The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Right Size of Shapewear

Online shopping is becoming more popular. It's easier to buy things at home where you are comfortable. But it can be difficult for you to find the appropriate size outside the fitting room. You can read this article about how to choose shapewear size and then buy it from the store online. Let’s dive in now.

To find your perfect shapewear size, you need to measure your body first. And luckily, there are numerous ways to measure yourself. But one way that works best: using a measuring tape, paper, and a pen. You can also use your mobile phone if you want to record your tape measure shapewear on the screen. Let's get started!

How To Get Your Measurements For Shapewear

How To Get Your Measurements For Shapewear

Measure Your Waist

First, you need to determine where your waist is. It should be the fleshy section between your hips and ribs, which might be right at the navel level or above. Or else, you might put your hands on the hips while leaning sideways. Your waist is the spot folding inwards on the side when you lean in.

Next, with no clothes on, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. The tape should be tight against you, not loose.

Finally, do not forget to take your waist measurement.

How To Correctly Measure Your Waist

How To Correctly Measure Your Waist

Measure Your Hips

To measure your hips, take a measuring tape and wrap it around your hips. It is where your butt is. The measuring tape needs to cover the fleshiest part of your butt and hips to get the most accurate measurement.

How To Measure Your Hips

How To Measure Your Hips

Measure Your Bra Size

Grab a tape and measure your band first. It would be best if you measure it without a bra or with a lightly-lined one to let your breasts stay in their original natural state. Wrap the measuring tape right under them and record the number. It is your band measurement.

The next step is to measure your breasts or bust. Wrap the measuring tape around the highest points of your breasts and see how tight it is. It is your bust measurement.

Then, all we need to do is a little math equation! Your cup measurement is the result after subtracting your band measurement from your bust one.

Refer to this chart below to find out your proper bra size:

Bra Size Chart
How To Measure Your Bra Size

How To Measure Your Bra Size

Sizing Guide For Favorite Items

Empetua All Day Every Day High Waist Shaper Shorts

The famous shaper shorts will shape your body. Their high compression level allows them to shape and sculpt your thighs, legs, and midsection area. It thus creates a smooth and gentle look while you are wearing them.

To know whether the shorts properly fit you or not, refer to our sizing guide below. If the product is high-compression, you might want to buy one size up for a better fit and comfort.

All Day Every Day High Waist Shaper Shorts

Empetua All Day Every Day High-Waist Shaper Panty

As it can fit in any occasion, this shaper panty is one of the must-have items for your closet. You need to measure your hips and waist and refer to our panty size guide below to find the ideal size. However, if you are sure, you can chat with a fit expert who can help find your size.

All Day Every Day High-Waist Shaper Panty

Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Getting the right bra size is never an easy job. It is possible that up to 80% of women wear bras at the wrong size, but don't worry because you can find your size with our chart. If you do, then your bra will fit comfortably!

Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Empetua High-Waist Active Shaping Leggings

Whenever you get leggings, make sure that they are not too loose or too tight. You will know the exact size if you measure your hips and waist. Our leggings fit the size well, and they also shape your body in a good way. Refer to the size and fit guide below:

Empetua High-Waist Active Shaping Leggings

Have Fun Shopping For Shapewear

Making purchases is fun when you already know how to buy shapewear. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting your perfect size, even when you shop online. You can still speak to any Fit Expert if you need help finding the right size!

The Bottom Line

We hope this blog post “how to choose shapewear size”  has helped you find your perfect size for shapewear and that the tips we’ve provided have been helpful. Be sure to use our measurement guide as a reference before making any purchases so you can be confident about what will work best for your body type!

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