Best Support Bra for Full-Figured Cup Sizes – Top 10 Choices

Over the recent years, the options for plus size bras have been increasing by leaps and bounds. Now it’s not impossible to come across the best support bra for full-figured. Unlike a few years back! But realistically, finding a good bra is still quite difficult.

Choosing the best bra brands for full bust is like finding a needle in a haystack.

On top of that, the “plus-size” meaning varies wildly. Many bras listed in that category tend to fit either the cup size or band size. Never both! And it goes without saying that there are a few plus size bras that don’t fit the band or cup size. They just claim to be plus size, when in fact they’re not.

However, your chances of finding a proper fitting bra are high if you don’t have a problem with no cups. But, obviously, that’s almost never the case. BREASTS REQUIRE CUPS just like the lungs need oxygen.

Now let me tell you something that many women complain about. Bras that lack adequate support tend to cause back pain. So if you can relate to this problem, it’s time to find the best support bra ever.


Best Support Bra for Full-figured Cup Sizes

Fortunately, I have 10 excellent bras that you might be interested in.

Truth be told, they are the most comfortable and supportive bras for plus size breasts. With a broad range of cup and band sizes available!

Bra Name

Our Rating




Editor’s Choice

Elastane, cotton, nylon, polyurethane, and polyester



Elastane, polyester, and polyamide



Elastane and polyamide



Elastane, nylon, and polyester



Elastane, polyester, and polyamide



Spandex and nylon



Elastane, polyester, and nylon



Elastane, polyester, and nylon



Spandex and nylon



Elastane and nylon


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The Best Support Bra for Full-figured: Top 10 Choices

 1  Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra 4510 – Editor’s Choice

	 Fantasie Women's Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra, Black, 30DD

Let me make it clear why I chose the Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra as the top pick.

  • The beautiful piece of lingerie features an arched panel in the center. This particular design component is the most ideal for big, high tummies.
  • But what about the much-needed support? Well, this best support bra for full figure has a non-stretch central gore. That provides all the support your breasts demand. 
  • The pattern of the cups is also something you might find totally appealing. They give your chest a natural projected shape.

The UK standard sizes include GG, FF, and DD, among many others. So what does this mean? It implies that the brand manufactures large cup sizes as well. No more having to buy a bra that’s only “good enough.”

It’s the Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra. Molded, right? So that makes it suitable for daily wear. The broad range of cup sizes is the most captivating. And the design is such that the bra offers complete coverage for bigger breasts.

You might not want to wear this super supportive, flattering, and comfortable bra with sleeveless clothing. And here’s why. It shows a little from the underarm region. And the straps are quite wide-set.


  • Adjustable hook/eye closure for a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Cups are perfectly shaped and lined with underwire.
  • Smooth and silky microfiber eliminates moisture.


  • Bra peeps out from the sides when you wear sleeveless.
  • Straps are too wide.

 2  Panache Women’s Underwire Best Support Sports Bra for Full-figured

	 Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra, Kaleidoscope, 28DD

The close second is the Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra. It has a 14 percent elastane construction, which means you get access to just enough stretch. Apart from the use of polyester and polyamide material! But there’s a lot more you need to know about this best support bra for full-figured.

  • It is designed with the standard hook/eye closure and adjustable straps. But what’s worth noting is that the former provides a comfortably snug fit. While the latter is also convertible! And since I’m talking about the straps, you’ll be relieved to know this. They are wide enough to stabilize your every movement. And well-cushioned to hand out optimal comfort!
  • The shape of the bra is as smooth as you would like it to be. And the same can be said about the flat seams. But you know what; you’re not so bothered about these aspects in a sports bra, right?
  • What’s more important is the moisture wicking capacity. In that sense, you’ll be thrilled to know that you’re dealing with microfiber fabric here. Along with mesh panels for breathability!

Overall, the fit of the Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra is quite charming. Your breasts get encapsulated without feeling the least bit compressed. That’s the beauty of this best bra for full-figured lift.

It’s not easy finding a comfortable bra with underwire. Let alone an underwire sports bra. In that case, you have many reasons to appreciate the Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra. It accommodates breasts that reach 40GG size as well. Holding and positioning them properly is what the bra does without any compression.

The drawback here is not universal. What I mean to say that it might or might not occur in your case.

Unfortunately, the Panache Underwire Sports Bra has some extra cup material. So it can make your breasts look slightly pointy. But again, this hugely depends on the shape and size of your chest.


  • Bust and shoulder mesh panels offer ventilation.
  • Smooth molded cups minimize friction and maximize comfort.
  • Flat seams look great even under tight clothing.


  • Adjusting the straps while wearing is hard.
  • Cone effect is not lost in here.
Panache Sport | Bra Fit Video

 3  Panache Women’s Envy Best Support Bra for Full-figured with Lace

Elomi Women's Plus Size Morgan Underwire Banded Bra, Fiesta, 40J

Here’s the second creation by Panache that caught my attention. It goes by the name of Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra.

  • The lace beauty comes with an underwire and textured 4-section cups. Now that’s a first on the list, isn’t it?
  • For the most comfortable support, the manufacturer decided to add mesh wings. But it’s the 4-section lined cups that speak volumes. These sectioned cups equipped with side sling and lining offer the desirable uplifted fit. They are the reason why the bra is so incredibly supportive in nature.
  • Looks are as important as fit for a brand like Panache. And the proof of that is the underband design. The elastic underband is plenty supportive for GG+ cup sizes as well. On top of that, quite literally, there’s that perfect satin bow that makes the bra look beautiful.

So you have every valid excuse to spend money on the Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra. And that, by the way, isn’t too much given the affordable price tag.

There are three components that steal the show. Side slings, underwire cups, and adjustable straps are the three praiseworthy design elements. And stealing the show here means providing the most suitable uplifted and supported shape.

So the Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra is seamed. And that means only one thing. Expect it to show when wearing thin material clothing.


  • Jacquard cups with floral lace offer a feminine look.
  • Strong center gore provides outstanding comfort and control.
  • Reinforced underband accommodates sizes above GG.


  • Underwire tends to rub against the skin in the center.
  • Seams are noticeable.

 4   freya Women’s Active Budget-friendly Support Bra for Full-figured

Freya Women's Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra

If you’re concerned about support as much as you are about affordability, I have a solution right here. Consider buying the Freya Women’s Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra.

  • It is designed with molded cups plus mesh panels. The molded shape improves comfort by reducing friction. And the mesh panels are for what? Breathability and ventilation of course!
  • To deliver the most suitable kind of support, the manufacturer has added a double lining. And this is what makes it the best bra for large breasts lift.
  • Then comes the antibacterial material technology. That serves a single purpose, which is odor resistance. Along the same line, there’s the Coolmax fabric. Its moisture-wicking capacity in the inner region is quite remarkable.

Cups are molded for compression-free encapsulation. And the straps are padded for better support and comfort. So it goes without saying that the Freya Sports Bra offers everything you demand. Great shape, total comfort, and substantial support!

The Freya Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra gives you a well-supported lift. Along with separation to avoid the uniboob! Foam equipped cups, broad straps, and wide underwires are the most attractive qualities.

But there is something that might dissuade you from buying this Freya Underwire Molded Sports Bra. Hooking the racerback style closure and then wearing the bra is not possible. So you need an extra set of hands to do the job for you.


  • Bottom band is firm and flat for optimal anchorage.
  • It controls bounce even when running or horseback riding.
  • Fabric holds up well despite frequent washings.


  • Material for nipple coverage is not thick enough.
  • Fastening the hook requires another person.
Freya Active Sports Bra Fitting Guide

 5  Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconnet Budget-friendly Support Bra for Full-figured with Lace

Cleo by Panache Cleo Women's MarcieBalconnet, Burgundy, 32B

This best support bra for full-figured has a name. It’s called Marcie, and it belongs to the brand’s Balconnet collection. But what makes it so unique is the addition of certain design elements. That provides nothing but superior support. So how about I tell you more below!

  • The Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconnet Bra features power mesh in the wings. Such a fabric delivers a secure fit. Irrespective of the size of your large breasts! To be more specific, Marcie makes room for sizes that reach J cup as well. Isn’t that wonderful!
  • Moving on, appearances too are well taken care of. The underband region consists of colorful elastic trimming. Along with a satin material bow in the middle!
  • The straps are plenty adjustable, which is nothing but great news. 

The overall construction is such that adequate support and full coverage are not lost. Plus, Marcie comes in different colors. So pick a Marcie that you think looks the most fun and flirtatious.

Here’s a letter I would send to Marcie if I could. Oh Marcie, I was looking for the best support bra ever in all the wrong places. Until I found you and discovered how I can wear you regularly. And under almost any type of clothing! 

Now I know that your cups have only one goal in mind. And that is to provide quality support. I have fallen head over heels for you and there’s no going back anymore.

Even though Marcie promises the most suitable fitting, it comes with a drawback. Its underwire becomes uncomfortable after prolonged wear. And that’s because the wire tends to shift slightly upward toward the sternum.


  • There’s no extra insulation, which implies daily wear in hot weather.
  • Neutral, flattering shape of the cups is quite impressive.
  • Lace doesn’t show even under thin shirts.


  • Coverage is a bit lacking at the top.
  • Underwire travels high up.
Cleo by Panache | Bra Fit Video

 6  Wacoal Women’s Awareness Best Support Bra for Full-figured Natural Shaping

Wacoal Women's Plus-Size Awareness Full Figure Underwire Bra, Peacoat, 32DD

The majority of the best plus size bras reviews include the Wacoal Women’s Awareness Underwire Bra. And why wouldn’t they when the bra has so much to offer.

There are components in here that you can’t even see. They exist hidden underneath doing their job in a flawless manner. Have I peaked your interest? If so, please keep on reading.

  • The Wacoal Women’s Awareness Underwire Bra excels at hiding things. Such as the seamless double-ply material cups. These are present so that your breasts can enjoy natural shaping. Then there’s the hidden sling in the inner region that’s responsible for excellent support.
  • Another part that you cannot see is the underwire. It fits without causing any irritation. In fact, the much-needed wire does quite the opposite. It provides added comfort.
  • The straps are equipped with back adjustments, which are easy to make. 

And to top it off, Wacoal has designed the bra with a smooth, beautiful jacquard fabric. What more could a set of two large breasts ask for!

If the Wacoal Awareness Underwire Bra could talk, it would scream heavy duty. The hidden underwire and inner sling offer both basic and extra support and comfort. So you don’t need to keep a constant check on that anymore.

If you expect the cups to be completely molded, get ready to be disappointed.


  • Straps are cushioned, and wires padded.
  • Cups are lined with microfiber for wicking away moisture.
  • Rounding and lifting capacity is remarkable.


  • Cups aren’t fully molded.
How to Hand Wash Your Bras?

 7  Cleo Women’s Lucy Balconette Best Affordable Support Bra for Full-figured

Cleo Women's Lucy Balconnet Bra, Black, 28D

Now this one goes by the name of Lucy. Yet another Balconette bra that supports large breasts! The Cleo Women’s Lucy Balconette Bra is a classic option. But with a touch of fun!

So let’s find out how and what it’s made of!

The craftsmanship you’re dealing with here is nothing but extraordinary. After all, the manufacturer is none other than Panache. 

  • Lucy consists of three-section cups that she guarantees to deliver superior support. In fact, the use of power mesh in the wings is what makes Lucy suitable for J cup sizes.
  • As you can see, the delicate pattern is quite attractive. The inclusion of floral lace and satin bow is what contributes to that delicate pattern. 
  • Let’s talk about something more important. Like the double lining installed in the bottom part of the cups. What this does is enhance support.

Lucy claims to be perfect for larger breasts. But what’s the proof? The evidence comes in the form of no-bulge after wearing. The additional embroidery hands out more coverage for greater support. In fact, Lucy has such a unique cup shape that you can expect fuller coverage below your nipples as well.

Well-constructed and pretty; the best way to describe the Cleo Lucy Balconette Bra. It holds the breasts all day. Making sure that factors like comfort and breathability are also a part of the experience!

It’s not only shoes that come with a break-in period. Bras do too! So don’t take it personally if Lucy pokes into your sides. It’s a part of wearing in the bra.


  • Sectioned cups enable uplifted and supportive fit.
  • It makes the chest look smaller.
  • Fit and durability are top-notch factors.


  • Lace is noticeable through light-colored clothes.
  • You might take a while to get used to the bra.
How to wear Lucy from Cleo by Panache

 8  Elomi Women’s Plus Size Best Plunge Support Bra for Full-figured

	 Elomi Women's Plus Size Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra with J-Hook, Café Au Lait, 40J

The current pick is an improvised version of the popular Betty frame. So expect nothing short of greatness from the Elomi Women’s Plus Size Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra. It is packed with many useful features that major at providing support. Even if you’re a DD, FF, GG, HH, or JJ!

  • Now comes the part where I rave about the unique construction. It consists of two crucial components. The first is the J-hook closure that’s also moveable. And the second praiseworthy design element is the flexible racerback option. It makes room for easier adjustments.
  • But the star of the show is the low center plunge. The front design is such that it offers a plunge. Without having to deal with the discomforts of wearing a push-up bra!
  • To make things even better, the manufacturer has added 3-section cups. Along with side panels! The result of which is an uplifted, encapsulated look and feel.

And before I forget, allow me to highlight another relevant point. The Elomi bra features an elastic neck edge. So fitting becomes relatively more convenient too.

The brand has it all covered. Both your breasts and all important aspects!

If you ask me, there’s only one particular reason why I would buy the current pick. It’s the bra’s plunge neckline. Plunge bras are often designed in the uncomfortable push-up style. But not this one!

Everything about the Elomi Women’s Plus Size Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra is remarkable. Except for the straps that keep falling off! But you can eliminate that problem by opting for the close-set.


  • It works best for poor posture and narrow shoulders.
  • Expect round shaping with heavy lifting.
  • Lightweight and flexible material used for construction.


  • Underband is not firm enough.
  • Straps tend to slide off.

 9  Elila Women’s Plus Size Best Support Bra for Full-figured with 4 Hook/eye Closures

Elila Lace Soft-cup Bra (1303) 46K/Black

Now here’s the first best support bra for full-figured that comes without an underwire. Not many women are comfortable with the underwire. So if you’re one of them, you might appreciate the design of this bra.

  • The Elila Women’s Plus Size Full Coverage Lace Softcup Bra offers 4 hook/eye closures. Instead of the standard 3, the majority of bras are equipped with. This the manufacturer has done, I think, to make up for the lack of underwire. The four closures don’t disappoint, even a little bit, when it comes to delivering a snug fit. Along with exceptional support!
  • Moving further, this best support bra for full-figured also consists of unique cups. These are seamed and non-stretch. With a padded sling that adds more support and lifts!
  • In fact, the broad straps are also non-stretch. But this is not bad news as you can easily adjust them from the front. 

The sad thing about stretchable straps is that they tend to wear out soon enough. Especially if you’re in the habit of making too many adjustments too often! So it’s a relief to know that the straps, in this case, are non-stretch.

In all, you’re looking at the best bra for large breasts lift. And that too with no underwire!

Read the title slowly. Elila Women’s Plus Size Full Coverage Lace Softcup Bra. It says full coverage, and that’s true. It says softcup, and that’s true as well. But what it doesn’t say; “non-stretch straps” to prevent drooping and flopping about. And the fact that the bra holds up the breasts without much difficulty!

Unfortunately, you might end up with a bra that’s one size smaller than your actual size. So order for a size up!


  • Fit is incredibly comfortable once you get the right size.
  • It provides great shape and support all day.


  • Side plastic tends to dig into the skin.
  • Sizing runs small.

 10  Freya Women’s Fancies Best Support Bra for Full-figured with a Wider Underband

	 Freya Women's Fancies Underwire Longline Bra, Black, 36G

Please do me a favor. Just look at the backside of the bra. And if you don’t want to do that, simply look at the underband. Isn’t it broader than the others on the list? Of course, it is! So that’s what you get; more support.

  • A larger underband means more hook/eye closures as well. And that suggests only one thing. More of everything, mainly comfort.
  • What caught my attention immediately after the underband is the scalloped trim. Both the band and the cups feature this scalloped trim. Don’t you think it offers a little more coverage? You know apart from making the bra look so attractive!

Let me tell you something about those cups. They are padded with soft foam to provide three important benefits. These include a proper lift, perfect shape, and appropriate definition.

So don’t hunt for any significant setbacks just because the underband is wider than the rest.

Large breasts demand more attention in the form of support and comfort. If you agree with me, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like the current pick.

Wait a second; there is something that might bother you. Bouncy boobs! The Freya Women’s Fancies Underwire Longline Bra doesn’t control that to a certain extent.


  • Soft foam padded cups uplift and shape flawlessly.
  • Multiple hook/eye rows for a better fit.
  • Pretty bow and delicate lace are fun additions.


  • Cups are not large enough.
  • Bouncy breasts are regular visitors.

Buying Guide of the Best Support Bra for Full-figured


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The buyer’s guide section is the ultimate stop. Especially if you want to know how to choose the best support bra for full-figured! Larger breasts demand bras that are specifically designed to accommodate them. So how about you scroll down to get to know more about what I’m trying to say!

Choosing the Best Support Bra for Full-figured (Avoiding the Uniboob)

  • Seek Professional Help


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I’m talking about PROFESSIONAL FITTINGS here. Indulging in something like this can bring you closer to your proper bra size and style. That means no more wasting precious time and energy in hunting for the “perfect one.”

Bust sizes change all the time, don’t they? And weight loss, weight gain, and pregnancy are the common causes. Whatever the reason or the size, comfort, and support are a priority. You and your breasts cannot compromise on that.

So the best thing to do at such times is to go see a fitting expert. Normally, this person establishes your current contour measurement. Then your cup size! As for your part, once the bra is on, do a little test. Sit down to check how much the bra expands. Cause your chest does when you’re seated! This is how you can assess the comfort level.

  • Inspect the Torso Band and Straps


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There’s a lot more than meets the eye when choosing the best bras for big chest. So it’s quite possible that you might not benefit from the standard construction of such lingerie. For instance, it’s not uncommon to feel the straps digging into the shoulders.

Women that have large breasts purchase bras with a very big torso band. This is both a problem and not a problem. Allow me to elaborate. Such a structure places all of the breast weight onto those straps. And that causes them to dig into your skin. But it’s only practical to look for bras that have a broader torso band. However, make sure that they come with the three hook/eye closures!

The greater part of the support stems from this torso band. So it’s crucial for that part of the bra to be snug. But it goes without saying that straps are supportive too. Their primary function is to STABILIZE MOVEMENT. In that case, bras with fuller cups are the most recommended. They offer extra support while also minimizing breast movement.

Although bras designed with wider straps provide maximum support. And the outcome of which is increased comfort, isn’t it?

  • Get Technical


Now I agree that lace looks lovely. But it doesn’t have the ability to hand out the comfort of modern textiles. Such as spacer fabric that is considered to be very soft and breathable. Along with being more accommodating to your particular shape!

For larger breasts, casual t-shirt bras designed using spacer fabric provide both opacity and support. And that too without increasing the projection!

Technical fabrics are a priority for sports bras as well. The moisture wicking capacity of the material is a crucial factor. Be it a compression or multi-seam designed sports bra. Keeping you dry and cool is as important as security in the former. Or the structured support of the latter.

Another core necessity is the fit of the band. The best support bra for full-figured fits well around that band. With its closures installed on the broadest apart setting! Such a design leaves enough room for adjustability. So you can enjoy a snug, comfortable closure as and when the elastic stretches out.

  • Befriend the Underwire


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Your big breasts have a very confusing relationship with the underwire, don’t they? They love the underwire for the support and lift. But hate it because of the prodding and pinching. If this sounds familiar, then please pay attention to the next part.

The best bra for lift and side support is always the one EQUIPPED WITH AN UNDERWIRE. There might be many comfortable, proper fitting wire-free styles. But none of them work as well as the best underwire version.

So my advice to you is to make sure that the underwire fits snugly against the body. The center part of that bra should be lying flat on your sternum. And not floating in the middle of your two large islands. Just keep in mind that the underwire covers all your breast tissue. It shouldn’t dig into the outskirts of your underarm region.

The goal, after all, is a seamless and smooth fit. So don’t hesitate to choose one cup size up. If those cups are running over like that undesirable spillage at Starbucks!

Frequently Asked Questions 


Should I choose Full Figure or Plus Size?


Do you think there’s no difference between Full Figure and Plus Size? If so, then I’m sorry to say that you’re wrong. Plus size means a broader band size. The band size of these types of bras begins at 40. And “full bust” or “full figure” refers to only one thing; CUP SIZE.

If your breasts are large and you opt for a DD or higher cup, here’s what you should pick. The best support bra for full-figured and not plus size. But, for instance, if you wear a 42F, your pendulum sways in both the directions.

So the majority of the best bras for D cup are “full figure”, aren’t they? The answer to this questions lies below. Keep on reading.


Why is it so difficult to find any Full Figure style bras?

Many commercial bra manufacturing companies don’t design larger-than-D cup sizes. That means they stop before reaching DD. In short, these are the mainstream brands that don’t provide “full figure” choices for ladies with larger busts.

But why do you think that’s the case? It’s because the manufacturing process here is not cost-effective. There’s a lot of difference between standard sizes and full figure.

In simple words, these companies are eager to save tons of money. Even if that means providing a falsely measured, lower size bra to their fuller-busted clientele. And this is the reason why so many women with large breasts end up wearing bras that are too small.

The End

So what is the best support bra for full-figured and how to choose it? I hope now you know the answer to the latter. As for the former, there might be a certain bit of confusion. Given that I have reviewed as many as 10 options for you. So how about I choose the best one?

It’s the Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra. This best support bra for full-figured is an excellent choice for daily wear. Since it’s molded and all! Plus, it comes in different cup sizes as well.

Don’t believe me? Feel free to check it out on your own. You’ll soon realize that it offers complete coverage. No matter your size!

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