What is the Best Tanning Bed Lotion for Fair Skin? (2022 Reviews)

Indoor tanning is a popular trend given how easy and safe it is. We all know the health benefits of indoor tanning over sun tanning. It reduces the risk of skin cancer, fights scar marks, and is good for hormones. But what you don’t already know are the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin you need to apply.

This article gives you all the details of the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin. Making it much easier for you to find yours! Once you book a number of indoor tanning sessions at your salon. Having a good tanning bed lotion by your side is essential.

Best Tanning Bed Lotion for Fair Skin – Comparison & Expert Reviews

How much do you know about the best tanning bed lotions for fair skin? From the safest to the most effective option! There’s no perfect tanning bed lotion for most people. It takes the comparison of a few important features. To unravel the ideal choice for you! Not for everyone. But only for you!

If you want such a personalized choice, you need to read what comes next.

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  1   Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion – Editor’s Choice

	 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

It’s about finding a tanning bed lotion that doesn’t irritate your skin. And the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is one of them. This best tanning bed lotion for fair skin will arouse excitement as much as relief. With the skin-healing benefits of coconut!

What’s so great about this tanning bed lotion? It has many interesting features. One of them is its tyrosine and melanin-boosting properties. This gives you a darker and evener flat in no time.

The touch of coconut milk and coconut oil improves skin health. And it has a sweet-smelling aroma that stays with you even after your tanning session.

The Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses also contains something called ‘BodyFit’. BodyFit is good for reducing signs of cellulite. Each time you use it, it reduces lines, wrinkles, and boosts firmness. After a few sessions, it has a considerable impact on your skin elasticity and texture.

I bet you have never come across a tanning bed lotion this effective! A tanning bed lotion that doesn’t use harsh bronzers. And still gives you longer lasting results and a dark tan.

The bottle contains extremely thick and moisture-laden lotion. This is a good thing as moisture helps accelerate the tan. While it boosts your skin’s ability to respond to the tanning process faster. It may feel thicker than most tanning lotions. But it’s what makes it the best one to use.

Users of this tanning bed lotion are worried about its thickness. As it gets harder to scrub off the skin during showering!


  • Coconut oil and cocoa butter fragrance.
  • It contains no harsh chemicals such as DHA.


  • The lotion is difficult to wash off.

Coconut Kisses


  2   Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Best tanning bed lotion for sensitive skin

	 Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion, 13.5 Ounce

You asked for the darkest tanning lotion on the market. And I present to you the Australian Gold Jwoww. This best tanning bed lotion for fair skin contains natural ingredients. Herbs that enhance your skin’s tone, nourish it and intensify the tan.

You don’t need to be scared of an aggressive tanning bed lotion anymore. The Australian Gold Jwoww provides hydration. And skin hydration is the number one priority when you want a longer lasting tan.

It contains vitamins and essential oils that suit all skin types. More specifically fair and sensitive skin! The essential oils remind you of the tropical beaches of Hawaii. And thanks to the glycerin and sunflower oil. Your skin will never seem too red or sensitive after tanning.

The vitamins and melanin boost in the tanning bed lotion work together. To avoid the fading of tattoos on the skin! And the Kukui nut oil improves smell to match the effect of the natural bronzer.

The feel of this tanning bed lotion is not as thick as the previous pick. It feels light and airy. And it runs smoothly along the surface of the skin. Without the skin irritating or tingling effect.

Users of this tanning bed lotion dislike its inconsistent effect. It gives you a tan (or the appearance of one) after 2-3 sessions. But this may not be true for everybody.


  • Non-greasy and smooth application.
  • It doesn’t stain or feel tingly on the skin.


  • It doesn’t work all the time.
  • Not the best-scented lotion on the market.

  3   Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer Best tanning bed lotion for the money

	 Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer, 13.5-Ounces

Have you ever paid for an expensive tanning lotion in a salon? It’s 3-4 times the price of the kind you’d get in a cosmetic store. Both products have the same effect and long-lasting results. This tanning bed lotion is the best in that regard.

It has an affordable price tag. It also matches up to the high-priced tanning lotions. Why pay double or triple the price when you can buy a tanning bed lotion comfortably?

The Designer Skin Luminary works in good condition to improve your tan. Apart from being the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin for the money! This makes each session more effective than the last.

It contains solar silicone which is good for accelerating your tan. This gives you stronger skin results without the unwanted aftereffect. Isn’t that what most people worry about when buying a bronzer?

The essence of this tanning bed lotion makes it a good moisturizer. This means you can use it daily. Thanks to its smooth lotion texture and feel. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and smooth. So you don’t need to worry about skin dryness.

Users of this tanning lotion dislike the fact that it has no lingering scent. Unlike the previous lotions, this one doesn’t have any scent. Especially not the kind that stays with you after your tanning session!


  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • The melanin-boosting effect is impressive.
  • It moisturizes the skin against UV rays.


  • It has no smell after tanning.

  4   Australian Gold Dark Best tanning bed lotion and tanning accelerator

	 Australian Gold DARK TANNING ACCELERATOR Lotion 8.5 oz

There is no shortage of good tanning bed lotions on the market. And the Australian Gold Dark Tanning is proof of that. It tells a story when you do not have to rely on harsh chemicals to get a deeper tan. And at a cost that’s no that troublesome too!

If you’re fair skinned, this color on you works faster than anything else. It’s safe, effective, and reliable. Do you go through tanning sessions more than once a week? If so, you need this best tanning bed lotion for fair skin by your side.

The ingredients in this lotion are popular and recognized in the world. The botanical essence and essential oils make everything better. You not only get tanned skin but also hydrated, moisturized, and incredibly soft.

You think this isn’t the mark of a good accelerator lotion? Then I don’t know what is. Lastly, it contains vitamin A and E concentrate to boost skin health post-treatment.

This tanning bed lotion is a tanning lotion and accelerator all in one. This means it has a thicker and non-grease consistency. Good for applying all over your skin and near sensitive areas. It contains no harsh ingredients that can cause skin irritation.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked how slow it works. You have to go through more than a few tanning sessions to its effect on your fair skin.


  • Non-greasy and smooth.
  • It contains vitamin A and E.


  • Not the quickest tanning bed lotion to use.

  5   Millenium Tanning New Solid Best tanning bed lotion for an intense tan

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion, 100x, 13.5-Ounce

You will hear a lot about the Millenium Tanning Lotion. Even more so when you want a dark black tanning bronzer for the win! This is what makes it the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin.

I did a research into this product, to be frank. Since there have been many claims made about its effectiveness and efficiency. But my research was more encouraging than I expected. There’s one too many good things about this lotion.

For starters, it has a 100 times advanced silicone bronzer. With an auto-darkening tan technology! It enhances, boosts, and improve the quality of your tan. And on fair skin, improving skin texture is very important.

It has a mild fragrance that’s not too harsh or pungent. The smell is actually what sets this tanning bed lotion apart from the rest.

The lotion gives you that natural tan glow that you’ve always wanted. Without the unwanted stickiness buildup on your skin!

The feel of this lotion is non-greasy and even. It isn’t that thick to scrub off. This means you can speed up your post-treatment process. Without worrying about skin irritation.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked the fact that it makes their skin dry. There are two ways to go about it. You can use it with a tanning moisturizer to counter its dryness. Or you can rub more lotion on dry areas.


  • Incredible skin darkening effect.
  • Non-greasy and light to use.


  • It leaves the skin dry post-treatment.

  6   Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Best tanning bed lotion for indoor and outdoor use

	 Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers, Tanning Bed Lotion 8.5 oz

Let’s consider something that works as a bronzer and tanning bed lotion. The Australian Gold Cheeky has the powers of both. This best tanning bed lotion for fair skin has a skin-hydrating bronzer. In addition to offering an incredible tan!

You don’t have to deal with stains or irritation. It keeps everything under wraps. And has an expert formula to give you the best tanning experience of your life. The essential oils, vitamins, and bronzer work together.

The vitamin A and E fight against skin dryness, dehydration, and roughness. This is necessary for when you step out under the sun post-treatment. Making the Australian Gold a clear winner for sunlight exposure!

Many people scare away easily due to post-treatment skin burns. Apply this tanning bed lotion all over your body. And you won’t feel the heat of the sun post-tanning. It’s that amazing and effective!

This bronzer works with a good starting base tan. Its essential oils make the lotion easy to apply and longer lasting. Even though your skin absorbs most of it. The lotion sticks to it to provide protection and smoothness.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked the stains this leaves behind. Even more so when you do not apply the lotion evenly!


  • Good for hydration and moisturizing.
  • It protects the skin from UV rays.


  • It leaves marks/stains when applied unevenly.

  7   Designer Skin Bombshell 100XX Best tanning bed lotion for experienced users

	 Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer, 13.5-Ounce Bottle

Complement the Designer Skin Bombshell with the best tanning moisturizer you have. And you’ll see how effective and longer lasting your tan gets. I have a lot to say about this impressive tanning bed lotion.

What I’ll start with first are its tea extract ingredients. It contains impressive white tea extract to beautify your skin. Nothing about it feels uncomfortable. This bronzer comes with a tingling effect. And that means it’s 100% effective.

Some people like to know what they’re using. In fact, they want to feel it working on their skin. And a bronzer of this kind gives you a sizzle tanning result. This means you feel the tingling sensation as soon as the process begins.

It goes from mildly dark to very dark in no time. And once you start with your base tan, it just keeps getting better and better. Making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a longer lasting tan with a good smell!

This lotion gives off a mild tingle sensation after. But it works well, has a smooth consistency. And doesn’t stick to your skin during showering. Making it an effective tanning bed lotion for an intense skin tan.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked its strong smell. It’s a bit disappointing when a bronzer this strong doesn’t have a good scent to back it up.


  • Smooth and non-greasy consistency.
  • You can use it in large batches.


  • It has a pungent scent post-treatment.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

  8   Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone Bronzer Best tanning bed lotion for fair skin with tattoos

Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz, Black

Using this is like getting the most expensive tanning salon experience. You’ve always wanted it and now it’s finally yours. But this best tanning lotion isn’t expensive nor hard-to-get.

It has special ingredients that make it 100% effective and professional. You won’t face problems with application. And it doesn’t have any harmful aftereffects to speak of.

The best part about this tanning bed lotion is that it works the deepest layer of your skin. So if you have any tattoos that you’re worried about. They won’t lose their color and fade away post-treatment. Just as long as you have this tanning bed lotion to use!

It stimulates both melanin and tyrosine in the skin. And it has skin-firming ingredients that not only reverse aging. But improve skin texture. The more you use this for your sessions, the sooner you’ll notice its results.

The lotion contains plenty of moisture to soothe sensitive and dry skin. And for fair-skinned users, it is a revelation. The non-greasy and soft-to-touch consistency of the lotion does wonders. So it’s easy to apply on your skin and much easier to remove.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked the fact that it doesn’t smell as good as the others. It has no post-treatment fragrance to speak of. Nor does it have a natural scent while applying.


  • Good for treating skin cellulite.
  • It prevents tattoo fading and pigmentation.


  • It doesn’t have any natural scent.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

  9   Indoor Tanning Lotion Dark Best tanning bed lotion for beginners

Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds - Dark Tan Accelerator and Pro Tan Lotion Uses the Best Bronzer & is the Luxury Sunless Tanning Lotion for Skin Tanning – Highest Quality

This may be one of the most affordable tanning bed lotions on the market. But it’s no less than a professional and expensive one. It works as a tanning accelerator and bronzer. So I can with certainty that this has a lot of benefits.

If you don’t trust the effects of indoor tanning, you will after using this product. It gives you a natural glow, exactly the kind you’d get from sun tanning. The bronzers are well-equipped and ready to give you the incredible golden skin tone.

I haven’t told you the best part yet. This best tanning bed lotion for fair skin is showerproof! So regardless of showering post-treatment, the lotion does its magic. This means better tan and more moisturization.

It helps with darkening so that it doesn’t irritate the skin. Not only that, if you have tattoos, this takes care of them too. The whole point of using a protectant such as this is to ensure no tattoo fades away!

This is a beginner-friendly tanning bed lotion. You can use it for your first session for a base tan. Or you can use it in succession after. It has a non-greasy and smooth consistency. That sticks to your skin like glue even after showering.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked how slow the lotion works. But it works nonetheless. So if you’re not the patient kind, this may seem frustrating to take on.


  • Good for sun protection and moisturizing.
  • Faster skin absorption for a deeper tan.


  • The lotion takes a while to tan skin.

  10   Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronzer Best tanning bed lotion for fair skin with fine lines and wrinkles

Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion, 10 oz.

Nothing beats all other tanning bronzers to the punch as the Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronzer. It has the best lotion consistency one could hope for. With an immediate deep bronzer, it’s fast-acting.

Not to forget, this best tanning bed lotion for fair skin has better skin-absorption power. Go for this pick. If you want your skin to look radiant and natural-glowing! With essential oils and healthy vitamins!

It reduces signs of fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and skin sagging. This makes it one of the best anti-aging tanning bed lotions.

Fair skin is first to catch such marks. And you feel more and more inclined to avoid tanning because of it. But now you don’t have to do anything to fight. Let this Ed Hardy Hollywood lotion take care of it all.

It has an amino-peptide complex concentrate that reduces and reverse signs of aging. So every time you use, there’s a mild reduction in fine lines. Just the thing you needed from a product that shines and promises that you do too!

The ideal amount of time for this tanning bed lotion to take effect is 2-3 weeks. It gives you a pretty good tan, to begin with. And if you’re starting with a base tan, this is way more effective.

Users of this tanning lotion disliked the fact that it dries off quickly. This is probably the only thing that sets this product back.


  • It gives a deep and dark tan.
  • The smell is not too strong post-treatment.


  • The lotion dries off quickly after use.

Your Buyer’s Guide to Tanning Bed Lotions 2021


Photo credit: thoroughlyreviewed.com

If you’re new to indoor tanning, I would definitely recommend you to know this.

Types of Tanning Bed Lotions for Fair Skin

There are 3 common types of tanning bed lotions on the market. You can use any one of them based on your personal preference. Or you can find out what they’re good for and go with that.

These lotions contain different ingredients that may or may not work on your skin. So pay attention to what comes next.

Maximizer or Accelerator

A maximizer tanning lotion gives you a much stronger and concentrated base tan. It’s the first thing most people use when getting their tan. You might want to buy a high-quality accelerator. If you want your tan to last longer and have a strong effect on your skin!

You can always start with a maximizer and move up to others. It’s the starting point to indoor tanning techniques. And almost all tanning experts recommend it.

Buying a tan accelerator can be the best decision you make for your fair skin. It gives you a natural sun-kissed glow. While moisturizing your skin and keeping it soft!

The secret behind tan accelerators is that they boost melanin production. This is what gives you an intense tan.


A bronzer tanning bed lotion gives you a darker glow which lasts for a couple of days. Compared with an accelerator, a bronzer is instant and more effective.

This tanning bed lotion also enhances the production of melanin in your skin. The more this active ingredient multiplies, the stronger is your tan. And longer-lasting!

A bronzer tanning bed lotion contains tyrosine, amino acids, and other ingredients. It’s important to find a safe bronzer. To reduce skin irritation, itchiness, and redness.

The thing that gets your tanning clothes all stained is a bronzer. So make sure you wear appropriate clothing.


Tingle tanning bed lotions are more complex than the first two. They’re called “tingle” because they give you a tingling sensation when you apply it. This is not a bad thing. A good tingle tanning bed lotion works!

This process makes a tingle tanning bed lotion more intense and long-lasting. The chemicals in a tingle lotion boost blood circulation. But not under the skin’s surface. It boosts blood flow inside the skin. Enhancing the production of melanin to give you a darker tan!

Do not be alarmed if your skin becomes red for at least an hour. The redness will fade away eventually. The chemicals that do this are either methyl nicotinate or benzyl. They pull oxygen to the skin’s surface.

What Is the Bronzer in Tanning Lotion?


Do Tanning Bed Lotions Work?


Photo credit: youlookattractive.com

I don’t take on something new unless I know exactly what it is. That’s what you should do too. You need to know whether tanning bed lotion is the ideal choice for you or not. If you wish to get your hands on the best tanning bed lotion for fair skin.

Having said that, here are some of the benefits of using a tanning bed lotion:

  • Skin Moisturizing

Be it an accelerator or bronzer or tingle, they contain many natural ingredients. These ingredients do a great job at moisturizing the skin. You don’t want unhealthy-looking skin that’s rough and sensitive after tanning. So these ingredients make sure your skin stays soft, silky, and hydrated after.

  • Skin Firming

This is the best-kept secret of tanning bed lotions. They’re good for reversing skin aging. Plus, they keep your skin tight and healthy long after your tanning session. This isn’t just about the looks. Tanning bed lotions work on the deepest skin layer. To prevent scars, redness, and other skin problems.

  • Tan Booster

Tanning bed lotions are the best tan boosters. If you don’t apply it, there’s a world of difference between the two. You need a melanin-booster to get a dark tan. An increase in melanin production can maintain your intense tan. That too for an extended period of time! Isn’t that what you want from your indoor tanning session?

How to Get a Dark Tan in a Tanning Bed?

  • The Cooling Effect

Tanning bed lotions keep your skin cool and comfortable under the tanning bulbs. This is because high-quality tanning bed lotions come with cooling ingredients. These not only give you a tingling sensation when you apply them. But they make sure your skin doesn’t get inflamed because of the sudden shift in setting. (How Do Tanning Beds Work?)

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q1. Will I need a tanning bed lotion for sensitive skin?

It’s not true that all fair-skinned people have sensitive skin. But it’s always good to know what “safe for sensitive skin” means to you. There are many reasons why you may have sensitive skin.

Skin sensitivity may be in your genes. It is obvious that skin tone is genetic. But it’s also possible to pass on your skin sensitivity to your kids. If that’s the case, buying a tanning bed lotion for sensitive skin is ideal.

Do you have any common allergies? More specifically to chemicals found in cosmetic products. You need to know what they are. Only then can you rely on a good and safe tanning bed lotion for you.

Lastly, people with fair skin often experience more redness. This has nothing to do with skin sensitivity. It’s because of your fair skin tone that you can see a more noticeable effect after tanning.

Q2. How to use a tanning bed lotion?


Photo credit: verywellhealth.com

These helpful tips will get you to your best tan ever! All you need to do is follow the steps carefully.

Have you booked an appointment at a tanning salon?

So it’s necessary that you speak to the staff about the tanning bed lotion you’re planning to use. There is a possibility that they will provide you with a lotion themselves. But you need to consult with their on-call tanning professional first. That is if you have a condition such as sensitive skin.

If you’re getting a full-body tan, you need to apply the lotion everywhere. And do not forget to apply it on your face and neck. A good tanning bed lotion is safe to use on all parts of the body.

This you need to apply at least 30-60 minutes before your tanning session. This should give you the full tanning effect. After the tanning is done, apply some moisturizer and do not wash the lotion off right away.

Final Words

Tanning bed lotions were invented to make indoor tanning effortless. So you get naturally-glowing skin quite as effectively as when you tan under the sun.

And the one that does it better than others is the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Lotion. It comes with coconut milk and oil extracts. That has an age-defying effect on the fair skin. And it gives you intense hydration with the tanning and skin-firming properties.

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