HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection

HASK Hawaiian Seat Salt Beach Texture CollectionI love the messy, beach hair look. That carefree, just rolled out of bed but my hair still looks fabulous look. Unfortunately, my hair is pretty straight and fine so it doesn’t quite cooperate (I know, such a terrible problem to have…). I’ve spent a lot of time adding texture and mussing it up only to have it go flat in a few minutes. That’s why I was so excited to try the HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection. This shampoo, conditioner, and texture spray promise to enhance waves and add texture while still nourishing and protecting hair to keep it healthy. I’ve had a lot of good luck with HASK in the past so I was feeling pretty good about this collection.

HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Shampoo and ConditionerThe HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Collection uses Hawaiian sea salt to provide minerals and enhance waves, pearl extract to deeply nourish hair, coconut oil to add moisture, and blue seakale to protect hair from the elements. All together, it’s a combination that adds texture while still keeping your hair healthy and strong. The HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Shampoo and Conditioner come in pretty blue bottles and they smell like sunscreen- which I would normally think is weird for hair products but really sets the beachy mood here. I could definitely tell that my hair felt different after using the shampoo and conditioner. It felt more textured than usual and while I was letting it air dry it seemed to get pretty wavy.

HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Makin Waves Texture SprayAfter I had let my hair air dry for a bit (during which time it definitely developed waves that I don’t normally have), I used the HASK Hawaiian Sea Salt Makin’ Waves Texture Spray. This texture spray seemed to really lock-in my new waves and added a little bit of hold to my hair. I blow dried it like usual and was left with messy, beachy waves. I was pretty impressed- I didn’t really do much more than usual but my hair had great texture and a lot more shape and volume and it lasted all day. This collection is a great way to get beachy waves without much effort.


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