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Nowadays, leggings combine Spandex, polyester, lycra, nylon, cotton, and other materials. Each mix represents different lifestyles and offers various flexibility. They are comfortable and versatile and depend on how much you want them to embrace your body.

You can use them while exercising or as daily wear. Like other clothing, especially the lululemon type, they can still be outdated and saggy as time goes by. But don't worry! There are always solutions on how to shrink lululemon leggings.

As soon as you understand the combination of materials, they are ready to be reduced to their original sizes, and you will be able to fit them again on your body.


The shrivel amount of nylon is identical to that of polyester. It is also worse than cotton. Technically, like polyester, you can reduce those into desired sizes by using electrical iron or a washing machine.

If you cannot cover the whole washing process thoroughly, then an electric iron is your best choice. And because this way takes you less time, you don’t have to spend a lot on tasks or other activities. Do not use steam when operating an electric iron!

Instead, spray on them with water and place a clean fabric to avoid damaging and overheating. Turn the iron on medium mode, place it on, and press. Soon, the heat and the ironing will tighten them to your desired size!


Polyester requires more energy to get done since it’s synthetical, which is more sturdy, prevents fade and wrinkle better than other materials. It is often mixed with stretchable Spandex for more flexibility.

The mixture requires multiple wash and clean rounds, approximately 5 to 10 times at 68 to 81 degrees Celsius and 155 to 178 degrees Fahrenheit. While washing, add a minimal water quantity, just enough to produce heat effectively.

After that, place your clothes inside a launderable bag before putting them back in a dryer. Then, dry your garments at a high temperature for around eight minutes. Don’t hang them regularly. Instead, leave them dry out on a horizontal surface.


Spandex material by itself can tolerate temperatures maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, equal to 40 degrees Celsius. This material is applied in these tights and mixed with other materials, enduring greater temperatures.

Furthermore, Spandex can not be shrunk with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you must apply the highest setting to shrivel the clothing effectively. Choose the hottest setting on your machine and let it go through a complete session.

To prevent them from expanding too much, cover them inside a pillowcase, then toss them in your dryer. Choose the heavy-duty setting with the longest spinning period to dry the garments as thoroughly as possible!

When it’s finished, wait for around 15 minutes. After that, remove them so they can cool off. Once they have dried, feel free to put them on! If you are not satisfied with the shrinkage, you may repeat the process to reach your desire fully.

How To Shrink Lululemon Leggings?

Lululemon material is made from lycra and nylon, known as the “Luon” fabric. This fabric is made up of 14% lycra with 86% nylon. Therefore, the majority of these types of clothes are pre-shrunk.

Lululemon materials have a high percentage of lycra, making them more resistant to sagging. Because of this, the maker advises against shrinking, and instead, you should buy a correct and more fitted size.

Let’s refer to the video below for more information:

How To Shrink Leggings From Another Brand?


Based on what design your clothes are, typically, Gymshark includes 5 to 33 percent of elastane, which is mixed with polyester and nylon. Washing them at the hottest temperature is considered the best idea to reduce their sizes effectively.

Furthermore, before laundering, flip the tights inside out then place them inside the laundry bag. After that, start the timer to complete a full round. Then, while still within the washing bag, dry them through a dryer with a maximum setting.


Most Nike clothes are 17 percent elastane and polyester, mainly Spandex. You may diminish these clothes in the washer. Flip the garment inside, then clean it with heated water, like any Spandex trousers.

You should remember that the greater the amount of shrinkage, the higher the temperature of the water. If your clothes are stained, you may apply detergent to clean them. The detergent will not affect the process.

After completing an entire cleaning process, dry them at a hot temperature for around ten minutes. Then, leave them dry out on a horizontal surface.

Questions And Answers

1. Can you reduce the size of leggings inside a washing machine?

As previously stated, most of them are made of elastane and other fabrics. Yes, you can diminish them in the washer using heated water with a low setting, but only for a short time.

Cotton garments diminish more slowly since their organic material is flexible and comfortable. However, when mixed with synthetic materials, the shortening process is accelerated.

Nylon with polyester is the fastest since their compositions are lightweight when formed into cloth.

2. How can you fix leggings that are too loose at the waist?

The following are the techniques for repairing a waistband:

  • Flip the leggings inwards.

  • Cut a small hole at the inner front of the garments.

  • Remove the fabric from the remaining layer.

  • Measure the rubber waistband.

  • Make sure it surrounds the waistline, thus easy to knot.

  • Attach a pin to the tip of the waistband.

  • Place the pin through the hole until it touches the other tip.

  • You may try them on now, also knot them as you wish.


Thank you for reading! We wish you have understood how to shrink lululemon leggings thoroughly. Hope you will continue to read our other articles about various topics that wait for you to explore. Finally, good luck!

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