Can You Use Tanning Bed Lotion Outside? (All You Need to Know)

This article talks about the most important question of all. And that is can you use tanning bed lotion outside? Do you want to get a natural tan within boosting melanin the artificial way? If so, here’s what you need to know.

Do you want to know if using tanning bed lotion outside is a good idea? The latest update that you cannot overlook is right here. All you need to do is read it and be the first to know!

You can get a tan in numerous ways. You either tan in an indoor tanning bed or use sunless tanning lotion. But what about tanning in the sun? What kind of products are there to use outsides? And can you use tanning bed lotion outside?

What’s In a Tanning Bed Lotion?


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Let’s look into its most basic ingredients. To understand whether it would be okay to use it outside!

The active ingredients in tanning bed lotions are melanin and L-Tyrosine. Melanin is an important chemical because it accelerates skin tanning without sun exposure. You can’t get a good tan without boosting the production of melanin in the body. That’s what a tanning bed and a tanning bed lotion do.

Other ingredients include green tea, natural oils, and copper. The term “tingle” has been given to tanning bed lotions for a reason. Cause they boost blood flow at the skin level. This results in a mild tingling sensation when putting the lotion on.

Tanning - The Importance of Wearing Tanning Lotion


Can You Use Tanning Bed Lotion Outside?


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Before we get into the details. Let me give you an excellent tanning tip. Since we’re on the topic of using an indoor lotion outside! Never use an outdoor tanning lotion in a tanning bed.

The reason being there are minerals present in outdoor tanning lotions. That may damage the acrylics of a tanning bed. Indoor tanning lotions do not contain such chemicals. So they neither damage nor build upon acrylic surfaces.

Don’t make any mistakes when it comes to tanning. Allow me to tell you a bit about the types of tanning bed lotions.



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Bronzers are, as the name suggests, bronzing lotions. You will find DHA, cosmetic, and natural bronzers on the market. The strongest being the DHA bronzer. It gives you a deeper skin tan for days after tanning.

Natural bronzers are made of green tea extract and such natural ingredients. They stay on your skin for a few days after tanning. But they’re not as intense as DHA. It’s important to differentiate between a natural and DHA bronzer.

Cosmetic bronzers contain chemicals that stain your clothes. They are quick, effective, and safe. A few hours of use and they give you a natural tan. That is because cosmetic bronzers contain caramel and instant melanin-boosting ingredients.

And unlike DHA and natural, they wash off with water.


A moisturizer contains several hydrating ingredients. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor tanning, your skin gets dehydrated. And a moisturizer prevents dry and peeling skin. Hempseed oil and other moisturizing ingredients are essential.

How Safe Is a Tanning Bed Lotion for the Sun?


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You don’t want to burn your skin using a bronzer without moisturizing agents. A tanning bed lotion works to boost the production of melanin. Quickening the tanning process and getting you the golden look!

But outside, you need to stay protected from the sun. This means SPF protection to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays. Standard tanning bed lotions do not come with SPF protection.

So can you use tanning bed lotion outside?

You can’t if your tanning bed lotion contains no sunscreen and moisturizer. Without these two essential ingredients, your skin will become damaged and sunburnt.

Don’t let others tell you I told you so! Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for a tanning bed lotion for outside use.

  • Always opt for skin-moisturizing ingredients

This includes natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa, or natural oils. These ingredients offer hydration and skin softening properties.

  • Avoid using tingle lotions

Tingle lotions contain chemicals that are heat-activated. They not only boost melanin. But also boost the blood flow to the skin with the help of UV rays. This will damage your skin if you’re not well-protected with an SPF or sunscreen.

  • Apply sunscreen separately

Do you really like a tanning bed lotion you’d rather use outdoors? If yes, then apply the tanning bed lotion to all exposed skin areas. Then apply sunscreen with SPF protection to avoid sunburns.

Opt for water-resistant sunscreens for outside use. And make sure you allow your tanning bed lotion to dry off completely on the skin. Before applying the sunscreen!

  • Do not tan outside for too long

Long exposure to UV rays can damage your skin. Practice moderate tanning for not longer than 2 hours.

Key Takeaway

It’s not just about how you tan outside that matters. It’s about what you put on your skin such as a good tanning bed lotion. Sun tanning will increase your tan but it could also burn your skin.

Most indoor tanning lotions do not offer water or sweat-resistant ingredients. But you should invest in a water-resistant sunscreen. If you spend a good amount of time outdoors! Apply it well and get yourself that summertime glow naturally.

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