The Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear to Own – Top 10 Reviews

Finding a pair of gorgeous looking panties is easy, right? But nabbing the most comfortable women’s underwear isn’t. This is a more challenging task to take on.

So it’s not surprising that most women wear last-resort kind of panties. Due to the lack of time to do laundry! Also, it’s more likely that you have a collection of underwear you wouldn’t label as “the most comfortable.” And that’s because you cannot try on undies in stores. To be honest, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to either if it was allowed.

Comfort is essential as far as panties go. But is it as important as durability? I would say YES! However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on one for the other. And the proof of that is right below.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Women’s Underwears That Are Also Durable

If comfort comes first, your women parts are in for a treat. With these 10 most comfortable and long-lasting panties reviewed right here!

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  1   Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty – Editor’s Choice

Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty, 6-Pack, Basic Assorted, Medium

First up, and the best of the lot, is Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty. I’m calling it the best of the lot because of the wonderful breathable/air wicking benefits the undies offer. Now it’s true that most cotton panties do that. But not while also providing a fit you might appreciate. Even during long hours of work and workout.

The fabric is the most appealing part of the Amazon Essentials Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty. Cotton is, after all, extremely comfortable. Plus, it’s got that comfy stretch too. That wraps around your lady bits and butt perfectly well.

Here’s another thing you might like to hear. Given your busy schedule and all! Machine washing this most comfortable women’s underwear is also possible. So throw out all worries about the panties shrinking.

What you’re looking at is a 6-pack. That is available in four different options. These include white, black, fashion assorted, and basic assorted.

Since comfort is the priority, let’s talk more about it. The Amazon Essentials Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty is abundantly breathable. It doesn’t even ride up during wear. And I can say for certain that the underwear looks and feels the same even after several washes. This is what happens when comfort and durability come together.

Finding cute cotton undies that don’t look like granny panties is hard, for some reason. Until you stumble upon the Amazon Essentials Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty. These little things feel incredibly comfortable against the skin. And fit so well you don’t realize you’re wearing one.

Unfortunately, the waistband of the underwear doesn’t like to remain intact. It starts to fray very early on. And that’s a huge disappointment. Given the high level of comfort involved in here!


  • They’re smooth, breathable cotton panties.
  • Crotch region is plenty wide to stay put.
  • Seams are flat for no irritation.


  • The waistband is prone to fraying.

  2   Jockey Women’s Plus Size Elance Most comfortable women’s underwear plus size

	 Jockey Women's Underwear Elance Brief - 3 Pack, grey heather/charcoal heather/black, 7

Jockey is undoubtedly one of the best women’s underwear brands. And the company manufactures some of the most comfortable women’s underwear. But are these “most comfortable” for plus size women? Not all such brands offer this kind of an advantage. But, unsurprisingly yet fortunately, Jockey does. Let’s get to know everything about the Jockey Women’s Plus Size Elance Brief.

To begin with, the underwear is designed with 100 percent cotton fabric. This brings lots of comforts as well as breathability into the picture. You can wash the panties in your machine without a concern.

The Jockey wonder sits right at your natural waist. The fit is super snug with complete coverage. Now I’m sure this is something you wanted to hear. If you wear plus size underwear that is!

Moreover, the Jockey Elance Brief has a perfectly wide crotch. With a bound waistband and leg construction! About the wide enough crotch, you can accommodate your panty liner if that’s necessary. And about the waistband, the thing is narrower than most bands. Yet it’s perfect for a larger waist. Broad waistbands tend to roll and cut into your waist. So that issue goes out the window.

As far as underwear is concerned, the end goal is nothing but comfort. And that’s pretty much guaranteed here. It’s Jockey or nothing, after all!

The Jockey Plus Size Elance Brief is long near the waist. This means it settles perfectly well at the waist. The panties are designed in such a way that they hug the natural curvy shape very nicely. And the best part; this joy remains a part of your life for a long, long time. Durability is an ace is what I mean.

But take a good look at the Jockey Plus Size Elance Brief. What do you see? The perfect granny panties design. Isn’t it?


  • Soft fabric elastic keeps the band from digging into the skin.
  • Wide enough panel to fit a sanitary napkin.
  • Shape-holding capacity after washes is impressive.


  • They look like granny panties.
  • Sizing is a bit tricky.

Jockey Woman


  3   Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Beyond Soft  Most comfortable women’s underwear for daily use

Fruit of the Loom Women's Underwear 6 Pack Beyond Soft Bikini, Assorted, 6

A 6-pack is a must-have! I’m not talking about beer here. The topic of discussion is this 6-pack Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Beyond Soft Bikini. Constructed with incredibly soft fabrics, the undies are durable. And resistant to shrinking and fading!

Truth be told, the panties get softer after every wash. And no need to worry about the panty line either. The Fruit of the Loom Underwear Beyond Soft Bikini sits flat against the skin.

The waistband is built with woven microfiber. And the tag with pure cotton liner. But it’s the silhouette that you might be more interested in. The classic bikini design rests above your hips. With reliable and moderate coverage throughout the day!

There’s absolutely no doubt that Fruit of the Loom underwear is created with just one factor in mind. And that’s nothing but comfort.

The waistband is not too thick or too thin. The fit is just about right. The soft cotton fabric is the epitome of breathability. The elastic doesn’t create a muffin top. Machine washing is also not a concern. The best-rated women’s underwear! And now you know why.

The quality of the waistband is not as superior as that of the rest of the panty. Signs of wear and tear appear first and soon in this particular region.


  • Full coverage with a wide crotch area.
  • No riding up, shrinkage, or discoloration.
  • Great underwear for skin sensitivities.


  • Microfiber band is not durable.

Fruit of the Loom Ladies Beyondsoft Cotton Blend Bikini Panties


  4   Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination 18108 Most comfortable string bikini panty

	 Vanity Fair Women's My Favorite Pants Illumination String Bikini, Admiral Navy, Size 5

Let there be light. Or illumination, same thing, isn’t it? Well, it’s time for the Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination String Bikini Panty. What’s the hype all about? Let’s find out below.

The Vanity Fair Illumination String Bikini Panty is flexible and stretchy. It hugs those curves in the most natural manner. And that means without suffocating your shape!

As you can see, each side consists of a stretchy string. You might think of these two strings as uncomfortable against the skin. Or digging into the hips! But that is not so.

The soft material is not too thin or too bulky. The use of high-quality nylon is quite commendable. You might also appreciate the satin trimming around the hems. The same applies to the cotton material crotch liner. Vanity Fair didn’t want to leave out breathability in the process.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this pick for everyday wear. The Vanity Fair Illumination String Bikini Panty doesn’t ride up. It stays put throughout the entire day. With complete and comfortable coverage!

On top of that, the product is also available in cotton. So are you worried about your skin sensitivities? Then why not opt for the cotton version instead!

Tons of comfort with a touch of luxury is what you’re dealing with here. The Vanity Fair Illumination String Bikini Panty allows you to move freely all day. Thanks to the stretchy, flexible fabric. That also fits comfortably by the way!

Tragically, the panty line is not a secret in this case.


  • Four-directional stretch ensures a comfy, snug fit.
  • Cotton crotch adds breathability.
  • Sizing is accurate.


  • Panty line is visible.

  5   Kalon 6 Pack Women’s Hipster Brief Nylon Spandex  Most comfortable hipster panty

B01GKAECJI	 Kalon 6 Pack Women's Hipster Brief Nylon Spandex Underwear (Small, Sporty Tri-Blend)

Comfy underwear that also looks good is like that needle in a haystack. It’s not easy to find. And this is what makes good options seem even more awesome. Like the Kalon 6 Pack Women’s Hipster Brief Nylon Spandex Underwear.

The first thing I would like you to know is that there are zero side seams. The Kalon Nylon Hipster Brief is an ideal choice for your fitted garments. The elastic openings of the leg are reinforced. To give your body all the flexibility of movement it demands during the day!

The posterior coverage is quite solid. It’s a low-rise panty with accurate sizing. You’d think that something as cheap in price as this simply cannot live up to expectations. But that’s where you’re wrong. And I’m certain you’re glad to be proved wrong.

The Kalon Nylon Hipster Brief stretches just the perfect amount. A quality you’re bound to cherish just as soon as you put it on. And it’s a pack of six, which means more chances of feeling this way.

You can buy a large size and expect the Kalon Nylon Hipster Brief to fit perfectly. Super stretchy with full coverage is a huge part of the experience.

In fact, the current option is the most suitable during and after pregnancy as well.

But if you’re thinking of wearing the Kalon Nylon Hipster Brief under your workout attire, please don’t. As you already know, nylon, and not cotton, is used for construction. The former isn’t at all breathable like the latter.


  • Side seams are nonexistent.
  • Complete coverage, even if the back is big.


  • Nylon material is not breathable.
  • Pad or panty liner doesn’t stick.

  6   Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Microfiber  Most comfortable brief

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Brief Panty,Nude,6/7

Bali is all about quality feel, quality fit, and quality fabric. The popularity of the brand stands true to that. And I’m going to say the same about the Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Microfiber Brief. It’s an excellent choice if you wish to prioritize comfort.

These are nylon panties created to give you a seamless look. So keep that in mind when you’re evaluating them. The seamless design is what contributes to eliminating discomfort and irritation.

The fit is top-notch with complete back coverage. No riding up issues to deal with either. I would also like to add that the Bali Comfort Revolution Microfiber Brief fits curvy women too. Much like many Bali shapewear creations!

In all, it’s a high-waist wonder responsible for giving you a seamless appearance on the outside.

The stretchy feel of the Bali Comfort Revolution Microfiber Brief is quite cool. As it means you don’t need to think about the exact fit. Also equally impressive is the full coverage at the back. No matter how voluptuous you think you are!

Once again, these are nylon fabric panties. So you can’t expect them to be breathable like cotton.


  • Seamless design is a huge plus.
  • High-waist isn’t obnoxiously high.
  • Back coverage takes care of large booty.


  • Not so high on breathability.
  • The material is too thin.

  7   Calvin Klein Women’s Carousel Logo Cotton Best high-quality bikini panty

Calvin Klein Women's Carousel Logo Cotton Bikini, Shoreline/Grey Heather/Marlow Feeder Stripe, Small

Needless to say, comfort is important. It’s what makes or breaks the whole experience. But what about quality? Comfort is nothing if the panty starts to show signs of wear. Sooner than you can imagine that too!

When quality materials are used, durability gets a boost. And that means you can enjoy the superior comfort for a very, very long time. This brings to mind Calvin Klein. Particularly the Calvin Klein Women’s Carousel Logo Cotton Bikini.

If you think it’s not a genuine product. Simply have a look at the waistband. The logo of the brand is embedded right into it. Additionally, this logo is also visible from the back, sides, and front.

Moving on to comfort, which is the first concern, there’s cotton packed in here. To deliver four very important factors! These include flexibility, support, durability, and comfort.

The best part is that this most comfortable women’s underwear comes in many colors and designs. So you can pick something that you actually like. And this is what sets the Calvin Klein Carousel Logo Cotton Bikini apart from the rest.

Compared to other expensive cotton underwear, Calvin Klein does perform better. Especially when it comes to the panty staying put and not wearing out too soon.

It’s a bikini panty, isn’t it? So why is the waist so high? Once you put them on, you’ll be wondering the same thing. In that case, don’t buy these if you’re pregnant.


  • So comfortable and soft like wearing no panty at all.
  • No leg or waist binding to get used to.


  • The waist is higher than it should be.
  • Thick tags are a bit annoying.

  8   Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Most comfortable thong panty

Calvin Klein Women's Regular Modern Cotton Thong Panty, White, X-Small

Now here’s another Calvin Klein creation. But this time, it’s a thong panty. The Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Thong Panty.

Needless to say, it’s high-quality, which means an expensive pick. However, the truth of the matter is that you’re nearly fed up of wearing cheap or low-quality underwear. So it might seem like a reasonable decision to spend all that money. On this most comfortable women’s underwear!

If you prefer wearing thongs, your chances of going bonkers over this one are quite high. The material and cut of the undies are remarkable. And so is the wide elastic waistband. It helps in distributing pressure evenly. And unlike thinner bands, this doesn’t dig in.

Cotton material is used, right? So that means softness, comfort, and durability are very much a part of the experience. So don’t expect the Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Thong Panty to wear out soon.

Even if you don’t like to wear thongs, you wouldn’t mind this one. It’s because the Calvin Klein thong panty has a broader string. For all the comfort you demand from it! So for underwear that doesn’t show panty lines, the current option feels amazing.

You honestly don’t need hanky-panky lacy thongs. Not when you have access to this Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Thong Panty. It stays up, does the trick, and washes well too.

It’s annoying when the tag of the underwear is actually bigger than the underwear itself.


  • Thong is very comfortable plus breathable.
  • Softness remains intact even after many washes.
  • Flawless fit with the wideband.


  • The tag is too big.

  9   Maidenform Women’s Dream Boyshort Panty Most comfortable boy shorts

Maidenform Dream Boyshorts Camera Red-Y 5

One look at it and you know they’re silky soft. But appearances can be deceptive. Am I right? In that case, let me tell you that it’s tried and tested. And they are, in fact, silky soft. I’m talking about the Maidenform Women’s Dream Boyshort Panty. It is like one of those dream-come-true types of things indeed.

The stretch fit feels so comfortable; you forget you’re wearing an undergarment. The seam placement is simply the most extraordinary part. But you’ll also be glad to know that back panel has seams. So it can lift your rear, which is always a good thing. Especially if you’re a little heavy down there!

But I would like to add that the Maidenform Dream Boyshort Panty is perfect for slimmer figures. Cause it features short leg cuffs and low-rise.

The fabric-covered, wide waistband is another praiseworthy design element. And you’re free to raise your expectations about the fit as well. As this Maidenform boyshort flexes just enough to accommodate the natural shape of your body.

Silky and soft boy shorts perfect for everyday use. Even though it’s plenty stretchy, washing doesn’t cause any more stretching out. And that says a lot about quality.

Like I mentioned earlier, this piece of lingerie has short leg cuffs. Since these are shorter, they tend to ride up to dig into your skin. But this is only a possibility with fuller thighs.


  • The crotch area is sewn down to prevent curling up.
  • Moisture-wicking capacity of the fabric is high.
  • Good for the washer.


  • Leg cuffs are not long enough for big thighs.
  • You cannot workout in them.

  10   Ruxia Women’s Hipster Panties Seamless Low-Rise Cheekini Panty Most comfortable seamless underwear

	 Ruxia Women's Hipster Panties Seamless Low-Rise Cheekini Panty Soft Stretch Bikini Underwear (Multi Colors,Pack of 5) M

Why should you or anyone buy the Ruxia Hipster Panties Seamless Low-Rise Cheekini Panty? What with such a confusing product name and all! Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. This is the most comfortable women’s underwear for many reasons.

For starters, it’s got a seamless design. Then the comfort factor makes another strong point. The elastic waist offers a generous stretch, which feels incredibly smooth under your clothing. And super soft against the body!

Washing doesn’t shrink or fade color. At least not as much! So durability is not a disappointment. The same holds true for the stylish and functional design. The seam-free structure has a low-rise waist. With complete back coverage! Now you know why it ranks as the most comfortable women’s underwear.

Such type of silhouette is the most fitting for daily use. And under all kinds of clothes, even body-hugging outfits!

Not all seamless undies conform to the body. But this one definitely does.

On top of that, there’s the elastic band and cotton gusset. That keeps the panty in place all day.

Nylon underwear doesn’t pair up well with panty liners and sanitary pads. And, sadly, these Ruxia Hipster Panties have a nylon construction.


  • Leg openings feel very comfortable.
  • Cotton crotch equals breathable crotch.
  • Seam profile is minimal.


  • Nylon doesn’t stick to pad or panty liner.

Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Buying Guide


Photo credit:

What is it that makes a panty comfortable? Is it the material of the underwear? Or its special cut or design? Maybe it’s some unique feature like seamless edges or soft waistband. To be completely honest with you, it can be anything.

Even so, what you see below is a list and a brief explanation of the different types of most comfortable women’s underwear. So you can pick a pair that feels the coziest against your genitalia.

Types of Women Panties

  • 1. Boy Shorts
	 Emprella Womens Boyshort Panties with Lace Bottom (3-Pack) (Medium, Assorted)

Do you know what a man’s boxer looks like? And do you like what it looks like? If yes and yes, then here’s a female version of that. Boy shorts for women are rectangular in shape. They offer full coverage by traveling all the way down to your upper thigh. Now regular panties don’t do that, right?

  • 2. Thongs
Beyond Intimates Women's No Show Cotton Thong Panties Assorted 12 Pack, Assorted, Medium

While thongs might not be the most comfortable underwear, they are still very popular. In the practical sense! Cause they come with no panty line.

Thongs are designed with a band just like regular panties. But with a narrow string running from the front region to the back.

  • 3. G-String Women's Microfiber String Thong, Assorted, XS

Are you used to wearing thongs? If yes, then G-strings might be your thing too. G-strings are a fancier version of thongs with no waistband. The strings are nothing like the normal band. They are thinner than the regular ones. Even the panty line coverage is very narrow.

  • 4. Seamless
	 Kingfung 6 Pack Women's Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear Half Back Coverage Panties (6Pack-C M)

The most comfortable women’s underwear also comes in a seamless design. These types of panties are constructed using soft fabrics and thick border. The former includes jersey, silk, satin, or blends. And they’re available in different designs. Such as high-waist, hipsters, French cuts, etc.

So if you’re not so keen on wearing G-strings or thongs, you’ll be comfortable in these.

  • 5. Hipsters
ATTRACO Women's Hipster Bikini Panties Lace Soft Low Rise 4 Pack Underwear XL

More often than not, the best-rated women’s underwear is a hipster. The style is a combination of boyshorts and bikini. Its waistband travels around the hip. And the panty sits lower on the body than regular briefs.

Hipsters are body-hugging and taut with enough coverage. And they have leg holes that are bikini-like. So if you prefer wearing bikini undies, these are the kind perfect for daily use.

  • 6. High-Waist Briefs
X-Nomiy Women's Soft Cotton Underwear Panties,High Waist Comfortable Brethable Hipster Briefs 5 Pack

You have some extra mass bulging out but you also like wearing low-cut panties. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, what you need is a pair of high-waist briefs. You two might hit it off quite well.

High-waist briefs provide decent coverage. They sit right above the belly button. To shape your body in the most comfortable manner!

  • 7. Briefs
	 Natori Women's Bliss Girl Brief (XS, Cosmetic)

Here’s another best underwear for women’s health; briefs. When you say underwear, these are what come to mind.

Briefs are standard comfortable and soft panties ideal for everyday wear. The waistband sits a little under the belly button. But they’re not so perfect when it comes providing enough coverage. So for better results in that department, choose high-waist briefs.

  • 8. French Cuts
Natori Women's Bliss Cotton French Cut Panty, Café, Medium

On one side are all the different kinds of briefs and on the other are French cut undies. The latter offers similar coverage. Its waistband sits on the belly button. However, the holes for the leg come near your hip. That means French cuts don’t provide complete hip coverage.

  • 9. Bikini Panties
Emprella Womens Underwear Bikini Panties Cotton/Spandex - 6 Pack Colors and Patterns May Vary (Medium, Assorted)

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Bikini panties are built with soft and flowing materials. Such as jersey, silk, satin, lace, etc. They give you moderate-level coverage.

The design is a blend of thongs and regular briefs. The options in this category are endless. In fact, you can even pair them with swimwear or beachwear bikini sets.

  • 10. Compressors
Flexees Women's Firm Foundations Tame Your Tummy Anti-Static Brief, Caramel, X Large

When shapewear and panty come together, the result is a pair of compressors. If you already wear shapewear on top of your underwear, there’s no harm in switching to this one.

Compressor panties deliver full coverage. While also tucking the tummy in, without causing any discomfort. Plus, the waistband is soft, thick and comfortable too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What fabric is best for the most comfortable women’s underwear?


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The options you have are cotton, lace, satin, silk, jersey, and mulmul cotton. So let me tell you a little something about each fabric here.

  • Cotton is obviously the most common. Since it’s the most breathable! For daily use, workout, and summer, cotton underwear is the best option.
  • Lace is just fancy lingerie. These panties are seamless, transparent, and light. So you can expect them to be very thin and flimsy too. Not so ideal for the winter season that means. Also, when you buy cheap quality lace undies, they tend to cause itching and irritation.
  • Satin is nothing but luxury, smoothness, and softness. Satin underwear is the most suitable for lounging.
  • Silk is a fabric used to design fancy panties. The material sits on the skin almost seamlessly. And feels weightless too!
  • Jersey is a combination of nylon and polyester. Such underwear is waterproof by the way. So it’s a proper choice for your beach vacations, poolside, bikinis, etc.
  • Mulmul cotton means cotton blend. Just slightly thicker and softer! But on the downside, mulmul cotton isn’t as breathable. Even so, it’s the most faithful for daily use.

2. Are there any important underwear hygiene and comfort tips I should keep in mind?


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Yes, of course, there are. Buying the most comfortable women’s underwear is a part of the solution. The other part involves making sure that comfort, as well as hygiene, is well taken care of. So here’s everything you need to know.

  • 1
    Breathability is a factor you shouldn’t neglect when buying the most comfortable women’s underwear.
  • 2
    Even fit is something you ought to take into account. Simply make sure that the panties are not too tight or too loose. Pinching into the skin or riding up is a complete NO-NO.
  • 3
    Changing your undies regularly is good sense. You cannot wear one for more than 24 hours. Unless you’re a cavewoman!
  • 4
    If possible, avoid wearing fancy lingerie such as thongs and G-strings. At such times, it becomes easier for bacteria to pass into your vaginal area. And this is what causes diseases and infections down there. Even crotchless panties are a bad idea.
  • 5
    How often to throw out underwear? Every 6-12 months is great!
  • 6
    Make sure that your daily wear panties and period panties are not kept together.
  • 7
    And one last thing, be aware of staining. Or any foul or fishy smell! When such tragedies are a part of the scene, it means your vaginal hygiene is compromised.

Take Your Pick!

So what is the most comfortable women’s underwear? The exact answer would be Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty. The fit is secure, the fabric is breathable, the waistband is comfortable, etc. Everything is in place; quality, durability, and comfort.

But remember that I have reviewed the 10 most comfortable women’s underwear. So go through all of them and then decide what you want to pick.

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