How To Tape Boobs – Girls Secret No Man Should Know

Taping your boobs can make a world of difference in the way they look, and it's a lot easier than you might imagine. If you're looking to get rid of some back fat or want to give your cleavage an extra boost, it's time to learn to tape boobs right away.

This post will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to tape boobs, types of tapes you can use, and some handy tips for first-users as well. Scroll down!

How to tape your boobs?

Before going deeper into how to lift breasts with tape, let us explain why you should reach out to these tapes!

It's no secret that bras can be expensive and sometimes annoying, not to mention the hassle of finding the perfect fit. If your dress has a deep plunging neckline, going braless or wearing the best push-up bra ever aren't always good options.

A visible bra will ruin the beauty of your dress. Although they can serve as an undergarment for dresses with low-cut necklines, Stick-on bras often fail at providing support and staying in place on their own. Most women admit that these stickies slide off easily without holding your breasts upright and don't do anything more than add extra bulk underneath clothes.

What would happen if there is not sufficient support for your breast? Your boobs would be likely to leak out! Things will get even worse for those with big breasts - a wardrobe malfunction is going to happen!

If sticky bras don't work with your dress, it's time to look for a new best friend - the tape!

Kim Kardashian is a big fan of boob tape!

Do not think complicated! It's just cutting out a strip of adhesive tape and covering it from the bottom of your boobs to behind your shoulder.

How To Tape Boobs

Now that you know what tapping breasts are, let's dive deep into how to use boob tape on your breasts!

Before You Tape

The rules for taping your boobs are somehow the same as your skincare routine! If you have super sensitive skin, do a little patch test on your chest or arm before taping directly onto the skin for several hours.

Once you know your skin feels okay, the mild request here is clean and dry skin! You don't need to apply any lotion as it will then mess with the tape and reduce the adhesion.

The key to making sure your tape bra doesn't show under clothing is using a nude eyeliner and marking the outline of your top on the skin. But if any pieces are sticking out after you apply the tape, don't worry! Keep scissors handy so that you can cut away extra bits!

Taping can lift your breasts.

Step 1: Cut Up Strips Of Boob Tape

To cover and lift your nipples, you will need an average of 12-13 inches of tape. Three pieces should be enough, but more can bring comfort for some people.

After cutting the tape, slightly round all the edges, so there aren't any sharp corners irritating your skin on either side.

Step 2: Cup Your Boob

You must now wonder how to lift your breasts with tape! Well, the taping process requires you to do many steps simultaneously. It's important to cup your boobs first as it will lift them to give definition - just like finding a perfect way to wear the push-up bras!

You can start to cup one boob first (left or right is up to you), then continue with the second one!

Step 3: Pull The Tape Towards Your Shoulders

Ready to tape your boobs? Okay, now roll the tape and stick it from the bottom of your boobs towards your shoulder. Don't forget to put a cotton pad on both nipples before taping so it won't hurt as much when removing the tape later.

To emphasize the plunging neckline, cover with another strip of tape that will be running your chest inwards. This action is equivalent to using a plunge bra for low-cut tops without the expensive price tag!

Apply other strips on the top of the previous ones until your breasts are adequately supported, and you feel comfortable! Repeat these steps on the other side. Then you're ready to dress up!

Get ready with a low V-neck dress like Kim Kardashian

What To Use For Taping Your Breasts

That sounds simple, right? Now you should be wondering about the type of tape to use for this trick. Let's find out!

The best tapes to use for this endeavor are those that you can remove easily without causing too much pain.

Suppose you don't want to experience the feeling of "peeling layers of skin off your body". In that case, it's important not to pick a tape with an adhesive strength stronger than necessary and opt instead for one recommended below. With the right type, there is still some suffering involved but less so if done properly!

Tapes for your breasts

Remember that these tapes are meant for one use only, unlike the reusable sticky bra that you can restore its adhesive.

* Gaffer Tape

Don't be surprised if we say the gaff tape used in film production is also perfect for holding up your breasts. It's strong enough but not too sticky to hurt or irritate you while keeping everything in place!

* Athlete's Tape

You probably see athletes using this tape for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. These black or bright-colored tapes appear on the skin of many professional players, trainers at gyms, bodybuilders, and more! This kind won't hurt you as it was made specifically for skin.

This kind won't hurt you as it was made specifically for skin.

If you have a dance party at night and don't want to risk getting tape wet from excessive sweating, athletic tape is the way to go! This adhesive is resistant to sweat, so you can enjoy your game to the fullest and won't have to worry about the tape falling apart!

* Medical Tape

This would be much better for small-breasted women as medical tape can help with providing cleavage and covering the nipples. If your breasts are on the larger side - it's probably not going to work for you very well as it doesn't offer much stability.

* Braza Flash Tape

Braza Flash tape is a quick and easy way to close the gap between buttons on shirts. Though it's not the strongest, this is one of the safest types to use on your breasts.

One of the safest types to use on your breasts

Tips For How To Tape Your Breasts Up

We've walked you through the steps to tape your breasts and the types of tapes you can apply. Still, there are some points to note as follow:

Choose The Right Fabrics

Keep in mind that when you wear taping, your material can impact how visible it is. It's best not to use satin or silk because these types are potentially visible and could draw attention away from the tape itself.

For example, if your dress is on the thinner side (or if you wear tight clothes that hug your body), then taping might make them see-through for sure.

So, which kind of material should you wear when taping?

You can wear pieces with thicker or heavier fabrics as they likely won't reveal what's beneath them. Cotton dresses are great for wearing tape because they are not as thin as satin and silk. Textured and printed fabric also have the same effect!

Wear Dark-Colored Clothing

It's not just the dress material that matters, but also its color. Darker colors will help to cover up any traces of tape on your body and make you feel more confident.

The color of the tape can somehow affect how it looks on your outfit as well. If you're wearing something that's almost sheer, then there is a chance that the light will fall on you and reflect the tape's color underneath your dress!

The tape’s color can affect how it looks on your outfit.

Beware Of Skin Irritations

As mentioned above, it is important to do a patch test first when applying tape to your body. This will ensure that the adhesive won't irritate or hurt your skin. Stop using any of these tapes on yourself if this does happen because they could cause more harm than good!

Practice Putting The Tape On

Before heading out for an event, you should practice this breast taping trick several times. This way, you can see what needs changing and how it works with your clothes and body type!

Not to mention the unpleasant feeling if it is your first time! Anyway, all will turn out well at the official event because you already tried your outfit in advance.

Consider The Occasion

When wearing a sticky bra, you probably worry about an embarrassing nip slip. Similarly, if the weather gets hot and you get sweaty on your bust, the tape may become loose. To avoid this from happening, you had better carry extra gaffer tape with you, so there's no need to fear anything while going out!

Don't Tape Too Loosely Or Too Tightly

Be cautious with the tightness of your tape. In some cases, even if your cleavage looks good on camera, taping too tightly might make you uncomfortable. It can also cause a possible internal injury from blood flow restriction in that area of the body.

However, it doesn't mean that you should tape too loosely! For large-breasted women, the loose tape may make their boobs look saggy. It also runs the risk of falling off when applied too loosely.

Cut Off The Additional Layers Of Tape

To ensure that you don't have tape peeking out from underneath your sleeve, you had better face the mirror and check if the tape is exactly where it needs to be!

Use Fashion Tape Or Double-Sided

Fashion tape or double-sided tape can help your dress stay in place. Simply put it underneath your dress so that it can touch both your skin and dress. This will ensure that there is no risk of the tape coming off unexpectedly throughout a night out!

Tips To Remove Tape

Some people will think that keeping the tape wet is a good way to remove it, but don't do this. Wetting the tape only gets it stickier, and you could end up with discomfort while wearing it or because of removal.

Some brands also offer pasties under boob tape to not irritate your skin around the nipple when you remove it. Still, you may not need these at all, as it depends on how sensitive the skin around your nipples is.

If you feel like the tape removal is a little rough or if your skin is sensitive, try using oils to soak the tape off and make it less painful. You can use body oil, olive oil, or any other type of oil that's available at home!

As mentioned above, tape requires you to practice to get it right, at least in the beginning. Applying tape takes a little testing and playing around with them. When you're ready, see yourself in the mirror - if you look more beautiful naturally, then great! Still, if there is anything wrong, you can keep scrolling for more boob tapes options on the market.

The Bottom Lines

Tape is the latest must-have accessory for women who want their outfits to look better but don't have time or money for an expensive wardrobe overhaul. This easy trick lets you take any top or dress that's not quite working and fix it so that boobs are where they should be—looking bigger, rounder, and more perfect!

If you've made it this far, we hope that you know how to tape boobs the right way and how to avoid embarrassing situations. We also hope that our tips will do the trick for you!

What are you waiting for? Just open your wardrobe and take out your leopard print dress. Let the world see how perfect it is when you pair it with tape underneath!

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