2 Simple Tips on How To Make Breasts Look Smaller

It seems quite unusual for me when almost everyone wants to have bigger boobies, and here I am talking about how to make breasts look smaller.

So when somebody asked me about it, I did what I do best: research about it and write. But first, let me share with you a quick story.

My sister, when she was in high school, was really conscious of her breasts being so noticeable that she could not walk straight with her chest out.

Instead, she would bend a bit forward when she walked that made her posture look awkward. She said that she was uncomfortable with men staring down at her chest, so she wanted her breasts to look smaller. I even confronted her about it because it made her look as if she had a spinal defect.

So here is why I come up with this article to help ladies out there who are having difficulties with their breasts getting in the way. In this article, you'll learn some tips on how to make your breasts look smaller than they actually are.

How To Make Breasts Look Smaller

When you wear a bralette  or a bra that fits you well, it is not only the most straightforward way but also enhances your overall bust composure.

Your bra cup must cover most of your breast and rest across at the back in a perfectly straight line. The bands are the ones entirely supporting the majority of the weight of your breasts. Ask help from someone else to take your correct and exact fitting.

I suggest that you search for a store that offers a variety of bras that you can choose from so you'll get the ones that will surely fit you perfectly.

Forget about what you thought you already knew. Let the expert do their job and let them get your exact fitting. A perfect fit bra will not only make you look better but also will give you that oozing confidence.

When your breasts are adequately lifted or well supported, that will enhance the appearance of your waist due to the increase of the length of your torso.

Have yourself fitted regularly for you to be sure that you get yourself a well-fitted bra each time you wish to buy new ones.

Use minimizing bra

You may change the type of bra that you use which is for this case is the use of the minimizer bra, this is the best bra for large breasts lift. This type of bra makes your breast smaller by properly squeezing your breasts inside the bra. This will give you that smaller look especially when you opt for turtle-necks.

Opt for darker clothes

We know that darker clothes make us look slimmer. Therefore, it's safe to say that darker clothes will also give you that not so huge look for your chest when you don't feel comfortable with how big they look.

Your choice of clothes

You got to have a variety of clothes that will help you achieve that smaller breasts look. Here are some lists of clothes you can have in your closet.

  • Boat necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necks are a good option if you want your breasts less noticeable. The key is for the necklines not too plunging or just up until your collar bones.
  • Ruffles and flounces are not so ideal if you are aiming for that smaller breast look. These types of clothes seem fluffy or bulky that can add more to the size of your chest.
  • Plunging necklines emphasize your breasts part so this clothing is best for those with not so big boobs. But as for you who opts for having smaller ones, this is a big "no-no" for you.
  • Velvet, chunky knit and satin give your bust that plausible look. You will draw even much attention, so it's best of you to disregard wearing these clothes with these types of fabrics. I suggest you wear cottony fabrics instead.
  • Jackets and cardigans give you that full coverage of your body and without a doubt won't give you the trouble of being at ease at all times because you are fully clothed.
  • When you opt for smaller breasts, better discard those long necklaces because longer necklaces reach down your breasts which only emphasize your bust even more.

How to Make Your Breast Look Smaller - Reduce Breast Size Naturally


#2. Change your lifestyle a bit


There are certain pills that aid in the enlargements of your breasts so better stop using them if you don't want your chest to look even bigger than they already are.


Our choices in our food or nutrition also have a significant effect on our body. The slimmer we get, then the lesser weight we gain as well. On the other hand, the more we eat, the fatter we get and the more chances of having a bigger bust.


How To Make Breasts Look Smaller 2
  • Various exercises can aid in minimizing the size of your chest. Best way to stay active and lose calories is cardio exercises. You may try these following exercises to achieve your goal.
  • Walking. You may use the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators. It is a simple routine but is highly efficient.
  • Exercise ball instead of chair. If your work requires you a lot of sitting, this right here suits to be part of your daily routine. Not only you are able to work, but also burn some calories.
  • Squats and Planks. These are really effective routinary exercises that you may add to amp up your body and for you to lose more weight.

You may add some other more exercises you wish to keep yourself active and to stay fit. Make sure to complete the cycle of each of your exercises for at least 15 minutes.

Top 6 Exercises For Reducing Breast Size



Despite all these tips on how to make breasts look smaller I've shared here, it is still best for you to love what you have, accept who you are and be happy in your own body. What you have is a something that others are to die for.

So if you have it, flaunt it!

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