longer.

Most people also liked the rich dye and featherweight construction of the comforter. It may look like polyester to you. But the fill is all natural and convenient.

All these outstanding qualities make it an agreeable choice. On the way to becoming the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers! There’s nothing more you could have asked for.

These comforters are home machine washable. All you have to do is throw it in with cold water. Use either a mild or all-natural detergent. And rinse it on the lowest wash and tumble dry setting. The wrinkle-free quality makes sure the fill stays the same.

My least favorite thing about this comforter is the outer cover. It does pill and become slightly fuzzing on the edges first.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Stain-resistant and hypoallergenic.


  • Small fibers tend to come out of the fabric.

 4  Buffer Comforter Softer Hypoallergenic Best cooling comforter on the market

Buffy Comforter - Full/Queen - Softer Than A Cloud - Eucalyptus Fabric - Hypoallergenic - Down Alternative

Can you imagine what a comforter with a eucalyptus cover would feel like? Now you’ll know with the Buffer Comforter. This one is made of BPA-free and natural ingredients. The kind that makes all other comforters look bad.

The inside of this soft comforter is made of recycled bottles. It has a softer fill and is fluffy to touch. The intention behind this comforter is superb. It makes use of 1000 gallons of water and 50 plastic bottles.

All this to ensure that you get the best comfort out of your comforter! And on the outside, the eucalyptus feels softer than cotton. For the modern age generation, this is a step ahead of the game.

Good for light sleepers, this comforter will make you feel relaxed. It keeps you cool when it’s too warm. And warm when it’s too cool.

This comforter comes with a cover. Good covers aren’t supposed to remove the cooling effect of the comforter. This is the most important to consider. Along with the fact that over-washing this can damage the fabric. It has bacteria- and microbe-resistant qualities.

The size of this comforter runs a bit smaller than usual. Making it a tough choice for people with king-sized beds!


  • Super lightweight and warm.
  • The eucalyptus cover offers a cleaner sleeping environment.


  • Not ideal for bigger beds.
  • The color is contrastingly white and shiny.

 5  Climabalance Hypoallergenic Lightweight All Year Best lightweight comforter for blankets

	 Climabalance #1 Hypoallergenic Lightweight All Year Down Alternative Comforter Queen Patented Design | Increases Deep Sleep Phases by 50% | Sensofill Virgin Polyester | Queen 88" x 88"

A good honest comforter at a good price is what the Climabalance looks like. It knows the ropes, to be precise, to suit all your needs. According to my findings, this comforter works for stomach and side sleepers.

It is ideal for people who require that extra cushioning. Especially when they experience night sweats. Getting night sweats is the worst when you don’t know what to do about it.

You get unmatched protection and efficacy. With this best comforter for night sweats! It has a small construction that’s cozy. And the material is soft enough to fit inside duvet covers.

Wash this comforter in a top loading machine. And it feels and looks just the same as when you first bought it. Use cold water with an all-natural detergent. Even though there is no required temperature. It’s best to set it to the lowest for drying.

This comforter is smaller than most other standard bed sizes. The sizing chart, too, is inaccurate for king to queen sizes.


  • Comfortable and lightweight to sleep in.
  • Great for stomach and side sleepers.


  • The size is a bit small for big beds.

 6  LilySilk All Season Luxury Silk Best germ-free comforter on the market

LilySilk All Season Luxury Silk Comforter with Cotton Covered 100% Silk Duvet Queen 87x90 Inches

If there’s anything that protects you from dust, it’s the LilySilk Comforter. It is made up of organic materials with no trace of chemicals. Nothing can save your bedding better than this comforter. That’s for sure.

It has a silk filling that brings you the freshest silk floss. This is stacked one after the other forming more than a hundred layers. There’s nothing about this comforter that feels artificial. It’s great for moving around in.

The fluffiness and lightweight feel improve sleep performance. Especially for light sleepers who experience night sweats. Lastly, it has a special something to suit allergy sufferers too.

What happens after you buy the comforter? You care for it with lukewarm water. But without the use of a washing machine. Gently spot clean the entire comforter as and when you like. And hang it to dry outside.

The LilySilk Comforter is relatively lightweight. Even so, it is thick enough to take up the place of a blanket. If you use both, it will feel too hot and stuffy.


  • High-quality and organic filling.
  • Suitable for warm and cold weather.


  • The material might feel uncomfortable with a blanket.

 7  King Comforter Soft Quilted Down Alternative Best pet-friendly comforter for night sweats

King Comforter Soft Quilted Down Alternative Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs Warm Winter 2100 Series, Luxury Fluffy Reversible Hotel Collection,Hypoallergenic for All Season,Snow White,90 x 102 inches

Have you got any pets around? If there’s one thing that causes allergies, which does have an effect on you, it’s pet hair. No matter how often you brush your pet’s coat, there’s hair everywhere!

In order to avoid night sweats and allergies, you need a breathable comforter. And the King Comforter Soft Insert is an excellent choice. It has a microfiber-filled cloud shape design. And a diamond-stitching construction!

The wrinkle and fade resistant qualities make it useful. Even for the times when you’ve got more pets on a bed than humans. No wonder it’s the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers.

You can fit this comforter into a duvet cover easily. The cover is elastic and microfiber. And for washing, the comforter is machine washable. You can even tumble dry it on the lowest heat setting.

The only complaint I have is with its wash instructions. This is a sensitive comforter. So if you do not wash it gently, the fabrics come off easily.


  • It feels soft and cool in warm weather.
  • The reversible construction improves shelf life.


  • The fabric thread comes out after washing.

 8  Silk Camel Luxury Allergy Free Comforter Best breathable comforter on the market

Silk Camel Luxury Allergy Free Comforter/Duvet Filling with 100% Natural Long Strand Mulberry Silk for Summer Season - King Size

A more toned-down but equally effective version of our top pick is this one. It’s the Silk Camel Allergy Free Comforter. This best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers works on many levels.

For starters, it prevents humidity build-up and keeps moisture at bay. Hot sleepers can understand the relief that comes with such a feature. It makes sure you don’t wake up in the middle of the night.

For a good night’s sleep, the natural fibers prevent accumulation. Accumulation of germs, dust, moisture, and allergens! Better yet, it even prevents toxic outgassing and skin irritation. You can thank the mulberry silk quality for that.

Handle this comforter with care while washing it for the first time. Plus, to increase its shelf life, covering it with a duvet cover is advisable. You can spot clean it with cold water. And hang it to dry away from direct sunlight.

The overall design of this comforter is thinner than expected. Making it the least durable comforter on the market.


  • Lightweight and chemical-free.
  • It features a zipper for quality check.


  • The silk filling is thinner.
  • It requires a duvet cover for extra protection.

 9  Down Alternative Duvet Comfort Hypoallergenic Best comforter for hot weather

Down Alternative Duvet Comforter 100% Peruvian Alpaca Wool Fill - All-Season Hypoallergenic Thermal Control - All natural sustainable, King/Cal King

Maybe the fix for night sweats is where you sleep. The Down Alternative Duvet has thermo-regulating properties. What this does is adapt to the changing weather. To keep your body cool and sweat-free!

Made with all-natural wool, the natural fibers in this comforter are impressive. They feel soft, cozy, breathable, and light. It even features moisture-control properties to avoid night sweats.

Never have you seen a comforter that does such a good job. Especially at keeping hot sleepers cool and cozy all through the night. Even though what I’m about to say next is not related to night sweats. This comforter is made without being cruel to animals. So it’s environment-friendly too.

You cannot wash this comforter in water. The best remedy is to spot clean with it a slightly-damp cloth. And hang dry it under the sun for a few hours.

My only complaint with this comforter is its short shelf life. It is a thin and all-natural fabric without the use of chemicals. This can affect how well you can maintain it, in the long run.


  • Hypoallergenic and chemical-free construction.
  • Temperature regulation and moisture control fabric.


  • It is not very durable.

 10  Design Weave Outlast All-Season Temperature, QUEENBest durable comforter on the market

Design Weave Outlast All Season Temperature Regulating Comforter, Queen

Here’s the last of the good ones and the best comforter for night sweats. The Design Weave Outlast is good at what it does. It keeps you warm all through the night without making you sweat.

Going by its features and design, it’s hard to beat this comforter down. It lasts for the longest time. Gives you that extra warmth during the winter! This would be enough for you to not use an extra blanket.

The weight and size are in perfect proportion. You get a sense of featherweight comfort from this product. The kind that’s hard to find in a comforter. You can move around breezily and it doesn’t pile up.

A gentle wash with cold water is enough to keep this comforter clean. You can also dry it in the machine on the lowest heat setting. The best way to dry it quickly and efficiently is more than once.

The Design Weave Outlast comforter does not assist with regulating body heat. It doesn’t give you the cooling effect like other comforters. Especially in warmer climates!


  • High-quality construction.
  • It functions as a blanket and comforter.


  • It has no temperature-regulating properties.
  • Not the ideal comforter for extremely hot climates.

Best Comforter for Hot Sleepers: Top 10 Reviews

 1  Chezmoi Collection White Goose Alternative Comforter – Editor’s Choice

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter, Full/Queen with Corner Tab

What is it about the Chezmoi White Goose that makes it so special? It’s the box-stitching design and dual needle-layer protection. It has the perfect kind of softness that you can feel.

Durability is one of its most treasured qualities. The seams around the edges are stronger than ever. Making it the perfect barrier between you and your excited pet! The poly fiber fill also prevents allergens from taking over.

I have to give high marks for softness. A conclusion I reached only after using this best comforter for hot sleepers. It ranks the highest in terms of fluffiness and breathability. So if you want your skin to breathe, you know what you need to buy.

This is the combination of a goose down and an alternative. What this means is that you can machine wash it and throw it in the dryer. It takes minimal time and effort. And the material retains its fluffiness and softness after.

The size of this comforter runs a bit smaller than standard sizes.


  • It doesn’t retain its heat-capturing ability.
  • The medium warm and cooling effect for year-round use.


  • The size is not large enough for XL-sized beds.

 2  Design Weave Outlast All-Season Temperature  – Best comforter for summer use

Design Weave Outlast All Season Temperature Regulating Comforter, King

In defense of lousy comforters, newcomers haven’t found the Design Weave Outlast yet. This is an expert and outstanding comforter with thermo-regulating features.

This best comforter for hot sleepers is backed by effective technology. Known as “Outlast Technology,” it reduces overheating. And even if you sweat, it absorbs excess heat. With the help of the material’s micro-capsules!

This technology starts its cooling process to ensure you don’t get too warm. It also improves breathability in case you feel too stuffy or suffocated. These thermocules cool the trapped heat. And it’s sent back to the body to improve sleep.

Washing this comforter is possible with cold water and natural detergent. A gentle run-through in a washing machine! Along with drying it in the machine itself 2-3 times after a single wash.

It is a thermo-regulating comforter. Meaning it works on many levels to reduce heat. But for cold nights, this comforter isn’t the best for warming you up.


  • It doesn’t feel too heavy or bulky.
  • It can withstand extreme humidity.


  • Not ideal for the winter season.

Outlast Temperature-Regulating Comforter


 3  Linenspa All Season White Down Alternative – Best lightweight comforter for hot sleepers

LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter - Corner Duvet Tabs - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill - Machine Washable - Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter - Queen

Finding the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers isn’t easy. But here’s how you can ditch the queue and bring home a cozy comforter. The Linenspa All Season Comforter works for everyone.

It is the ideal ‘security’ blanket for adults. Made with microfiber, it has an ultra-soft and hypoallergenic style. Do you struggle with sensitivities and all-night sneezing? If so, this comforter does help you breathe and relax effortlessly.

The most interesting part about this comforter is its reversible design. It can flip it as and when you like. Plus, you get to choose from two different colors with a single purchase! Such versatility, in design, is hard to find in alternative comforters.

This comforter retains its fluffiness even after you wash it. But make sure you use cold water, and not lukewarm, with natural detergent. Even though it feels a bit thicker, it’s durable and dries up quickly.

The size is smaller than standard comforters. It also runs a bit narrow to accommodate an average depth mattress.


  • Lightweight and high-quality stitching.
  • It contains 8 loops for duvet covers.


  • The size runs a bit small.
  • It requires regular cleaning to remove lint.

LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter


 4  Equinox All Season White Quilted Comforter – Best comforter for winter use

Equinox All-Season White Quilted Comforter - Goose Down Alternative Queen Comforter - Duvet Insert Set - Machine Washable - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill (350 GSM)

Nobody loves the first thing they see available on sale. It takes a few tries before you figure out what you want. And buying the Equinox All Season feels something like that.

It has the right combination of features to ease hot sleepers. It’s lightweight, high-quality, and durable. Besides, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on a mattress. This comforter makes your bed feel like a really comfortable cloud.

With anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic features, this comforter is safe. It functions as a good “security blanket” to keep allergens away. Not to forget, it soothes sensitive skin.

You can either wash this comforter at home. Using cold water on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. But for a professional clean up, go for a commercial launderer. Such as a laundromat to wash in one of those large machines.

This comforter isn’t the ideal thing to buy for when you have pets around. The hair sticks on to the fabric. And this makes the comforter hard to clean.


  • Durable and effective at reducing excess heat.
  • The corner tabs allow you to use a duvet cover.


  • Pet hair clings to the outer fabric.
  • You have to use a lint remover to get rid of hair.

 5  Rosecose Luxurious All Seasons Goose Down – Best durable comforter for hot sleepers

ROSECOSE Luxurious All Seasons Goose Down Comforter King Size Duvet Insert Gray Stripe 1200 Thread Count 750+ Fill Power 100% Cotton Shell Hypo-allergenic Down Proof with Tabs (King,Gray Stripe)

Think of buying the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers. You’re creating a safe and wonderful space to rest in at the end of a tiring day. And the Rosecose Luxurious Comforters feels something like that.

It’s a beautifully-clean and plush comforter. Warm enough to keep you well-rested and cool enough to remove excess heat. This dual combination of style and function makes it the best comforter for hot sleepers.

You can thank the cotton shell thread count. Its hypoallergenic and fluffy fill. And the luxury goose down warmth that most comforters fail to offer.

This comforter is dry-cleaned only. If you wash it in a machine, the fluffiness may reduce. Having said that, its instructions clearly specify ‘no machine-washing’. The fill starts to lose its feathers and look worn out quickly.

If you want extra softness, this goose down comforter isn’t up to the market. It’s warmer and sturdier than soft and cloud-like.


  • Allergy-free construction.
  • Stronger seams and stitching around the edges.


  • Not the softest comforter to buy.

 6  Puredown Lightweight Down Comforter Best duvet comforter for hot sleepers

puredown Lightweight Down Comforter Light Warmth Duvet Insert, King, White

It’s okay if you don’t know how good a comforter feels. You will after buying the Puredown Lightweight Duvet. It is soft and breathable right out of the shell. It features a stronger thread count that doesn’t flatten.

The corner loops are secure, sturdy, and spacious. Especially when you need it for duvet covers. The inner filling is white down and feather. Making the Puredown one of the best comfortable comforter for hot sleepers!

What’s more? The box stitch design makes the comforter richer in quality. You won’t know you’re missing unless you use this to your advantage.

You can either wash or dry clean the comforter. However, it takes much longer to machine wash it. Than clean spot-clean it once or twice in a week.

This is a lightweight comforter, that’s for sure. But it does make a lot of noise when you move it around.


  • Easy to store and use for a long time.
  • Lightweight enough for summer use.


  • It makes a shifting noise if you move it around.

 7  DreamTek Hypoallergenic Summer LightWeight  – Best leak-free comforter for hot sleepers

DreamTek Hypoallergenic Summer Light Weight Down Comforter Queen (88-Inch-by-94-Inch) California Long with Smart Snap System

Act now before you lose out on the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers. The DreamTek Hypoallergenic Comforter is just one of them. Chances are you’ll never go back to using a blanket after this.

This comforter is sturdy and cozy enough to suit all your needs. They’re also one of the best down comforters for hot sleepers. Nothing else does a better job at improving your sleep better than this.

It features a durable piping trim and a leak-free quality. It’s quieter than most other choices (especially the previous pick). And its shell uses only the highest quality materials to improve shelf life.

Being a new and improved fabric, it is both dry- and machine-washable. The stitching is durable enough to hold through. And you can send it on its way to the dry cleaners. And still retains its fluffiness and style.

This comforter doesn’t have enough pockets around the edges. Making it difficult to cover up with a duvet cover!


  • Perfect for summer and winter months.
  • The fluffiness is intact even after washing.


  • No corner tabs to fit in a duvet cover.

 8  Eddie Bauer Striped Damask 700 – Best luxurious comforter for hot sleepers

Eddie Bauer Striped Damask 700 Fill Power Oversized King Cotton Goose Down Comforter, White

How many times have you thrown out a bad comforter? If you’ve lost count, it’s time to get rid of that old habit. Try the Eddie Bauer Striped Damask. You’ll figure out what was wrong with all the other comforters you threw away.

This best comforter for hot sleepers comes in many sizes. This means it adapts to your bed and not the other way around. It has a well-balanced and high-quality design. Keeping you not too warm nor too cold.

The fill is hypoallergenic and has a sewn-thru construction. It’s both lightweight and fluffy. This is a hard-to-beat combination for modern comforters.

You can wash this comforter in your personal machine. And tumble dry it at least 2 times after a single wash. This speeds up the drying process without damaging the quality.

The feather comes out if you have pets that sleep on it. Make sure you have a lint remover at your disposal to clean it every morning.


  • Lightweight and easy to wash.
  • The fill keeps allergens and dust away.


  • Not the ideal choice for pet owners.

 9  BedJet Air Comforter Cooling & Heat Sheet Best temperature control comforter for hot sleepers

BedJet AirComforter Cooling & Heat Sheet, Dual Zone QUEEN, BedJet NOT included

The BedJet Air is a customer-friendly and popular choice. It acts as a cooling and heating comforter. But with a twist that’s hard to compete with.

What this means is that this best comforter has two unique temperature zones. The first one is to keep you warm when you have cold feet. It also works for treating shivers and cold sweat.

While it cools down hot sleepers and excess warmth. You can switch to its half-and-half feature. Each side of the bed has its own independent cooling and warming. This is extremely useful if you are a hot sleeper and your partner isn’t. They don’t have to use the cooling feature as you do.

This comforter works just as efficiently as a bedspread. It washes and dries easily and quickly. All you need to make sure is that you use cold water and natural detergent.

Some might tell you that this comforter loses most of its softness. This is because of its unique temperature control feature. If this isn’t ideal for you, don’t go for this one.


  • Well-dried and ventilated for consistent use.
  • High-quality temperature control system.


  • The sheets are as soft to touch as the others.

 10  Bare Home Ultra-Soft Premium 1800 Series Goose Down – Best eco-friendly comforter for hot sleepers

Bare Home Ultra-Soft Premium 1800 Series Goose Down Alternative Comforter Set - Hypoallergenic - All Season - Plush Fiberfill, Twin Extra Long (Twin XL, Grey)

Do you care about the environment as much as your sleep? If yes, then you need the Bare Home Ultra-Soft Premium 1800 Series. It is made from hypoallergenic microfiber. Protecting your body against mites, dust, and allergens!

But what makes it the best is its PROP 65 compliant certification. This supports keeping your mind and body safe from serious diseases. Making home products like bedding safer, efficient, and durable!

The OEKO-TEX certification meets safety and quality testing. This gives you nothing to worry about with regards to chemicals. Your bed needs to be the safest place there is. And this goose down comfort makes sure of that.

The instructions of this comforter are good only for easy-cleaning. You can use it for a long time without washing. But in case it starts to look worn out. A gentle wash cycle followed by drying can do wonders.

This Bare Home Ultra-Soft comforter sheds a lot of lint after the first wash. Be extra careful when washing it in a small machine. And do not use too much of detergent.


  • The fabric is high-quality and durable.
  • Good for allergy sufferers.


  • The material cannot withstand home washing.

Buying Guide – Best Comforter for Night Sweats, Hot Sleepers


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This super smart buying guide will get you through any question you might have. You’re looking for a better way to maximize your sleeping time. So your first instinct should be to buy the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers.

And to buy the right one, you need to know the following information.

Which is Best – Duvet Inserts vs Comforters


While duvet covers come with inserts, are comforters still the way to go? The discussion about comforters and duvet cover is as old as time. But whatever you do, choosing comforters for restful sleep is important. But you have to choose well, no doubt.

This brings me to the topic of comparison between duvet covers and comforters.

Duvet vs Comforter - Whats The Difference?




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Comforters come in various sizes and materials. They safeguard you from not only extreme temperatures. But they offer complete protection from dust and allergies. When choosing a comforter, you must consider two features. These include the fill of the comforter and its shell material.

Other features include its stitching, size, pattern, or design. While you can choose from silk, natural goose, or down alternative. The pros and cons of any comforter are the same. That’s what I’m here to discuss with you today.



You won’t ever see a comforter make a fuss on your bed. And if it does, or starts to, it’s time to upgrade to a new product. A comforter barely moves or shifts an inch. You don’t have to flatten it like a bedsheet. Or worry about it twisting while you are asleep.

Compare a comforter with a duvet cover and you will know the difference. Duvet covers have higher maintenance in terms of “setting the bed.”

Comforters come with what makes them low maintenance and durable.


Say what you will but comforters are available in numerous colors. Making them easily accessible for a wider selection of home décor ideas! If you want to mix and match, the neutral color of the comforter goes well with the bedding.

The same applies to throw pillows, convertible beds, and bed-in-bag sets. Buying handy and breathable comforters in a simple design would be the best option for you.


Comforters are amazing because they have temperature-regulating properties. This means they offer year-round comfort for colder and warmer climates. Having said that, the type of fill in a comforter contributes to reducing night sweats.

There are many types of comforters for this purpose. For example, a natural goose down comforter has a thinner and less fluffy fabric. This may be a sound choice for hot sleepers.


You won’t know softness and suppleness until you have a microfiber comforter. Even cotton is unable to match up to the comfort level of microfiber. It’s that soft to touch and lightweight.

The best part about microfiber comforters is the anti-piling. While not many hot sleepers prefer microfiber over cotton. But latest advancements in fabric construction have made microfiber a tempting choice.



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You need to check the label of each comforter before you consider washing it. While standard comforters are machine washable. Just like any other blanket or bedding item. Some aren’t so easy to wash. They lose their firmness and support after a single wash.

The best way to clean a comforter is in a large commercial laundry machine. The kind you can use in your neighborhood laundromat. A small washing machine can compress the fabric of the comforter.


High-quality comforters offer protection against allergens. So you need to purchase a top protective cover for a comforter. This is necessary when you buy dry-clean only comforter.

Truth be told, your bed is more than a place where you sleep during the night. It’s a breeding ground for allergens, dust, and other elements. A top sheet on a comforter can be washed time and again.

#3 Comforters aren’t as durable as duvet covers

When it comes to fitting and size, comforters are convenient. But in terms of shelf life, they seem to lag behind. This is because of the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers. They contain less fill and hence lose all their fluffiness.

No matter how often you fluff your comforter before sleeping in. They do not feel or look as great as duvet covers.

Duvet Covers Plus Inserts


A duvet cover is what keeps you cozy. It has a higher thread count and is made, traditionally, of cotton. There are many types of duvet covers such as down alternatives. The features of a standard duvet cover include quilt stitching, gusset, and baffle box. 


#1 Duvet covers are easy to wash

The duvet filling uses a typical duvet cover made of durable material. You can wash the duvet filling by removing the duvet cover. It is machine washable and doesn’t shrink.

#2 Duvet covers are affordable

A duvet cover plus insert is perfect for the budget-minded buyer. And for a picky decorator, this is the most cost-effective alternative. You can change the look of your bedding at any time you want. It gives you plenty of options to choose from when you’re decorating.


#1 Duvet covers plus inserts are too lightweight

The duvet cover plus insert doesn’t stay where it should. You might need to re-adjust the position of the cover every day. This is to avoid the duvet cover from twisting the entire bedding.

#2 Duvet covers aren’t sized correctly

Finding the ideal size for your bed is a problem. The standard shapes for a duvet cover are square or queen. If you want to ideal fluffiness and size, this can be a bit tricky to fetch.

Also, the ideal size and filling for a big bed can be a bit pricey.

Fill Types for Comforters

  • Natural Cotton

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The natural properties of cotton make it one of the best fillings. It is affordable, breathable, and effective. For bedding, most people look no further than cotton filling.

A toned-down version of natural cotton is good as filling and cover. If you want breathability, natural cotton is the ideal choice. This makes it the perfect option for hot sleepers and night sweats.

The best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers are made of cotton. The thread count – maybe 500 TC or more – are extreme. They do more harm than good for hot sleepers. The ideal woven fabric for comforters is 300 TC. This makes an excellent down alternative to prevent stuffiness and sweating.

  • Microfiber

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Microfiber is a synthetic textile material which is finer than most other materials. It’s made from a combination of polyester, polyamide, or polypropylene. Microfiber may not be the best choice there is for hot sleepers.

But there are unique blends like cotton and microfiber. They do indeed improve your sleeping pattern.

Microfiber is known for increasing the absorbability and density of the fabric. It resists shrinking and has wrinkle-free properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by comforter care? How do I maintain my comforter for long-term use?

Comforter care is when you take a few small steps to prolong its shelf life.

  • You can pair a duvet cover with a comforter. This keeps the comforter cleaner for a long time. Plus, you get pair different colors without replacing the comforter completely.
  • Make sure you fluff and shake the comforter to improve its firmness and feel. Do this one before sleeping and once after waking up.
  • Keep the comforter outside to retain its freshness. This also helps to get rid of moisture and humidity. And drives bacteria, allergens, and dust away for good.
  • The months that you do not need a comforter. Keep it stored in a breathable and well-ventilated bag. Do not use plastic bags as they promote mildew and trap air and moisture inside the bag.
  • Most comforters come with manufacturer warningsAnd one of them includes washing and maintaining the comforter. Follow the steps as instructed. You can either machine wash the comforter at home. Or opt for a commercial laundry service to get the job done. This can drastically affect the shelf life and freshness of a comforter.

Key Takeaway

My Choice: Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Alternative

You don’t have to look hard for the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers. Not anymore! Thanks to this informative guide. Others might be giving up and settling for something cheaper. You don’t need to do the same.

The Utopia Bedding and Chezmoi are great must-have picks. I can vouch that these are as comfy as those found in luxurious hotel rooms. Since I know what makes the best comforter for night sweats, hot sleepers.

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