How to Hide Love Handles in the Most Flattering Manner? (#3 Is the Best Tip)

Every woman should know about these clever tips on how to hide love handles. When you’re on your way to whittling your waist, you need to know how to dress well.

Let’s be honest, you aren’t so excited about those love handles, are you? And in order to take your mind off them, you need to hide them well. But what makes them worse? Wearing the wrong clothes that don’t hide but accentuate them even more!

If you are as frustrated as I am about this. Keep reading to find out more about how to hide love handles.

13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks and DIY Outfit Ideas


  1   Wear high-waist bottoms


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I can’t stress this fact enough. Wearing bottoms with a high waist is a life saver. If you have a smaller waist with love handles. This is a great way to shape your torso without it creating a bulge.

You need to get rid of the noticeable line between your hips and waist. And a high-waist bottom is the only thing that can smoothen out those curves.

Look for bottoms that sit just over or above your belly button. And so as to avoid back problems, a thick waistband is essential.

  2   Wear empire waistlines


An empire waistline is clothes that are tight from the waist. But they have a dress-like flare that widens below it. Good for hiding love handles and muffin tops.

If you don’t like the way empire waistlines look. You can also opt for A-line clothes. They are similar to empire waistlines. Being thin at the top and flare out at the bottom! This makes love handles even less noticeable. Especially when you wear darker colors!

  3   Wear shapewear to smooth out your love handles


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Wearing compression shapewear is never a bad idea. Body shapers are growing impetus as they’re comfortable and supportive. They’re known as shaping garments as they smoothen out fat bulges and folds from all around.

Such shapewear is good for wearing underneath tight dresses. You can opt for waist cinchers to wear underneath tight jeans or skirts. There’s a lot you can experiment with, in terms of clothing, with shapewear on you.

  4   Wear high-waist underwear


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Seamless underwear is the perfect choice for hiding love handles. You don’t have to worry about the waistband cutting into your flesh. And the way your lower abdomen muscles spill out of the band due to tightness.

The best solution on how to hide love handles is thicker waistbands. They cover your love handles, making you look slimmer.

On the other hand, low-rise underwear does nothing to hide your waist. They’re only good for women with a less curvy waistline. And you know that a curvy body and love handles go hand-in-hand!

  5   Start tucking in


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This is the best way to hide love handles in any situation. Whether you’re dressing up for a work meeting, a fancy dinner, a movie night or a wake. Tucking in shirts and tops under bottoms is looks stylish.

There are many ways to tuck in when you absolutely need to. For women with love handles, this method of tucking works best.

Start tucking your top from the front. Then slowly move on to tucking the rest of the top at the back. While you push the fabric all the way down under your pants. Make sure you leave some wiggle room near the waist.

That’s when the top looks casual and relaxed. You don’t want the material to highlight your love handles. A full tuck looks good, but the material might stick to your body. Giving it a body-hugging look and feel that might make you uncomfortable.

  6    Wear darker and slimming colors


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One of the best ways to know how to hide love handles is to wear dark colors. Everyone knows the craze of black as the best slimming color of the season. But there are many slimming shades that work for you.

Darker colors have more than just benefit. They instill a sense of confidence in women to move more freely. You want to wear black to hide sweat stains and feel lighter and at ease with your size.

  7   A flattering neckline is essential

What is a flattering neckline? It is wearing slightly deep neck clothing to look beautiful. And it helps take the pressure off of your waistline.

This is a good way to know how to hide love handles. A large or deep neck top can go a long way to take your attention away from your love handles.

What works with flattering necklines is layering. A V-neck top with a denim jacket and high-waist shorts can completely transform your look. It’s time to be analytical and not judgmental about your body!

  8   Experiment with different prints


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The best way to hack any outfit is with interesting prints. While solid colors have their own charm, you get to paint a picture with prints. Opting for funkier and more colorful prints gives off a slimming effect.

It can not only make your love handles disappear. But also give you a good posture and you seem taller too! This trick is simple yet not to easy to get the hang of. When you choose the right fabrics, consider trying out subtle prints.

The approach is to take your attention away from the waist. So focus on clothes that slim your hips and waist. And move to diagonal, and not vertical, patterns for tops and dresses.


When you’ve run out of new ideas, this informative how-to style guide might help. It lets you know how well you can hide your love handles. And how to do it without making a huge deal about it.

Everyone worries about their weight, right? But it’s time to embrace those beautiful curves. By wearing what works for you and brings out the best in you. These essential tips are trending even today. And if you look closely, you’ll be sure to find something that satisfies your inner fashionista!

So don’t fall for bad and out-of-date fashion advice anymore. And go ahead and see how you can make the most of what you’re wearing right now!

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