8 Ideal Yoga Ball Exercises For Shaping Your Body

If you feel too bored with your practicing routine, why don’t you try more joyful workouts like yoga ball exercises? They will keep you on your track as they are so energetic and inspiring.

These workouts help you feel as toned and strong as other exercises. Most of your strength comes from your core, so challenge yourself with it. Your whole body and muscles will interact well through these exercises.

We recommend some stability ball exercises with detailed instructions. Let’s scroll down!


To start with yoga ball exercises, you can try the basic roll-out, also called plank saw. This exercise is pretty advisable for newbies as it helps to sculpt your lower abdominal muscles.

The roll-out is pretty similar to the plank, but you put your arms and hands on the ball instead of the mat. During the movement, it strengthens your shoulders and upper back muscles. Other parts of your body, such as your core and arms, will also burn a lot of energy.

A Yoga Ball Is Good For Stability Exercises

Firstly, you begin in a plank position with a ball in front of you. Next, you keep your back long and lower abs tight, press your hands to push and roll the ball out of your body. Then, you use your forearms to pull back slowly and return to the beginning position.


The pike is one of the most popular balance ball exercises that effectively shape your core and lower abs. It requires shoulder stability, strength, balance, and much abdominal control to do the pike position.

You need to make sure you can maintain a good position and know how long to hold a plank before doing pike on a yoga ball. This advanced workout isolates your abs and puts them to work without depending on your lower back muscles and hip flexors.

Pike Exercises Sculpt Your Core

You take a plank position on your ball and put your ball under your thighs to do the pike. You need to keep your legs straight and back in a long line.

Your abs are lifted while you put your hands below your shoulders and engage them with your core. Then, you roll your toes on the yoga ball and pull your hips up into a pike position.


The crunch workout is extremely enjoyable for you to get defined abs. It does not require too much strength and force but still effectively sculpts your abdominal muscles.

If you practice this exercise with a stability ball, it will become more efficient to support your lower back and maintain a proper movement form.

It forces the stabilizing muscles of the core to engage while decreasing the extension of your lower back and avoiding your spine from compromising position. You can follow the following steps to do the crunches.

Crunches Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles

Firstly, you sit down on the ball to support your back and allow your lower back to rest on the ball. Next, you bend your knees at a 90-degree angle while placing your hands behind your head and slowly crunch up.

One thing you need to make sure that your neck stays in a neutral position to avoid any injury. Now, concentrate on your core to pull up your abs.

Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is a classic exercise for core concentration and abs shaping. It brings so much fun to your workout practice that you may feel like climbing a real mountain.

This workout seems pretty easy at first. However, it will quickly become intensive when you practice with a stability ball. It will do wonders for your lower abs and interact with your cardiovascular component.

You Can Combine Yoga Ball With Sports Equipment

To do the mountain climber, you start with the high plank position and put your hands on the ball. Move your left knee slowly forward to your chest, with the toes off the ground while your core is engaged.

Then, you return to the high plank and switch your legs. Doing the same for the right knee. You should repeat it 12 times for each side and practice frequently to see the difference.


Exercise ball workouts, including twists, help to improve your core’s stability and rotational strength. They target the muscles on your obliques and transverse abs. These muscles play an important role in protecting your spine.

This workout is so easy and suitable for everyone. You can do it constantly without being exhausted. It also brings a comfortable feeling when you rotate your waist and back.

You Can Try Many Exercise Ball Workouts

You lie your upper back on a balance ball and keep your feet flat on the floor. Remember that your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, extend your arms straight above your chest and press your balm together.

At this step, you can use a dumbbell to increase the force on your hands. Now, rotate your upper body toward one side as far as you can when rolling the other from the ball.

You should not move your hips around. Remember to keep it in one place. Repeat similarly for the other side.

If you want your waist to look more shaped, you can wear sports clothes like shapewear for muffin topIt will help you to sculpt your waist and lower abs better.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are challenging yoga ball workouts that target the upper and lower abs muscles. They strengthen your core, tone and improve flexibility across your hip flexors and back. They effectively induce your fat tummy and form six-packs.

Using a stability ball for leg lifts takes lots of intensity. At first, you may find it hard to perform leg lifts repeatedly. Therefore, you can put your hands under your back to disperse the force if you just practice it.

You Can Perform Various Leg Lifts

Firstly, you lay your back on a yoga mat, stretch your arms out and keep your palms flat to stabilize your body. You also can lift your hands to make it easier. Next, place the yoga ball in between your legs so that it can rest on the ground.

Then, you pull up your legs while keeping the ball between your calves. This stage will activate your core and thigh muscles to raise both your legs. Now, lift the ball up above your hips and hold it there for 3 seconds. Remember, you need to keep your body in a neutral position.

After that, slowly lower your legs while it nearly reaches the ground. Feeling tough and exhausted is normal. You should practice slowly to reach higher levels.


V-pass is a more advanced workout that aims to build up your strength by combining core areas simultaneously. We recommend V-pass if you want to improve your balance at an intermediate level.

When you feel the burn, it means that the exercise is working. However, it will take you some time to practice fluently. Just keep moving and take a short break if you need.

V-Pass Is Effective For Fat Burning

To start the exercise, you lay on a yoga mat and extend your arms overhead. Put the ball between your legs. Next, raise your upper and lower body together. Remember to brace your core before passing the ball from your legs to your hands.

Then, you extend your arms back while laying down and lift the ball to your legs again. Slowly return to the starting position and continue several times.

The Bottom Line

Yoga ball exercises are great for you to build up strength, improve tones and sculpt your abs. You can consider some workouts that we’ve recommended above to choose the most effective one that works for your physical well-being.

It will take you a long time to have a fitted body. Regular exercises, balanced nutrition and suitable sports equipment will help you with that!

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