The Best Tanning Lotion for Tattoos You Need to Be Using (Top 5 Reviews)


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When you use a tanning lotion for tattoos, you’re taking care of your skin. To maintain a healthy glow and softness of skin! Tanning is no child’s play for adults. And when you do it right, it seems almost effortless with the help of these tanning lotions.

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	 Australian Gold JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer with Ink-Drink Complex, 13.5 Ounce

Is this best tanning lotion for tattoos better for all types of skin? The Kendi oil and shea butter moisturize skin while keeping it healthy. The Ink-drink complex contains a mixture of vitamins and beeswax. This mixture offers tattoo rejuvenation.

This is absolutely the kind of protection your tattoo and skin need from tanning. And the Australian Gold JWOWW offers it effortlessly and at a good price.

For good tanning results, this lotion gives you a natural black (and DHA-free) bronzer. It offers no maintenance, no streaking, and definitely no staining. Even if you’re a beginner at tanning, you will be 100% safe with this lotion. That’s a guarantee.

You don’t need DHA in your tanning lotion especially when it’s a bronzer. DHA gives you an orange stain on your palms and clothes post-treatment. This means it contains DHA. You can intensify your tan with this lotion. As it doesn’t contain any traces of DHA.

What I don’t like about this tanning lotion is the fact that it has a slow turnover. This means you have to go through a bunch of tanning sessions to get it just right!


  • Great tanning lotion for indoor use.
  • It intensifies the tattoo color.


  • The tanning is a bit slower than usual.

JWOWW Talks Tanning


#2 Australian Gold Cheeky Brown – Best indoor and outdoor tanning lotion for tattoos

Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers, Tanning Bed Lotion 8.5 oz

Some people rely on the feel of a tanning lotion to know that it’s working. It’s the tingling feeling you get when you’re getting a tan. If this is you, the Australian Gold Cheeky Brown helps.

It is an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion with a concentrated formula. This formula is extraordinary because it gives you the results you want. While keeping your tattoo safe and intense throughout!

The tingling effect you get means that the formula is working on your skin. And you can thank tea tree oil for its effectiveness. This oil nourishes the skin from within. While giving an intense and natural tan1

This best tanning lotion has a Biosine complex to speed up pigment production. So all-in-all, this is a reliable product.

Many of you are curious about the ingredients of a tanning lotion. To make sure it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that may spoil your amazing tattoo. This lotion contains sunflower oil, water, aloe vera gel, and glycerin. Among many other natural ingredients; none of which can harm your tattoo.

This tanning lotion for tattoos is bad for people who are sensitive to smell. It has an extra-sweet smell which isn’t its personal best!


  • It contains vitamins to boost natural bronzing tan.
  • It works faster than other lotions.


  • It has an unpleasant and strong scent.

#3 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden – The healthiest tanning lotion for tattoos

	 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

Want to know more about a tanning lotion that’s worth buying? The Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden has got what it takes! It’s a popular and dependable tanning lotion for tattoos.

The best part about this lotion is that it contains traces of coconut. And coconut oil is skin’s best friend. Not to forget, this formula also contains coconut milk. So while the Quad Tyrosine blend intensifies your tan. The coconut milk and oil moisturize the skin.

The Melactiva is a melanin synthesizer, present in this lotion, which does a lot for the skin. Keeping it healthy, glowing, and soft! One of its primary functions is to accelerate melanin production.

This accelerates skin pigmentation for a longer lasting tan. If you want a darker tan, you need this best tanning lotion for tattoos for it.

This tanning lotion contains ingredients that have given it a thick consistency. This is a good thing because too much moisture deepens your tan. And your skin responds well to a strong tanning lotion without causing dry and itchy skin.

A tanning lotion does well with a bronzer. It gives the skin a deeper and darker tan. Unfortunately, this tanning lotion doesn’t contain any bronzer ingredients.


  • It contains all-natural ingredients.
  • It works in less than 5 hours post-treatment.


  • It isn’t a bronzer.

#4 Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone – Best tanning lotion for many tattoos

B006BD93M6	 Ed Hardy Elixir Silicone Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz, Black

There’s always that one quality that makes a tanning lotion better than others. And in the case of the Ed Hardy Elixir, all credits go to its tattoo-fade protection formula. This means it’s specifically designed to prevent tattoo fading.

Let me tell you that this best tanning lotion for tattoos is hardcore. It is not only a silicone tanning formula. But it also contains skin-firming and anti-aging elements. All this while giving you a dark and longer lasting tan.

It contains a Melano bronzer, Nouritan, and BodyFit formula. All these ingredients boost melanin production and skin pigmentation. Not only that, if you’re worried about losing the color of your tattoo. Or your skin becoming loose in the process!

The skin-firming and tightening BodyFit formula reduces cellulite. All the more reason why the Ed Hardy Elixir should be taken seriously!

With no tingling effect or staining, this lotion is super effective. It has a 20x bronzing effect. You can use it on your face and sensitive parts. And it doesn’t contain any traces of DHA or THC.

This tanning lotion doesn’t kid around when it tans and protects your skin. This means it unsuitable for beginners who don’t know much about tanning.


  • Safe and effective to use.
  • The bronzing effect is fast.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

#5 Maui Babe Browning Lotion – Best tanning lotion for tattoos on sensitive skin

	 Maui Babe Browning Lotion 8 Ounces

The secret of the Mauri Babe is of beautiful and naturally-glowing skin. It has that extra special ingredient most tanners want in a lotion. And that ingredient is a Hawaiian formula.

This formula is made of Kona coffee extract, Kukui nut oil, and vitamins. It is unique because not many high-quality bottles of tanning lotion contain such a mix. And it’s special because it rejuvenates the skin from within.

The caffeine in Kona coffee accelerates blood flow. This automatically boosts melanin production and enhances skin pigmentation. Plus, the blood flow to the skin makes your skin shine and soft.

As for protecting tattoos, this lotion has vitamins and Kukui Nut oil. It doesn’t lessen the color of the tattoo. But in fact, it tightens the skin around the tattoo for reducing signs of aging.

The feel and consistency of this best tanning lotion for tattoos is greasy. That is because it contains lots of moisture to protect sensitive skin. You must use this lotion with SPF as it can cause sunburns from outdoor tanning.

There’s one thing I don’t like about tanning lotions. And that is how much they stain and spoil your clothes and towels. And this tanning lotion does discolor fabrics with a yellowish-brown color.


  • It works effectively with sunscreen.
  • The consistency is smooth like butter.
  • Gives you a gorgeous and dark tan every time.


  • It does leave stains easily and quickly.

Quick Buyer’s Guide to The Best Tanning Lotion for Tattoos


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It’s true that people with tattoos should keep their exposure to UV rays to the minimum. Tattoo ink is a permanent scar tissue in the skin layer. It is a visible surface layer between the skin’s dermis and epidermis.

And when you tan your skin, melanin production increases. And it deposited in the epidermis layer of the skin. This can potentially fade tattoos when done in a consistent manner.

So how can you avoid tattoo fading while getting the best tan of your life?

It’s by buying the best tanning lotion for tattoos. These lotions contain ingredients that prevent tattoo fading. Different bottles use unique and new ingredients. Now if you have a tattoo, you won’t lose its colors and design after a few tanning sessions. That’s a guarantee.

To understand how tanning lotions work on tattoos. You need to know how tanning lotions affect the skin during the tanning process.

How Tanning Lotions Work


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There’s an established science behind tanning lotions. And while it is for real, there’s no saying how effectively it works for everyone. Every person’s skin tone and chemistry are unique.

Let’s say you’re doing an indoor tanning session. With an indoor session, UV rays are controlled and focused to boost melanin. These enhanced UV rays accelerate skin pigmentation. A tanning lotion enhances this process in a healthy manner.

A good tanning lotion contains L-Tyrosine, amino acids, vitamins, and other ingredients. These enhance melanin production. The natural oils in a tanning lotion keep the skin hydrated. It reduces dryness of the skin, itchiness, and blotches.

The active ingredients in tanning lotions work on many levels. To reduce skin peeling, fading of tattoos, and inflammation. All this is important for you to consider when picking the best tanning lotion for tattoos.

What Are Tanning Lotions Made Of


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Your tanning lotion must have the following ingredients to protect your skin:


Antibacterial Protection

Ingredients such as vitamin A, C, and E are great antioxidants. You can also check for ingredients such as tea tree oils, lemon extract, and pomegranate. Your skin needs those antioxidants to repair damages.

UV-ray and UVB-ray skin damage is a serious issue. It can quicken the pace of aging skin. Your skin is likely to show signs of cellulite, inflammation, sagging, and wrinkles. Antioxidants prevent and repair damage from UV and UVB-rays.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients are good for healing skin. This is an important factor to consider for tanning lotions for tattoos. The area around the tattoo tends to get very sensitive around tanning.

And ingredients such as beeswax soften and heal inflamed tattoos. So your tattoo doesn’t lose color, look faded, or get infected. (Tattoo Aftercare)


Indoor and outdoor tanning strips your skin’s moisture. This can lead to extreme dehydration of the skin. Causing the skin to become itchy, rough, and inflamed! (How to Care For Skin after Tanning)

Ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, coconut, etc. are good for hydration. They heal and soften the skin. And such ingredients are good alternatives to healing tattoos.

After tanning, your tattoos need to heal and repair. And this is possible with the help of moisture which aloe vera and shea butter offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is DHA in tanning lotions harmful?

DHA is a skin coloring applied for indoor and outdoor tanning. And as is popularly known, it has many drastic side-effects. Making it an unsuitable ingredient in tanning lotions for tattoos!

For any cosmetic product, natural ingredients are effective and safe. They do not inflame the skin or cause skin peeling or itchiness. Chemicals, on the other hand, are not naturally-derived.

Chemicals can have extreme chemical reactions on different types of skin. So it’s a good practice to stay aware of what certain chemicals can do to the body. DHA is a tanning chemical used to make the skin tone darker. But is it safe?

The common side effect of DHA is skin irritation and inflammation. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to chemicals. You are most likely to experience discomfort post-treatment.

Having said that, buying tanning lotions with DHA is short-lived. They’re effective for only a short period of time. Why buy something that gives you a temporary tan when you can invest in a healthier and longer lasting option?

Q2. What’s the best way to take care of my skin after tanning?

Did you know you can darken your tan post-treatment?

Here are the essential steps you need to take to care for your tanned skin.

  • Apart from using a tanning lotion with ingredients that will hydrate your skin. You need to drink lots of water post tanning. You accelerate your chances of preventing parched and itchy skin.
  • Applying a good moisturizer with skin-healing ingredients is important. It keeps the skin cool and moisturized after. Apply it gently on your skin after you finish tanning.
  • Apply a sunless tanning lotion to protect your tattoo and skin. It’s this product that will help you darken your tan for a longer time.

Note: Do not rush into your tanning appointments. Leave a good amount of time between each session. It’s essential you give your skin time to heal itself from UV and UVB rays.

Key Takeaway

There’s plenty of advantage in relying on the best tanning lotion for tattoos. And the ideal one to invest in, for healthy skin, is Australian Gold JWOWW.

This tanning lotion won’t give you parched, itchy, and dry skin. Do you seek a natural and healthy alternative to treating tattoo skin? If yes, this tanning lotion won’t do any wrong by your side. And you won’t have to hunt the next best option any time soon!

And even if you do, we have plenty of options for you to rely on.

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