The Best Postpartum Underwear, Maternity Panties You Need To Know About (Top 15 Reviews)

Your changing body needs something to protect and comfort. And what better than the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties!

Underwear is something you want to wear every day. And you will wear it for the rest of your life. Whether you’re going to your menstrual cycle or maternity or postpartum childbirth! You need a good pair of panties to get you through the day.


Choosing the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties

Best Postpartum Underwear – Product Comparisons 


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What are the best qualities of postpartum underwear? The weeks following your childbirth are the most difficult. You need comfort as much as support. And you need to make sure it prevents spotting due to heavy bleeding or urinary incontinence.

The following 10 best postpartum underwear picks are on the top of their game. They’re available in many sizes and colors. And you will soon learn how helpful they really are during your postpartum period. These are truly the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties you’ve come across.

Postpartum Underwear Name

Our Rating




My Choice

Cotton & Elastane

XS to 2XL


Cotton & Polyester

M to 6XL


Cotton & Spandex

S to XL


Cotton & Spandex

S to XL


Cotton & Spandex

XS to 3XL


Nylon & Spandex

XS to 2XL


Bamboo Viscose Fiber & Spandex

S to 3XL


Cotton & Spandex

S to L


Nylon & Spandex

S to 2XL



M to 3XL

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Best Maternity Panties – Product Comparisons

It doesn’t take a genie to find the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties. And certainly, not one that lets you do all the work! That’s what I’m here for. The comparison table holds some of the best maternity panties on the market.

They’re comfortable, breathable, and definitely supportive. Read through this handy section and find your best fit right away!

Maternity Panty Name

Our Rating




Editor’s Choice

Cotton & Spandex

XS to L


Cotton & Spandex

S to XL


Cotton & Spandex

XS to 2XL


Modal, Cotton, Spandex

S to 3XL


Bamboo Fiber, Nylon, Spandex

S to XL

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Top 10 Postpartum Underwear Reviews

  1   Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty – My Choice

Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty, 6-Pack, Basic Assorted, Large

This is your go-to choice for the best postpartum experience ever. There’s nothing you’d want to change in the Amazon Essentials Panty. It doesn’t mess around with the fabric. It comes at a great price. And works like magic for women who desire comfort.

No matter how many times you decide to wash them. They keep their shape and texture alive to the end. The quality of the cotton is stretchy yet firm. The slight stretch it gives you, as it should, is irritation-free.

The waistband is the most important factor of consideration. And this best postpartum underwear has does well at it. It gives you a secure fit around your waist. Without pushing into the skin or feeling too tight!

When women buy new underwear, even their right size can fit wrong. If you feel comfortable around the bikini region, the waist feels tight. Or it goes the other way around. This underwear doesn’t give you such trouble.

These might run a bit smaller than usual. Having said that, the material is stretchy and breathable. So a smaller size may be what you need to feel extra comfortable. You can try ordering a size up if you do not want the band to feel tight on your waist. This also works when you dislike an underwear running lower than normal.

My only complaint with this postpartum underwear is the color fading quality. If you’re buying a darker color, get it washed separately. As the underwear loses its color after a few washes and that might latch on to other clothes.


  • Breathable and stretchy fabric.
  • The band line is firm but not too tight.


  • The size runs a bit smaller.
  • The color fades slightly after a few washes.

  2   Fruit of the Loom Women’s Brief Panties Best postpartum underwear for C-Section

Fruit of the Loom Women's 6 Pack Beyond Soft Brief Panties (Assorted, 6 (Hips 38" - 39"))

You never have to make a dumb or impulsive purchase again. The Fruit of the Loom panties is comfortable and unique. They’re unique because they come with a material blend of cotton and polyester.

This blend keeps the fabric soft and breathable for a long time. And they’re easier to wash and maintain without showing wear and tear. Basic underwear, such as this, makes the best postpartum underwear.

Not only because of its soft fabric, but the featherweight feels against the skin. Never again do you have to experience tightness around the waist. Or pinching around the bikini region because the underwear is too thick and stuffy.

This underwear conforms to your shape and not the other way around. It gives amazing cushioning for sensitive skin. And post-surgery that’s exactly the kind of comfort you need. To protect your stitches or sensitive areas during postpartum. Making it the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties on the list!

This underwear is great for C-section patients. The high waist allows your incision to breathe. While the band sits comfortably on your tummy, cushioning the muscles in the region. You must order a size larger when you have stitches to protect.

An elastic waistband may discourage a few of you. Elastic has a reputation of being too tight and uncomfortable for postpartum use. And the Fruit of the Loom offers an elastic band fit.


  • Suitable for incision healing after C-section.
  • No panty line or shrinking quality.


  • All sizes come with an uncomfortable elastic band.

Fruit of the Loom Ladies Beyondsoft Cotton Blend Bikini Panties


  3   Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Panties Best postpartum panty for weight gain

Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Underwear 3-Pk Black Gray Beige Small

Life feels better when you’re wearing comfortable underwear. This is not my saying. It’s science that wearing comfortable clothes can improve your mood. This makes wearing the Intimate Portal Panties necessary now more than ever.

This is an Under-the-Bump pair of panties. This means it has a super low rise close to what bikini underwear feels like. Giving you comfort and appearance all in one! Who said postpartum underwear cannot look good while being functional?

This best postpartum underwear has moderate rear coverage. And made with 95% cotton, it cushions and supports your body. The fabric feels soft against the skin. Good for comforting and conforming to your body.

A big thank you to the creators of this spectacular underwear. As it is great for growing bellies! It has great elasticity and a medium weight. Such underwear should have some weight on them to keep your skin firm and cushioned.

Based on the underwear’s sizing chart, this fits well. For a tighter fit for improved elasticity, go for a size smaller. But avoid opting for a size larger as this is a low-rise postpartum underwear.

This underwear would do better by you if you washed it infrequently. The fabric is such that stays clean for a long time. However, if you wash them often, the fabric will become thin and lose its elasticity.


  • The fabric feels stretchy and comfortable.
  • They are not see-through at all.


  • Frequent washing can make the fabric lose and thin.

Intimate Portal Total Leak Proof Protective Briefs - Incontinence Period Panties


  4   WirarpaWomens Cotton High Waist Full Brief Panties Best postpartum panties for unmatched comfort

wirarpa Womens Cotton Underwear 4 Pack High Waisted Briefs Postpartum No Muffin Top Ladies Comfort Panties Size 6, Medium

No other postpartum underwear is as comfortable as the WirarpaPanty. They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Great for lounging in around the house! This underwear comes with a cotton blend for cushioning too.

From its fabric detailing, you can see that Wirarpa has fine-tuned the underwear. This calls for unmatched comfort, elasticity, and support. The kind that most women need when in a longer lasting postpartum underwear!

On top of everything else, this underwear has a high-rise fit. With a varied size range that suits all styles and shapes. There is nothing about these panties that I don’t like. They’re suitable for any body type.

They do not shrink after wear and tear. Nor do they feel loose or too stretchy against the skin after a point. If there’s anything you want, at a good price, this is it.

The leg openings of the larger sizes can be too big for some women. I would recommend you buy a size smaller to have them fit your shape. If you are slightly heavier near the thighs, you need not do the same.

These are high rise underwear which means they show under what you’re wearing. So wearing long shirts or tops with this underwear is recommended.


  • They sit comfortably at the waist without pinching.
  • No shrinkage after a few washes.


  • The underwear shows from under short tops.

  5    Innersy Women’s 5 Pack Waist Cotton Briefs Panties Best postpartum panties for incisions

Innersy Women's 5 Pack High Waist Tummy Control Solid Color Cotton Briefs Panties(Love Yourself First) (S, Style 6)

It’s time to switch to something that’s basic and trustworthy. The Innersy Waist Cotton Panties offer impressive comfort to all women. They offer the kind of support you never knew you were missing.

The cotton and spandex blend feels light yet skin-firming against the body. You don’t have to pay a higher price for a fabric this durable. You can wash it a few times and it still feels good.

There are varied sizes to choose from. For women with C-section, these can cushion and protect your incisions. And for women with natural birth, they feel soft against the skin.

There’s a little of everything in this best postpartum underwear. A bit of style, comfort, and support! And an edge to make sure it doesn’t lose its elasticity under pressure. You can wear this underwear under pants, denim, and loose-fitting clothes.

They sit high enough to feel comfortable against the band. And the band itself doesn’t pinch or irritate the skin. This looks like basic underwear but it consists of impressive features. You won’t have to tolerate “kind of comfortable” underwear any longer.

The elastic waistband of this underwear does not look like a thin band. It’s actually wider enough to improve posture. While being not too wide so as to look like a man’s underwear. The band is of the correct size and shape which sits around your waist.

My only complaint with this postpartum underwear is the lack of tummy control. According to the company’s specifications, this underwear offers tummy control. But that isn’t so.


  • Breathable and skin-firming fabric.
  • The band doesn’t rise or lower when you move.
  • The colors don’t fade away after a few washes.


  • False tummy control capability.

  6   YOYI Fashion Mesh Breathable Leakproof Panties Best postpartum underwear for leak protection

YOYI FASHION Women Mesh Holes Breathable Leakproof Period Panties 5 Pack US Size 3XL/10 Blue Black Gray Purple Watermelon

If you’ve worked out what exactly you want from a postpartum underwear. You need the YOYI Fashion Breathable Leakproof Panties. This type of underwear has a water-resistant lining of cotton and viscose.

The stretchy fabric that cushions your skin is nylon and spandex. Making this underwear the best postpartum underwear for most women! The inner leak-proof lining makes everything better in many ways.

For starters, women bleed for days after childbirth. And during that time, you need to make sure you’re wearing something hygienic and safe. Protecting excessive leaking from postpartum bleeding and urinary incontinence.

This underwear comes with 100% effective material to reduce leaking. The price of this underwear is much more valuable than others. And you can wear them straight through the night without waking up to change into something else.

It’s like sitting on a white couch and not worrying about leaving a stain. The material holds up well against consistent washing and drying. Plus, the fit is true to its size. Why else would this be the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties?

To protect from bladder leakage, which is common in the postpartum period. Buy a size larger than your fit. This will give you enough space to wear a comfortable pad underneath the underwear.

This underwear is a high-rise fit for the most part. This is a given because of its thick waterproof patching near the crotch. High-rise underwear shows easily under normal wear.


  • They stay in place no matter what you’re doing.
  • It contains leaks extremely well.


  • The underwear is high-rise to wear.

  7   Warm Sun Women’s Bamboo Viscose Panties Best bamboo-made postpartum underwear

Warm Sun Women's Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multi Pack Plus Size Stretchy Soft Breathable High Middle Waist Panties Size S-3XL (7, Black,Gray,Purple,Skin,Rouge)

This too is a good choice for its breathable and comfortable fabric. But the Warm Sun underwear has one special quality that others don’t. They don’t ride up or down or bind. This is a major lifesaver for anyone looking for such kind of comfort.

There’s a significant difference between postpartum underwear and basic. The former contributes much to comfort as much as hygiene. And the best quality for maintained hygiene is breathability.

You don’t want your underwear to let out odor or feel sticky. A breathable bamboo-derived fabric will stop that from happening. It keeps your sensitive area cool and comfy. Not to mention, your skin doesn’t take a beating for a firm fit.

There is also a world of difference between the band of this underwear and the rest. If you want bulges you want to hide, this one does so without pinching your skin. It doesn’t expose areas of your body that you don’t want to expose.

The band sits comfortably on your waist without riding down as soon as you sit. If this isn’t the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties for you. Then I don’t know what is.

You should buy the exact size you need. The fabric is firm and stretchy enough to conform to your shape. It doesn’t sag or wrinkle after a couple of washes. The fit and feel remain the same. The sizing is true and fits your every curve.

This underwear is not strong enough to sustain machine washing. The fabric might tear in the seam.


  • Lightweight and airy in hot climates.
  • The band doesn’t fold or twist after a few washes.


  • Not suitable for machine washing.

  8   Closecret Women Comfort Cotton Stretch Panties Best postpartum underwear for full coverage

Closecret Women Comfort Cotton Stretch Classic Briefs Panties (4 Black, S(Waist:26-27inch))

How close are you to buy the best postpartum underwear? If you’re still confused about what you absolutely need. Try the Closecret Cotton Stretch Panties. These are made of cotton and spandex.

With a classic waistband that’s not too tight or loose. It has the perfect fit that sits around your waist. The elastic waistband has a full rise feature that prevents any movement. This means the band stays in its place while you move around.

The black color is ideal for women with postpartum bleeding. It also aids urinary incontinence to reduce the risk of leakage or stains. Having said that, who doesn’t want all-black underwear?

It’s the best thing to wear when you’re bleeding. Chances are that you’ll get a surprise spotting and you don’t want to take that risk. The risk of wearing a lighter color that’s quick to show stains.

Black is basic and highly effective at keeping things unseen. The cotton stretch does a great job at everything a woman needs for postpartum care.

These fit like briefs and not bikini underwear. If you want to wear a pad to control bleeding and urinary continence, you want better mobility. While these problems are common in postpartum. You want to wear a size up to reduce discomfort and tightness.

These are not fit for daily wear under tight-fitting jeans or denim. However, if you’re at home, and need something comfy, these are perfect as lounge briefs.


  • The leg holes are lined and comfortable.
  • The quality of the elastic is durable.


  • Not suitable for fancy wear.
  • The panty line might show through jeans.

  9   UpSpring C-Panty C Section Underwear Best seamless postpartum underwear with compression

UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Support, Recovery & Slimming Panty with C-Section Scar Healing - OBGYN Recommended S/M Black

This one is a patented C-section underwear for women. Being the best postpartum underwear just wasn’t enough! It has everything women need postpartum. From compression that reduces swelling to cushioning to speed recovery.

Made with 100% silicone, the panel reduces irritation and scarring. Your skin will start to feel soft again which helps speed recovery. You can wear this underwear right after your surgery.

It covers your incision and makes sure nothing rubs against it. The hand sits comfortably around your lower abdominal muscles. Making sure your clothes don’t stick to your pelvis. The tight-fitting compression gives your waist a nice curve.

The fit is a huge plus for anyone conscious of their post-childbirth shape. You want something minimizing and skin-firming. This panty C-Section underwear works great!

The compression of this underwear can be a little tighter. And for that reason, I recommend you buy a size smaller. Then it would do a great job at pulling your abdominal muscles in. Without you feeling too stuffy or hot in your lower abdominal region.

Do not wear this postpartum underwear if you don’t have a bandage. The bandages act as a barrier between the sutures and the silicone strip. Without it, the silicone strip might rub against the suture. Causing discomfort and itchiness!


  • The silicone strip helps reduce swelling and protects incisions.
  • Seamless underwear with full coverage.


  • You cannot expose your sutures to the silicone strip.

  10   GIFTPOCKET Women’s Under Bump Best V-cross postpartum underwear

GIFTPOCKET Women's Under the Bump Maternity Panties Underwear, Pack of 5, Assorted Random Designs and Colors, M

The perfect under bump postpartum underwear is hard to find. And so the GIFTPOCKET Under Bump Maternity Underwear is a good choice. It is made of premium materials that over better coverage.

The low-waist band fits under your bump without exerting too much pressure. The gentle V design of the underwear is not at all uncomfortable. You wouldn’t know what you were missing out on until you wear these.

Made with all-hygienic and non-irritation materials. The area around the crotch is made of 100% cotton to improve breathability. So your sensitive area feels light and airy. Rather than itchy and stuffy because of thicker fabrics!

The cotton is skin-friendly and offers incredible cushioning. The underwear is also available in a variety of patterns and colors. Suiting every need and every style is what makes this the best postpartum underwear.

You can use different sizes of this underwear for different purposes. The larger sizes are good for improving mobility while sleeping. The smaller sizes feel firm and supportive for day wear. You move around more during the day than the night. Then you need to switch between sizes to help you feel better.

My complaint with this postpartum underwear is the washing. Do not wash it often as the fabric becomes softer each time. While this may be good for fitting, the softness can easily tear under pressure.


  • The quality is soft to touch and 100% harmless.
  • Moderate rear coverage for more comfort.


  • You cannot hand or machine-wash this underwear frequently.

Top 5 Maternity Underwear Reviews

 1  PIDAY Women’s Under the Bump Cotton Maternity Panties – Editor’s Choice

	 PIDAY Women's Under the Bump Cotton Maternity Hipsters Panties Multi Pack,XXL

There’s no way to avoid wearing maternity panties. So you might as well buy and wear the best one on the market. The PIDAY Under the Bump Pantiesis comfortable and reliable. You can through the tough times of postpartum with these best maternity panties.

The sizing of this pick is spot on. It shows no panty-lines to speak of. It’s also an incredible solution to heat buildup and sweating. The breathable fabric lets your skin breathe. While providing exceptional comfort and cushioning.

Made from cotton and spandex, this natural maternity panty offers unmatched comfort. You get moderate to full coverage. The kind that sits under your bump without putting pressure on your hips!

Lastly, the goal of these best maternity panties is to feature a low V-shape waistband. It’s good for a full-round waistline.

The gusset that is attached to this underwear is impressive. It detects any leaks or discharges before you can feel them on your skin. The soft underside cradles your sensitive area. You don’t have to go smaller or larger than your actual size to feel this comfortable.

This is the ideal maternity panties for smaller women. That is, women with a small waistline. If you have bigger thighs and hips, you might want to reconsider this choice.


  • Quality-fitting and stretchable fabric.
  • The moderate-rise band is breathable yet firm.


  • Not the best maternity panties for big waist.

 2  Motherhood Maternity Women’s Brief Panties – The maternity underwear for large sizes

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity 3 Fold Over Brief Panties, Black, Nude, Flat Grey/Multi Pack, Large

It’s time to get clever at buying the best maternity panties. So seal the deal with the Motherhood Maternity Panties. What other panties lack, these best maternity panties have to offer.

A single pair will last you for a long time. They are fold-over briefs that feel soft against the skin. They might look big at first glance, but they’re extremely comfortable. It holds the weight simply and without putting pressure on your abs.

These are the best C-section panties for women. To accommodate the bump, the fabric is stretchy yet firm on the top. The colors are neutrals that complement whatever you have on. Nor do they show even under tight jeans and low tops.

You can flaunt your curves as much as you like with these panties. They do well to highly your natural body shape. While firming your abdominal muscles under the compression!

Buy a size up, if you can, to avoid tightness. The material shrinks a bit after you wash it a few times. So the size inevitably matches up to your actual size. The fit is great and size comfortable. All you have to do is buy a sizer larger than your usual fit.

The only drawback to this underwear is that it runs a bit larger. Making it a bad choice for women with a small waistline, even after pregnancy!


  • The sizing is on point and reliable.
  • It folds over your belly, giving you better abs coverage.


  • The size is a bit broad for small waistlines.

 3  Slimart Cotton Maternity Panties Best antibacterial maternity panties

Slimart 4 PCS Cotton Maternity Pregnant Mother Panties Lingerie Briefs Underpants Underwear, (red/Rose Red/Gray/Champagne Gold),Label XXL / US L

Buy maternity panties that you can feel good about. The Slimart Cotton Maternity Panties are a gem. There’s a way about these best maternity panties. The kind that none other can match so elegantly!

These panties fit comfortably around the waist. They do not run low or rise high. This panty uses an elastic band. Even so, it doesn’t leave any footprints on your skin or cause skin irritation.

Made of cotton and spandex, the high-quality fabric feels soft against the skin. The material has many properties that make it the best on the market. Such as the breathable and antibacterial stretch!

The material is also hygroscopic to fit perfectly over your belly. This doesn’t cause irritation even if you have loose abdominal muscles. Making this best postpartum underwear, maternity panties up for grabs!

If you are a size L that works with other underwear. You must order a size up, such as an XL with this pick. The material sits comfortably around your waist. The size runs a little smaller than other sizing charts.

These maternity panties aren’t durable enough. The quality becomes loose after a few washes. Make sure you hand wash the panty with a mild detergent and warm water.


  • A stretchy and high-quality material.
  • The cotton material has breathable antibacterial properties.


  • Do not machine wash the underwear.
  • The stitches come loose after a few washes.

 4  GIFTPOCKET Maternity Non-Trace Underwear Best breathable maternity panties

GIFTPOCKET Maternity Non-Trace Underwear Modal Cotton High Waist Belly Support 5 Pcs,XL

You don’t enough time to hunt down maternity panties yourself. It’s time to go for the must-have choice for most women. And that is the GIFTPOCKET No-Trace Underwear.

This maternity underwear has a seamless and lightweight fabric. It has a small amount of spandex which gives you that stretchy feel. The cotton and spandex blend reduces skin itchiness.

It’s common to feel hot and stuffy when wearing thick material panties. However, with these panties, the lightweight non-trace fabric makes sure you don’t. It reduces sweating, bacterial infections, and heat buildup.

For fighting stuffiness when you’re moving around. These are the best maternity panties.

The underwear band is adjustable so that you can wear the same size. You don’t have to switch between sizes post childbirth. The top band comes with a button and hole that you can adjust with.

These panties come with a pocket that may feel uncomfortable. It has a front pocket that sits along the elastic band.


  • Comfortable and breathable fabric.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


  • The front pocket might dig into your skin.

 5   HOFISH Women’s Maternity Briefs Bamboo Panties – best eco-friendly maternity Panties

HOFISH Women Pregnancy Bamboo Fiber Cotton Briefs for 3rd Trimester Black Beige Pink Large

When I want to wear a breathable and eco-friendly underwear. I look no further than the HOFISH Bamboo Panties. These bamboo panties work for many women. It follows the “less is more” appeal that you would want.

These best maternity panties are serious about your comfort. Maybe more than you are at this point. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. Once you wear them, they feel smooth against the skin.

For pregnant bellies, these bamboo panties are impressive. It feels as if someone is hugging your lower abdomen region. This can be incredibly helpful when you have to move around.

Another major pro of this underwear is the lack of a tag. People often cut off the tag after purchasing. Cause it pinches the skin when pressed up against it. But with this panty, you have to do no such thing!

These panties fit true to size. The fabric is stretchy enough to grow as you do. The band doesn’t ride up or down. Nor does it shrink when you wash it in the washing machine. The bamboo is different than cotton in a way that it doesn’t become loose.

The only drawback to this maternity panty is that it’s slightly thick. So I recommend you do not wear them in hot weather.


  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • The bamboo fiber sits below the bump.


  • Not suitable for hot weather.

Postpartum Underwear, Maternity Panties - Buying Guide

This is the only way you can make it with the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties. Buying underwear for women especially for before and after childbirth is not easy. This is your only guide to avoid taking the wrong route to buy maternity panties.

You can overcome every obstacle of feeling uncomfortable in tight underwear. And you don’t even have to hide your beautiful curves after childbirth. These compression postpartum panties offer a perfect body-shaping fit.

Only this is what you need to know before you finalize a choice. Don’t buy the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties without asking these questions.

Do I Need the Best Postpartum Underwear, Maternity Panties?


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You don’t know how uncomfortable regular panties can be for postpartum. Having said that, you’ll be wrecking the fabric and fit of a regular panty. If you choose to wear that during maternity and postpartum!

That’s why you need special underwear to save the day. Since postpartum can be a messy period for many of you. Postpartum underwear makes sure it isn’t uncomfortable. Problems such as heavy bleeding and urinary incontinence are common. They need extra care and protection to avoid spotting in public.

Second, you will retain some of the weight during pregnancy and postpartum. And it’s going to be a while until you get back on the track. Having a high-quality and body-shaping underwear is essential. It grows as you grow. And when you lose all the weight, you can get back to wearing regular panties.

What happens when you have a cesarean baby? You have sutures that need protection and cushioning. A good compression underwear keeps your incision healthy. It aids muscle recovery and firms your abdominal muscles.

Things No One Tells You about Buying Postpartum Underwear, Maternity Panties


The material is important

To buy better products requires attention. In this guide, there’s no need for you to guess what’s good. You can now buy the best material out of the money you pay. For postpartum wear, the best materials are:

  • Mesh – Most of the disposable postpartum panties are mesh. They do not last long but they’re incredibly breathable. Women wear disposable postpartum underwear a week or two after childbirth. This is to protect the area from heavy bleeding and urinary incontinence.
  • Microfiber–Microfiber is more absorbent than breathable. In comparison to mesh, it has a longer shelf life. Microfiber blends with other materials make high-quality maternity panties.
  • Cotton – Cotton is present in every best postpartum underwear, maternity panties. It’s the ideal must-have material for comfort, support, and durability.
  • Spandex – Cotton panties come with a certain percentage of spandex in them. This improves compression for body-firming and shaping. Women with sutures and loose abdominal muscles can make the most of this material.

The science behind postpartum underwear is reliable

It’s what makes the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties.

Why do people opt for postpartum underwear after pregnancy? It’s because regular panties, oftentimes, feel too tight-fitting. They do not offer extra advantages as maternity panties do.

Such as extra compression, breathability, and firmness. Manufacturers of postpartum underwear go through research to find the perfect fit. The results are panties that fit pregnant women even after childbirth.

Maternity panties are stretchy and soft. They have a comfortable fabric that feels light and airy. It also helps keep your tampon and pads in place during leaks. The band size sits comfortably on your waist.

Without digging into your skin or causing rashes or skin irritation. Having said that, postpartum underwear must grow as you grow. Most women take weeks to lose their abdominal fat after childbirth. So postpartum underwear cushions the muscles. Giving your natural curves a beautiful shape. So you don’t feel awkward stepping out in tight jeans or a top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is the right time to wear postpartum underwear, maternity panties?


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Childbirth is a painful process for women. So taking care of your body post-childbirth is important. It’s when swelling and bleeding needs to be taken care of. Not to mention, getting yourself prepped for what comes after.

And that is taking care of your baby while sleeping and eating healthy. Postpartum underwear allows you to do all this without giving you extra trouble.

If you have sutures to take care of, you need better compression. Only postpartum underwear can reduce swelling in the area. It protects the incisions to keep them away from sunlight, sweat, and moisture. While your body repairs, you need a hygienic fabric to reduce chances of infection.

The right time to wear postpartum underwear is for immediate healing. That is during the first week after childbirth. This heals your muscles, improves mobility, and reduces swelling.

Postpartum Care for Mom


Q2. What are the different types of postpartum underwear?

There are various types of maternity panties and postpartum underwear. It’s on you to choose which one suits you best. Depending on what stage you’re on during postpartum.

The following make up the best postpartum underwear, maternity panties.


Disposable postpartum underwear is used once before they are disposed of. These panties come with built-in pads to provide protection from leaks. These are the best postpartum underwear for immediate relief.

Urinary incontinence and heavy bleeding are common during the first few weeks. Disposable underwear can reduce the mess and keep you comfortable.


Full brief underwear cushions your abdominal muscles. It goes up as high as upper abdominal muscles. And it also covers the high back. For women undergoing C-section, it can be a life-saver.

As it protects the sutures and keeps infections at bay. Seamless full brief underwear is also muscle healers that avoid scarring.


Compression underwear has many advantages. It offers abdomen support for weak and loose muscles. It also cushions the muscles that protect the uterus post childbirth. They offer elastic and a compressive material.

This material pushes your muscles inwards without feeling too tight. If you want to wear tight-fitting clothes, compression underwear is a must-have choice.


Low-rise underwear is good for under-the-bump wear. They sit below the hips while giving minimal coverage. Low-rise panties are lightweight and breathable. It’s a good choice for you if you want a fashionable and sleek panty.

Key Takeaway

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Did you find your best postpartum underwear, maternity panties?

There is underwear that works for most women and offers excellent postpartum comfort. It’s the Amazon Essentials Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty. It has a breathable and comfortable material. It doesn’t show spotting and cushions your sensitive area.

For complete postpartum care, go for this best postpartum underwear.

And is it maternity panties that you want? Something that goes above and beyond your pregnancy care? Then it’s the PIDAY Women’s Under the Bump Panties.

For new moms, it’s always a struggle to find something that works. Not to mention, the stuff that fits you well and doesn’t shrink or become loose with time. This best postpartum underwear, maternity panties are suitable for anyone who quickly wants to know what to get.

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