Alchemic Muse Review

Alchemic Muse ProductsI’ve recently gotten into indie bath and body products. I wrote about my first experiences trying them as part of my January Beauty Favorites post and I was so impressed that I wanted to try more. I bought quite a few Alchemic Muse products as Christmas gifts and they all looked so nice that I had to buy some for myself. Alchemic Muse is a good indie brand to start with because she keeps a lot of stock (so there’s no mad rush to buy things before someone else does) and her turn around time is so fast (I placed a few orders and they all shipped either the same day or first thing the next day). The prices are reasonable and so is her shipping- she ships in flat rate boxes so you can get a lot of items before it kicks you into the next shipping tier. I stocked up on a bunch of products that seemed too good to live without- the Cream Soap, Body Whip, and Foaming Body Scrub, and I received a few Perfume Oil samples to try. Here is my full Alchemic Muse review.

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