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DIY Advent CalendarI know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but we are so ready for Christmas! We’ve started to pull out a few of our Christmas decorations (too soon?) and this year I’m adding this super easy DIY advent calendar to the mix. I wanted to post about it early so you had time to order the supplies if you wanted to make one for your home. Growing up, Stacie and I had candy cane Christmas advent calendars that hung from our mantle. Basically, every day in December we got to eat a candy cane. I have to be honest, I don’t even really like peppermint but it was always fun to see them disappear from the calendar as Christmas got closer and closer! G is a HUGE fan of Christmas (I mean, singing Christmas songs in July, that kind of superfan) so I thought it would be fun for us to be able to open a small gift each day and countdown the days until Christmas.

DIY Advent CalendarThe supplies for my DIY advent calendar were easy enough- I knew I wanted something pretty enough to hang on the wall so I went with a gold and silver theme. I ordered a mix of gold patterned treat bags from The Bakers Confections (I ordered two sets of 12) and some fun holiday washi tape from Chicky Doddle. Then I picked up a piece of 12″ x 12″ silver glitter cardstock and two sets of mini clothespins from JoAnn and added some white ribbon from home.

DIY Advent Calendar presentsI’ve been collecting small items to use as presents in my DIY advent calendar. Mostly I’ve been saving promos and GWPs but I’ve also picked up some of our favorite items in travel size. We really like skincare and masks and I’m a fan of mini lipsticks. Chocolate or candy is always good for these calendars as well. G will probably find a few goodies from Birchbox Man boxes and I’ve got a few small items saved from makeup trades I’ve done. Some of my ideas for gifts: sheet masks, mini lipsticks, lip balm, mini cleansers, small candles, hand lotion, shaving cream, razors, small gift cards, movie tickets, sweet treats, etc.

DIY Advent Calendar Free Printable NumbersThe longest part of this whole process was making the numbered tags so I’m sharing mine with you to save you the time. Just click on or save the images and print them out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I’ve seen some advent calendars start with 24 so you have a countdown until Christmas but I prefer to start at the beginning so the numbers correspond to what date it is.

DIY Advent Calendar Free PrintableI also enlarged the tags to make cutting out the glitter backing easier. You’ll need to print two copies of this and you’ll have a few extras.

DIY Advent CalendarI just cut the numbers out of plain white paper but you can use colored paper if you prefer. I glued the sheets of blank tags to the back of the glitter paper to make it easier to cut them out. Once I had all of my pieces, I glued the numbered tags to the front of the glitter ones.

DIY Advent CalendarOnce the tags were done, I was ready to put my DIY advent calendar together! I used three strips of ribbon and hung five bags on the wall at a time as I didn’t want the calendar to become too heavy. Plus I can place a few bags on different walls around the apartment to really make the place feel festive!

DIY Advent CalendarOnce I filled each bag with goodies, I folded the top over (folding it towards me with the ribbon in between). Then I taped them shut with the washi tape. Finally I used the clothespins to attach the tags!

DIY Advent CalendarThe clothespins don’t really hold much weight so make sure the bag is securely taped around the ribbon.

DIY Advent CalendarThen I stapled the ribbon to the wall and that was it! A fun, easy DIY advent calendar that looks so cute! Even though I already know what I’m getting, I can’t wait to open each bag. It will be a fun way to countdown to Christmas.

DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent CalendarDo you have an advent calendar? Have you gone overboard and started decorating for Christmas already?



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  1. Elaine says:

    Wow you are SO talented! What a great idea and perfect way to use all those little samples!!! We had our Thanksgiving in October so we’re in full on Christmas mood!

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