The Best Shapewear For Muffin Top, Love Handles, And Top 5 Best Shapewear For Tummy Control

Why not take advantage of the best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control? There are plenty of undergarments to hide muffin top and love handles. Tummy control, be it for a special casual occasion or work, is important to some women.

When you’re curvy, you want your clothes to fit you in the most flattering manner. And shapewear does just that. But not all shapewear options on the current market are worth relying and spending money on.

There are a few that don’t slim and smooth like they’re supposed to. In that case, how about I introduce you to the 16 that give you a desirable outcome!


Best Shapewear for Muffin Top, Love Handles, Tummy Control: Top 16 Choices

If the foundation is strong, nothing can go wrong. I review just as well as I rhyme. So now that you’ve established the latter, time to get to the former!

For a quick glance, there are three comparison tables. Otherwise, the detailed reviews might give you a better understanding.

The Best Shapewear for Muffin Top: Top 5 Product Comparisons

 Shapewear Name

Our Rating

Undergarment Types



Editor’s Choice


Spandex, nylon


Waist cincher

Natural rubber, cotton



Elastane, nylon



Spandex, polyester


Shapewear brief

Elastane, nylon

Table Comparison: the Best Shapewear for Love Handles

 Shapewear Name

Our Rating

Undergarment Types



Editor’s Choice

Shapewear brief

Nylon, spandex


Brief panty



Boxer brief

Spandex, polyester


Boyshort panty

Spandex, nylon


Shapewear brief

Elastane, nylon


Shapewear panty

Elastane, Polyamide

the Best Shapewear for Tummy Control:

TOP 5 product Comparisons

 Shapewear Name

Our Rating

Undergarment Types



Editor’s Choice


Elastane, nylon



Spandex, nylon, latex



Elastane, nylon



Spandex, nylon



Spandex, nylon, elastane, cotton

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Best Shapewear for Muffin Top: Top 5 Reviews

 1  Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace N Smooth Body Briefer – Editor’s Choice

Bali Women's Shapewear Lace 'N Smooth Body Briefer - 38C - Black

Now on to the best shapewear for muffin top!

The topmost pick here is the Bali Shapewear Lace N Smooth Body Briefer. Bali shape and all-over confidence go hand in hand. And time and again, the brand has proved this point. It manufactures shapewear to give your curves a stylish and smooth look. No matter how large your breasts! Or how big your muffin top!

This particular lace bodysuit is plenty breathable and comfortable. The company claims that the product delivers overall firm control. And this is not just a claim, but the truth. The material is such that it shapes perfectly well. While also providing enough flexibility during movements!

The softly lined cups are seamless. To offer all the support your breasts demand. Along with complete coverage! Even the bottom region provides full coverage. With no visible lines showing!

So if you’re looking for a pretty lace body shaper to reduce your muffin top, this is it.

Do you actually believe that looks aren’t everything? If you do, good for you! But if you don’t, then pamper yourself with the Bali Shapewear Lace N Smooth Body Briefer. This is one shapewear that feels comfortable while also appearing to be smooth and stylish.

The whole thing is covered with lace. And when lace is a part of the picture, so is fraying and ripping.


  • The lace feels very comfortable and soft.
  • Control and coverage are more than sufficient.
  • Underwired cups are seamless and lightly lined.


  • Midsection lacks firmness.
  • Delicate construction is a setback.

 2  Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher Best Waist Cincher for Muffin Top

Squeem Women's 'Perfect Waist' Contouring Cincher, Beige, L

How about I present the best shapewear for muffin top in the form of a waist cincher? If you like the idea, then welcome to this review. Of the Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher!

It’s a functional shapewear that’s also plenty discreet. The thing slims your waistline while moderately lifting your breasts. So your curves end up looking smooth and flattering. Irrespective of your body type!

You should also know that this best shapewear for muffin top elongates your midsection. At the same time, it improves posture and provides back support.

But what’s exceptional is the brand’s Intelligent Fabric. This type of technology used in shapewear molds those curves. With the help of triple-layered cotton lining! That provides superior comfort.

Then comes the part where I highlight the fact that the bodysuit has a natural rubber equipped exterior. So you don’t even need to think twice about shape and size. And if that wasn’t enough, Squeem chose to add a flexible internal boning as well. But for what though? To give you extra control and overall compression!

It’s the perfect waist cincher to conceal your muffin top.

The Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher leaves your waistline feeling smaller. It offers a superior shaping outcome. In fact, this shapewear goes a long way toward correcting your posture. And that’s a big deal.

What’s disappointing is the visibility of the hooks under thin clothing.


  • Sizing is spot-on accurate.
  • Interior boning provides proper shaping and support.
  • It’s suitable for postpartum recovery.


  • Bunching is common when seated.
  • Hooks are not so discreet.

Style Series: Squeem Perfect Waist


 3  Flexees Women’s Fat Free Dressing Hi-Waist Boyshort   Best Boyshorts for Muffin Top

Flexees Women`s Fat Free Dressing Hi-Waist Boyshort

What’s so great about Flexees? The fact that the brand decided to expand its best-selling boyshorts shapewear collection! To include a wide range of fabric and rise options for your muffin top. And all of these creations feature the same excellent fit and firm control.

Now let me you something about the firm control. It’s installed in targeted regions to flatten your tummy. And define your waist. As for the flexible boyshorts fit, it moves along with the body.

The next hard-to-leave-out component is the high-waist design. Such a structure creates a smooth, sleek line. Right from the area above the waist. All the way down to your upper thighs.

You’ll also be quite relieved to know that the Flexees shapewear is built using a suitable fabric. One that eliminates moisture and sweat! This means you remain dry and cool throughout the wear.

So it’s time for you to tuck in your tummy and smooth your sides without any irritation.

The comfort and flexibility factors are unbeatable in this case. The Flexees Fat Free Dressing Hi-Waist Boyshort is not too snug. Yet it holds your tummy in place under all types of outfits.

Your chances of getting slightly annoyed with the top part of this boyshorts are pretty high. And that’s because it keeps flipping over.


  • Boyshort is of the perfect length.
  • Stretchable design makes room for fluctuating weight.
  • The material is smooth and slippery enough to not show.


  • It’s a bulky undergarment.
  • Top edge flips over.

 4  shaperQueen 102 Thong Women Waist Cincher Best Girdle for Muffin Top

ShaperQueen 102 Thong - Women Waist Cincher Girdle Tummy Slimmer Sexy Thong Panty Shapewear (XXL, Black)

Do you prefer wearing tight-fitting clothes? If yes, then you require something more powerful. Like a girdle! Such as the ShaperQueen 102 Thong Waist Cincher Girdle Panty Shapewear. Now it’s time to find out if the products’ features list is as long as its title.

This ShaperQueen waist cincher girdle is both sexy and effective. The thong design enhances your buttocks area. While also avoiding panty lines! And in terms of torso coverage, the high-waist pattern is abundantly helpful. It features targeted regions of firm control. To reduce your waistline and create a slimmer silhouette!

Furthermore, the girdle is packed with a light boning system. This component comes in handy when it’s time to prevent the rolling down problem. So the whole time the undergarment is on, it doesn’t shift or move around.

You can wear it with all types of outfits. And expect the thing to slim your tummy in the most flattering and comfortable manner.

The current shapewear is an option that’s plenty of everything. This means high-quality, antibacterial, breathable, and comfortable. It’s an ideal choice for back and midsection support. And for the postpartum time of your life!

You can count on the support and firm control here. But not so much when it comes to the way the seams feel. They tend to dig into your hips, which can make them look lumpy.


  • It’s a seamless, breathable girdle.
  • Light boning added to prevent rolling.
  • Midsection compression is great for posture.


  • Thong design is not for all.
  • Seams dig into the skin.

 5  Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief  Best Brief for Muffin Top

	 Flexees Maidenform Women's Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief Firm Control, Latte Lift, Medium

When a brand like Flexees expands their shapewear collection, expect them to focus more on waist problems. This is exactly what gave rise to the Flexees Maidenform Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief.

The high-waist undergarment secretly shapes and slims your body. So you can bear witness to inches disappearing. A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe who wishes to conceal her muffin top!

Let’s talk about the design of this best shapewear for muffin top. The Flexees brief gives your body an hourglass structure. It helps in making your tummy look smooth. No wonder it’s also the best shapewear for tummy and waist!

The fabric used for construction keeps your bulges and bumps hidden. For a streamlined curvy silhouette! And what about the fit? The high-waist option is a huge plus for a muffin top figure.

Also, this Flexees shapewear doesn’t roll down. Unlike some of the other options I have reviewed in here. And why is that? It’s because the silicone elastic equipped waistband takes care of such issues.

So stop burdening your mind with your muffin top. And start incorporating such shapewear into your lingerie collection.

The thing about comfortable shapewear is that you can wear it on an everyday basis. So slimming your love handles is not something to indulge in only on special occasions. You can do it daily with the Flexees Maidenform Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief.

If you’re going to wear thin clothing, don’t put on this brief. It shows panty lines, sadly.


  • Material is optimally constricting, thick, and durable.
  • Elasticity is perfect for holding the tummy in.
  • Silicone waistband stays put.


  • Not a seamless brief.

Best Shapewear for Love Handles: Top 5 Reviews

 1   Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace N Smooth Brief  – Editor's choice

	 Bali Women's Shapewear Lace 'N Smooth Brief, Black, Medium

The fit of the top pick is unparalleled in the reviews section. The briefs aren’t uncomfortably high-waisted at all. On top of that, they have the ability to hold fat and loose skin. So your abdomen region can look flat and feel comfortable. No matter what outfit you decide to wear!

The Bali Shapewear Lace N Smooth Brief is adorned with pretty lace fabric. This lace detailing is not just for show. It provides all the firm control. For smoothing out your tummy as well hips. In fact, the lace also helps with shaping your buttocks.

Bali has made sure that the lace fabric is breathable. And that it doesn’t show below clothing. The material lays flat to offer a smoother, sleeker silhouette.

Design-wise, this best shapewear for love handles has a higher-cut leg. It allows you to move freely. But that doesn’t mean there’s no full coverage at the back. The rear coverage prevents riding up issues. So nothing hinders the brief’s capacity to smooth and shape your natural bulges.

What’s also exceptional is the inclusion of Outlast Technology. It manages all the heat for proper thermal control. The fabric also feels super-soft against the skin. So there are many little and large elements in here that do more than just shaping.

The Bali Shapewear Lace N Smooth Brief can hold all of you in. But the lace layering is what hogs the limelight. After all, it is durable and strong enough to provide optimal firmness and control.


  • The lace pattern is long-lasting and breathable.
  • The lining is soft and comfortable.
  • No panty lines are visible.


  • The waistband is not stretchy enough.
  • Size runs small.

 2   Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Seamless High-Cut Brief Panty – for comfortable

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Hi Cut, Nude Damask, 6/7

Let your one true love be the Bali Comfort Revolution Seamless High-Cut Brief Panty. The brand believes in living beautifully. And I get that now. They are one of the very few lingerie manufacturing companies that pay attention to both looks and feel. But how is it the best shapewear for love handles? Keep reading to find out.

What I’m reviewing here is a high-cut complete coverage seamless brief panty. That might just revolutionize your current undergarment collection. It consists of a soft and stretchy blend of microfiber. Now that has the ability to offer comfort and odor control. And that too all day long!

The high-cut structure is what flatters the legs too. As for the seamless design, it means you don’t have to deal with panty lines. The piece of lingerie looks smooth under your clothes.

The fit is such that it offers complete back coverage. You don’t even have to worry about the brief panty riding up. And doesn’t this sound like something you wanted all along?

The Bali Comfort Revolution Seamless High-Cut Brief Panty stays put. It doesn’t roll down. It’s lightweight, seamless, and stretchy enough. In short, super-comfortable! Even if you have love handles and stomach fat.

But, unfortunately, whoever designed this panty forgot to place the waist a bit higher.


  • The high-cut silhouette is perfect for the legs.
  • Elastic waistband feels soft against the skin.
  • Bali shapewear lasts for a very long time.


  • The material is too thin.
  • The waist is not high enough.

 3  Angelina High Waist Boxer Briefs For Slimming Love Handles

Angelina High Waist Boxer Briefs with Lace Accent Detail (12-Pack), G911_S

Here’s a question. How to hide love handles in a tight dress? And here’s the answer. Wear the Angelina High Waist Boxer Briefs.

This high-waist wonder is constructed with a combination of polyester and spandex. That means you can machine-wash the panty. But it’s always a better idea to hand-wash lingerie to increase their lifespan.

Moving on, as you can see, the boxer briefs feature floral lace panels. In the leg openings and center front, right? These panels are set in place to fulfill a single purpose. And that is to provide slimming control.

Another love handle-friendly aspect is the complete back coverage. You can wear the Angelina High Waist Boxer Briefs on a daily basis. Without thinking about factors such as comfort and fit. Or even looks for that matter!

If you have a “mommy tummy”, then you should seriously consider this option. The Angelina High Waist Boxer Briefs can smooth out your love handles like no other. The slimming effect that they offer helps in camouflaging what you don’t wish to flaunt.

When buying lingerie, sizing is a major concern. A panty that’s too snug causes rashes, itching, and discomfort. So if you wish to prevent such tragedies, opt for one size up.


  • High-cut back enhances the bottom region.
  • The wide crotch area is a gift during menses.
  • Lace attachments feel smooth and comfy.


  • Size runs small.

 4  UMMISS Women’s Everyday Shaping Panties For Daily Wear

SPANX Womens Boyshort, Black Band Stripe, L

What is the best shapewear for muffin top and love handles that you can wear every day with ease and comfort? The VC05 model from UMMIS is not a bad answer to that question. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a better choice than it.

Sometimes shapewear can exchange comfort for functionality, but this is not so with the VC05 body shaper, as the manufacturer makes sure that it will satisfy both categories. It has a great design that provides the perfect fit, combining its capability to deliver a flattering look with its comfortable coverage under any outfit.

You can wear it with your skirts, or flared dresses or even high-waist jeans with no trouble. The cotton and spandex material combo offers a smooth, soft, and comfortable feel with plenty of stretch. There will be no possibilities of riding up underpants with its wide crotch, which allows for easy padding and stronger protection, breathability, and health.

In terms of effectiveness, VC05 is not one to be dismissed easily. It has a soft, stretchy double-layer fabric-covered waistband that sits suitably at the waist, giving a snuggish feel with no rolling or bunching chance.

The VC05 shapewear offers adequate tummy support and prevents muffin tops from showing as well!

Due to its flexibility for daily use as well as efficacy, it’s certainly a great gift idea for your loved female companions. Not only are they suitable for daily use, but they can also have great health benefits, namely for Postpartum Recovery. If you just had a C-section, the shapewear will help as it rises above the incision, which keeps the bandage in place for strong protection.


  • Smart material makeup with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex
  • Soft, stretchy double-layer fabric covered waistband for rolling and bunching prevention
  • Functional and comfortable for daily usage with other types of clothing
  • Wide double-layer crotch for comfort, easy padding and protection
  • A great gift choice for Postpartum Recovery.


  • Doesn’t fit for all body types

 5  Maidenform DM0049 Women's Body Shaper For Overall Shaping

Flexees Women's Maidenform Shapewear Firm Control Brief, Steel Grey, Small

This body shaper from Maidenform is just great for overall shaping. Due to the design and how shapewear operates, they can oftentimes be a nuisance while not really effective. This is not so with this DM0049 body shaper from Maidenform. To see why this is so, we must first delve into its material.

The Maidenform DM0049 Women’s Body Shaper is made from very apt and clever combinations of nylon, spandex, polyester, and cotton, giving you the maximum firm control and a sweat-free using experience. Additionally, the shaper has an all-over cooling technology to help keep you cool and comfortable while it works on your body.

The shapewear is adorned with the wide SmoothTec no-pinch shaping waistband to help prevent rolling and digging. There’s a breathable stretch lace that also helps add a lingerie look to the piece. The kind of visibility needed for easy everyday usage comes with a really smart design, with tummy coverage in front and thong styling in back.

The shapewear will allow you to express your fun, flirty style by keeping your tummy in check and putting your feminine beauty to the front!

Using the Maidenform body shaper, not only will you be kept cool with its Cool Comfort fabric, but you will also be treated to the full, direct control of your body, the most optimal overall shaping among body shapers.


  • Great for overall shaping of your body.
  • Cool Comfort fabric made from clever material combinations to keep you cool.
  • Smart design with low visibility, with tummy coverage in front and thong styling in back.
  • Wide SmoothTec shaping waistband to prevent rolling, digging or pinching.
  • A lingerie look is added with the breathable stretch lace.


  • Can take some time to get used to its design.

 6   Leonisa Women’s Super Comfy Control Shapewear Panty For Long-lasting Value

Leonisa Women's Seamless Tummy Control Rear Lifting Panty Shaper,Blue,X-Large

Not all best shapewear for love handles is built to stand the test of time. But fortunately, this one is. The Leonisa Super Comfy Control Shapewear Panty has a lot to offer. In terms of design, durability, looks, and functionality!

First and foremost, this shapewear panty is constructed with a soft, long-lasting fabric. It’s called DuraFit. So it’s a one-time affordable purchase that you get to enjoy for a very long time.

As you can see, it’s a classic pattern with a high-waist band. This elastic waistband feels quite smooth against the skin. And the same holds true for the leg bands as well.

What about the seams though? These are ultra-flat to offer a comfortable fit. With no visible panty lines!

And lastly, when you see the back, you’ll appreciate the thong effect. Such a design goes a long way when it comes to lifting the rear. So there’s no way to downplay the effectiveness of the Leonisa Super Comfy Control Shapewear Panty.

The fit is pretty awesome, even if you’re really curvy. The panty gives your body a little bit of structure without causing any discomfort. You can wear it under your tight dresses with confidence.

So the problem lies with the shaping capacity here. Don’t expect the Leonisa Super Comfy Control Shapewear Panty to hold in and control everything. It offers a slightly inferior performance in that area.


  • DuraFit construction equals excellent durability.
  • Sheer fabric panels hide cellulite in the rear and hips.
  • Thong design at the back lifts the buttocks.


  • Waistband shows through clothing.
  • Shapewear control is a bit lacking.

Best Shapewear for Tummy Control: Top 5 Reviews

 1  Flexees by Maidenform Womens Dream Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Torsette – Editor’s Choice

Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Torsette, Modern Black, Small

What you wear underneath for your tummy makes a lot of difference. It sets the tone, doesn’t it? No wonder the best shapewear for tummy control is a huge hit. So let me present the first top pick in this department. It’s the Flexees by Maidenform Dream Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Torsette.

The brand keeps redefining firm control with their Dream Shapewear line of undergarments. This particular collection offers a combination of control and comfort. Particularly in the tummy region! So it’s only natural to expect the torsette to be both comfortable and effective.

It helps in shaping your upper and lower belly. Something that shapewearfor love handles and muffin top doesn’t provide! Even fit flexibility is a factor that you might experience without a doubt. The straps are wider than normal. So they don’t keep sliding off.

You can wear the Flexees by Maidenform Dream Shapewear Torsette on a daily basis. It’s packed with everyday tummy control. To keep you comfortable all day! Also, your movements don’t get restricted. And that’s definitely something to take home.

All Flexees creations have the ability to shape your tummy and curves. Plus, they’re super comfortable for all-day wear. But, in this case, there’s a bonus point too. This Dream Shapewear Torsette offers excellent back support as well.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the torsette has seams in the front. Now, these are great for additional control. But along with the process, what they also do is show through form-fitting clothes.


  • Mesh lining included targeting the sides and tummy.
  • Straps are plenty wide and comfortable.
  • There’s enough compression for a tight posture.


  • Size runs small.
  • Front seams are visible through clothing.

 2  Camellias Women’s Seamless Firm Control Shapewear Faja Open Bust Bodysuit  For Affordability

Camellias Women Strapless Firm Body Control Bodysuit Panty Latex Full Body Shaper Thigh Slimmer Shapewear Black, SZ7102-Black-L

Do you want to buy the best shapewear for lower belly pooch? Or the best shapewear for tummy control? Or the best shapewear to shape your body right from the waist all the way till your thighs? If yes, then you’re reading just the review. It’s time to get to know the Camellias Seamless Firm Control ShapewearFaja Open Bust Bodysuit.

The magical undergarment is built using sturdy materials. These include latex, nylon, and spandex. So it shapes and supports your abdomen region perfectly well. Without giving rise to any form of irritation or discomfort! 

This is what differentiates the Camellias Shapewear Bodysuit from the crowd. Even the ones reviewed in here for muffin top and love handles.

You should also know that this shapewear is light in weight. So no worries in that area too.

The compressive fit streamlines your midsection region. With complete focus on firm and strong tummy control! Also quite helpful is the high-waist structure. It reduces your waistline. Creating the desired slimming silhouette right where your tummy demands it!

Needless to say, it’s a perfect option for women during postpartum recovery.

Armed with three powerful slimming layers, this affordable bodysuit works like magic. The three layers consist of spandex, nylon, and latex. For firm belly control, breathability, and moisture resistance! So it does the job pretty well.

The thong back is a slight disappointment though. It might be too tight for all-day wear.


  • Materials involved are non-irritant and smooth.
  • Midsection compression corrects posture.
  • The lower panel allows a seamless transition.


  • Thong fit is very tight.

 3  Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer Smooth Wear Your Own Bra Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuit  For Durability

	 Sunzel Body Shaper, Women's Body Briefer Smooth Wear - Your Own Bra Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuits (Large, Modern Black)

It might not be easy to find the best shapewear for tummy control. But looking for high-quality tummy-specific shapewear is even more difficult. So here’s a solution to that problem. The Sunzel Body Briefer Smooth Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuit is worth every penny.

It’s not a cheap or low-quality undergarment that you’ll end up discarding after a few months. The bodysuit is built using top quality materials. So durability is what makes the biggest impact.

Apart from that, there’s the well-engineered and flexible design as well. Bodysuits tend to bunch as time passes. But not this one! And that’s great news when all you wish for is to tuck in the tummy. Without feeling uncomfortable!

Even the straps are designed keeping nothing but comfort in mind. They are plush and wide, which means additional support and no slipping.

Let me bring to your notice here that this Sunzel bodysuit offers unparalleled results. Whether you compare it to shapewear for love handles and muffin top! Or to the other best shapewear for tummy control!

But what is it that makes the product unique? It’s the 360-degree firm control that trims your every problematic area. This includes mainly the tummy and waist, then the hips.

And I would also like to add that it’s an ideal choice for skin sensitivities. So you can look forward to a smooth feel as well as a smooth silhouette.

The Sunzel Body Briefer Smooth Slimmer Shapewear Bodysuit performs three primary functions. Especially in the belly section! It holds, fits, and breathes. To be honest, not many such shapewear undergarments do all of that at once.

As far as sizing goes, there’s something you should know. This shapewear bodysuit runs a bit large. So you might find it confusing to order for a proper size. You can try one size down though.


  • The firm structure that’s also easy to wear.
  • Straps are broad, adjustable, and supportive.
  • Design is lightweight for breathability.


  • Compression for tightness is not enough.
  • Sizing is tricky.

 4  Bali Women’s Shapewear Ultra Light Bodybriefer  For All-day Wear

Bali Women's Shapewear Ultra Light BodyBriefer, Nude, 36DD

Not every best shapewear for tummy control is an undergarment you can wear on an everyday basis. But that’s not the case with the Bali Shapewear Ultra Light Bodybriefer.

Fortunately and surprisingly, you can keep this on for long hours. Without any issues! Thanks to its lightweight nylon material construction. Comfort is essential. And Bali is a brand that understands this very well.

What’s even more impressive is the cotton lining of the bodybriefer. It offers tons of breathability. To be honest, don’t expect this from every shapewear I have reviewed in the article. But fortunately, in this case, your body does remain cool, dry, and sweat-free all day long.

But what about tummy control? For that, Bali decided to add double-ply panels for shaping. Unlike their previous two shapewear styles reviewed so far! One is for love handles and the other for muffin top.

These double-ply shaping panels also provide enhanced and smooth opacity! Even the U-structure of this shapewear contributes to the comfort factor. Plus, it offers the much-needed flexibility for all kinds of movements.

And finally, the flat seams are non-irritant. So wear the Bali Shapewear Ultra Light Bodybriefer for how many ever hours you wish. And don’t think twice about how it feels and makes you look.

Why do I think you’ll love this bodysuit? It’s because you might be looking for shapewear you can put on to give your body a smooth silhouette. Compression is not always the answer. Especially if you’re planning on wearing the undergarment all day!

Now here’s a flaw you wish was not true. If you expect abdomen cradling, you’re looking at the wrong product.


  • Targeted panels for shaping feel very comfortable.
  • U-design is suitable for all types of outfits.
  • Underwired cups provide complete coverage and support.


  • Straps are not long enough.
  • Firmness around tummy region is a bit lacking.

 5  Miraclesuit Women’s Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit  For Seamless Shaping

Miraclesuit Shapewear Women's Extra Firm Comfort Leg Smooth Molded Cup Bodybriefer Nude Body Shaper 34B

A seamless silhouette is the core of any best shapewear for tummy control. And no other brand understands this better than Miraclesuit.

Their primary focus is to hand out that extra firmness your abdomen region requires. Cause they know that without it the entire experience becomes unpleasant. So if you wish to avoid such a tragedy from taking place, consider this option. It’s the Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit.

The leg bands of the undergarment are seamless. They don’t dig into your skin. At the same time, the bands minimize the panty line. You’ll also be glad to know that they’re equipped with silicone lining. This type of construction is what keeps them in place.

Furthermore, since it’s a bodysuit, you also get to make the most of the bra cups. Not all bodysuits I’ve placed under the scanner here feature such a design. The cups of the Miraclesuit shapewear are double-layered, molded, and underwired. For all the support your large breasts demand!

As for its shaping ability, there’s plenty to look forward to. The Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit shapes the three most vulnerable spots. Tummy, midriff, and rear! So it does an excellent job at boosting your confidence level. No matter the kind of outfit you decide to wear.

Are you looking for shapewear to just control and smooth everything out? And that too without causing any bulges! Enter the Miraclesuit Extra Firm Control Comfort Leg Bodysuit.

I’m sure you know what happens when you wear bras without thick lining or padding. Nipples tend to protrude. So expect exactly that here too.


  • No panty, no bulk, no weight.
  • Legs have plastic ridges for stick action.
  • Underwired cups lift and shape big/saggy breasts.


  • Wearing it is not an easy task.
  • No cup padding for modesty.

Miraclesuit Shapewear - Innovation Wonderful Edge


Best Shapewear for Muffin Top, Love Handles, Tummy Control - Buyer’s Guide


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The best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control is confusing to pick. But you have to do it if you wish to flatten and lift your silhouette. With shapewear on, you can disguise all your bumps and lumps.

But how do you go about picking the right kind of shapewear? I have seven tips to offer.

Choosing the Best Shapewear for Muffin Top, Love Handles, Tummy Control

 1  Don’t stray from your size

best shapewear for tummy control

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It’s not uncommon to select one size down in order to achieve extra firmness. But when you do that, you’re only causing bulges. And let’s not forget about discomfort too.

So it’s best to avoid selecting a size down, or up for that matter. The goal is to feel comfortable and ensure that the shapewear stays put.

How To Measure Your Shapewear Size?




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Let me explain. You should select medium constriction for smooth lines. On the other hand, the strong constriction is more suitable if you want complete figure transformation. But what is the factor responsible for constriction? The material of course! To be more specific, more nylon content equals more shape-altering capacity.

Here’s another thing you might want to know. Lightweight fabrics are more likely to smooth out and slim your targeted regions. As for heavier materials, they feature compression zones for proper shaping. (The Science of Shapewear)


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Here’s the thing about high-waist shapewear. It guarantees a smooth, flattering look right up to the torso.

The best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control goes up to your bra line. In fact, there are some pieces that you can attach to the bra as well. To keep them from slipping down!



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What about making your legs look toned? For that, there are tights equipped with compression zones. These shape your thighs, tummy, and buttocks. While also giving you a seamless and sleek look!

But don’t ever decide to wear tights on top of shapewear. At such times, what you’re doing is creating a layer of nylon blends. And this causes the tights to move around during movements. Also, seamless wear goes out the window too.



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If full body shaping is what you desire, then you can’t go wrong with a bodysuit. This particular item is very popular. And that’s because the undergarment offers a streamlined head to toe shape. So you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding individual pieces.



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Giving your behind a proper frame doesn’t mean having to erase it along the process. What I mean to say is that you don’t need to hide your buttocks in order to shape them. There are many pieces that do an excellent job of lifting and separating your cheeks. While also flattening your tummy and making your love handles look smooth.


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You probably already know that shapewear is constructed using spandex and nylon. Both are synthetic fabrics. Meaning they rank low in terms of breathability. Now, these might be perfect for colder climates. But not so much for warmer months, right? Since you’re more likely to sweat when the weather is hot!

This is where the best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control comes into the picture. Each such undergarment is a lighter version designed keeping in mind breathability. That’s the beauty of cotton and microfiber material. The former provides moisture absorption and the latter odor control.

Commonly Asked Questions


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1. How often should I wear the best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control?

When is it appropriate to put on shapewear? The answer depends on the kind of shapewear you feel the most comfortable in.

  • The best shapewear for muffin top and back fat does not offer the same level of support.
  • As, for instance, the best shapewear for tummy and waist! That much is understood, isn’t it?

When tummy shaping is a priority, the chances of your body tolerating higher support for longer hours are low. In comparison to an all-day, everyday shaper!

2. What are the different levels of control? And which one is more suitable for me?

You get three options here. These include firm, moderate, and light. Some brands manufacture ultra-firm shapewear as well.

For everyday wear, it’s only logical to choose light to moderate firmness. This gives your figure a smooth look. But it does not shape. Due to the lack of firm compression! As for special occasions, you can decide between firm and ultra-firm.

So which one is more suitable for your body? The answer depends on two factors. The first is your body shape of course. And the second is exactly what I’ve discussed above.

The End of the Best Shapewear for Muffin Top, Love Handles, Tummy Control

My Choice: best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control

I hope you now know how to select the best shapewear for your body. If you wish to tuck in your tummy, then it’s important to opt for tummy-specific shapewear. As for your muffin top, choose shapewear designed to target that particular region. And the same applies for love handles.

Otherwise, you might not be able to make the most of the magical wonder that is shapewear.

Here’s the final take on the best shapewear for muffin top, love handles, tummy control.

What is the best shapewear for love handles?

It’s the Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace N Smooth Brief.

What is the best shapewear for muffin top?

It’s the Bali Shapewear Lace N Smooth Body Briefer.

What is the best shapewear for tummy control?

It’s the Flexees by Maidenform Dream Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Torsette.

Now it’s time for you to drop in your feedback. And don’t hesitate to offer any more such awesome body-shaping suggestions as well, if you have any.

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