Jewel Tones

OOTD Jewel TonesFor me, spring means lots of color! Now that the cold weather is gone, it’s time to brighten some things up! I know spring is usually the time for light colors but in addition to lots of cream, blush, and baby blue I’ve been adding plenty of bright jewel tones to my wardrobe. I just love how deep and vibrant the colors are and I think they really pop, especially when worn together. Plus, these vivid colors complement my skin tone a lot more than washed out pastels.

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My Favorite Cozy Sweater

cozy sweater outfitWe’ve been going through a warm spell lately which I absolutely love. It has been in the mid-80s and so nice, I’ve been able to ditch my tights and boots and break out my tees and ballet flats. I have a feeling it won’t last forever though and I’m sure we’ll have another cold spell soon. Luckily, I have my favorite cozy sweater on hand so I’ll be prepared. I got this sweater several years ago and I love it. It’s got ribbed sides that give it a little extra texture and it’s lined with fleece. Seriously, it’s so cozy and warm on the inside but still looks chic and slim on the outside. I love the cowl neckline that can also be worn off-the-shoulder (although if I did that, my shoulders would be freezing!).

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Valentine’s Day Fashion

valentine's day fashionI love pink. Love it, love it, love it. Pink was my favorite color growing up and then I went through a few years where I wouldn’t be caught dead saying I liked it. But now I love it again. I consider bright pink to be my signature lip color, light pink to be my go-to nail polish color, and I love sneaking any kind of pink into my black and gray winter wardrobe. Needless to say, Valentine’s Day fashion is super easy for me.

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Neon Pink Sweater

Neon Pink Sweater fashion lookI like a little predictability with my fashion brands. There’s nothing worse than finding a new favorite brand because you love their entire collection only to have the next one be a complete bust. Or finding the best basics only to have a brand stop making them. I like being able to count on finding certain items whenever I want them. One of my favorite releases that happens every year is J. Crew’s neon sweaters. They always have an entire collection of bright knits and I’m always drawn to the neon pink sweaters and cardigans. Luckily they’re in slightly different hues than the year before so I have an excuse to buy more!

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Go for Baroque

ootd_baroque_dress2You know how there are some clothing pieces you love so much you buy them in every color you can get your hands on? That’s how I am with this baroque print tunic I got from SheIn. It’s actually a dress but on me it’s borderline between a super mini dress and a long tunic. The jacquard fabric isn’t the best quality and the dress is unlined but the fun print and fit-and-flare shape makes it the perfect throw-on-and-go dress. There are so many versions of this dress with different prints out there and at around $20 or so, the price can’t be beat! I already have a couple of different versions of this and I’m trying to decide which print to buy next!

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Perforated Leather

ootd_leather_cutout_skirtI have an affinity for leather, especially during fall and winter. I love how instantly cool it makes you look and there are so many different ways to wear it. At this point I’ve acquired quite a few leather (or at least faux leather) pieces and I’ve gotten to the point where I have all of the basics covered (jacket x 2, pencil skirt, full skirt, leggings). Now I’m after more interesting items. This perforated leather skirt has a lot of fun details like cutouts and a scalloped hem but it’s also really comfortable to wear.

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