Waist Trainer While Working Out, Waist Training Exercises (#3 Is The Most Effective)

The topic of waist trainer while working out, waist training exercises has become quite popular. The little waist trainer is now a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to women celebrities!

But what are the benefits of working out with waist trainer? And how to start waist training? These questions often go answered. And when the answers are provided, more often than not, they’re not correct, accurate, or explained properly.

So those of you curious to know everything there is about waist trainers, you’ve landed on the right page. I have done nothing but explain the heart of the matter. So you can make the most suitable decision for your body and overall health.

Let’s get started then!

Waist Trainer While Working Out – Part One

Brief History of Waist Training


Did you know that waist trainers came into the limelight in the 1900s? I mean that’s when they gained popularity in America and Europe. The original idea was the outcome of corset invention. That was later replaced by what is known as the girdle.

Women wearing corset back in the days was a symbol of pride. The pride/shapewear piece of undergarment was worn outside. And not inside the outfit! This brought attention to a woman’s small yet curvy waist.

Gradually, girdles and cinchers as undergarments came into being. In short, these items were essential for women who wished to look young and curvy.

But that’s not the case now, is it? In the modern world today, shapewear takes the form of Spanx and waist trainers. To shape your natural curves! Many celebrities are flaunting waist trainers in the gym or when working out at home.

Benefits of Waist Trainer While Working Out


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Many women are quite fascinated with the waist trainer. Cause, after all, they’re looking for quick results. The very thing that waist trainers have the ability to deliver!

So is it true that a waist trainer can slim down your midsection? And even improve your posture? Let me tell you that waist trainers are very effective. They do indeed place limitations on your flexibility early on. But there’s no denying that a waist trainer helps in sculpting the figure. And more!

So here are the benefits of working out with waist trainer. This should answer the question, why wear a waist trainer while working out?

It strengthens back and reduces chances of injuries

Waist trainers do strengthen the back and improve posture. Without increasing the risks of injury in the process!

A good waist trainer eliminates the bad habit of slouching. It does so by forcing your upper body to maintain the appropriate posture. And also by sculpting your figure!

It avoids lumbar injuries

When your posture is right, the possibility of injuring the lumbar region is very low. This is great news for those who stand for many hours. Or those who bend and lift a lot during work.

Waist trainers give your body all the physical support it needs. And that, in turn, leads to better endurance levels. Wearing a waist trainer while working out goes a long way, doesn’t it?

It offers quick slimming results

This only applies if you wear a well-fitted waist trainer. Only then should you expect an immediate positive outcome.

What waist trainers do is help you achieve the hourglass silhouette. Simply by cinching the waist! They also get rid of extra fat in the form of love handles and muffin top. But you absolutely need to wear the right one. If you desire to slim down the waist significantly!

Now here’s a frequently asked question. Do you wear the waist trainer while working out? Yes, it’s an excellent garment for the gym. Cause it defines your waistline, which can be quite motivating. This way hardcore training becomes an easier goal to take up and accomplish.

It improves workout sessions

Needless to say, waist trainers improve your calorie and fat burning sessions. So if you’re planning on doing some hardcore belly exercises, do not forget your waist trainer.

A proper fitting waist trainer does more than just correct your body posture. It strengthens the core as well. The item is designed to provide firm compression after all. So you can perform vigorous movements and make the most of every inch of each of those movements.

There’s no denying that waist trainers encourage more sweating. That means a more effective workout. They stimulate thermal activity very naturally. And also encourage the body to produce more heat.

Do you know what happens when your perspiration level during exercise is high? There’s more slimming down action happening inside. In short, you achieve better results in a brief span of time. And that too without investing any extra efforts!

When targeting the core, always wear a waist trainer. Cause it helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles. And giving you quick results!

So this is how wearing a waist trainer while working out benefits your body.

Rules of Waist Trainer While Working Out


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Is wearing a waist trainer while working out bad? No, it’s not. But the answer is a bit more complicated than that. Everything has its own limitations and boundaries. And as a consumer, you should keep certain important factors in mind.

So here are the dos and don’ts of a waist trainer.

  1    Buy a good quality waist trainer

SHAPERX Women's Waist Trainer Belt Waist Training Corset Waist Cincher Slimming Body Shaper for an Hourglass Weight Loss Workout Gym Fitness Trimmer Slimmer Shaper, SZ8002-Black-M

When you look at any product, quality plays a crucial role. A high-quality waist trainer decides the durability, effectiveness, and comfort of the wonder-garment.

One such option is the SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper. It shapes and supports in the most comfortable manner. This workout waist cincher features mesh fabric for breathability. It is designed using latex-free neoprene. That’s stretchy enough to offer a customized fit.

The belly wraps slimmer consists of acrylic bones for unparalleled support. The ultimate goal of this SHAPERX Body Shaper is to compress and tighten your body fat. So you can achieve the desired hourglass silhouette.

In short, don’t waste your time, effort, and money on low-quality waist trainers.

  2   Wear a tank top below the waist trainer

4 Pack Active Basic Women's Basic Tank Tops,Small,White/Charcoal/Black/H Gray

Here’s what happens when you don’t wear anything under the waist trainer. During exercise, the body produces sweat, right? And sweat trapped below the tight fitting waist trainer can cause friction. And that, as a result, might lead to the formation of acne. So to avoid this tragedy from taking place, wear a tank top underneath.

  3   Wear the waist trainer when weight training

VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt for Women - Waist Cincher Trimmer - Slimming Body Shaper Belt - Sport Girdle Belt (UP Graded) (Pink, Medium)

The whole point of the wonder-garment is to accelerate weight/fat loss. So it’s only common sense to keep it on during abdominal weight training.

Waist trainers keep the midsection tight and the back straight. Plus, they also speed up sweating, which means a more effective workout.

  4   Don’t use the tightest hook

Does the tightest hook on your waist trainer feel comfortable? I mean don’t tighten the cincher so much that you start to feel restricted. It’s not at all advisable to push the body to that extent.

Keep it safe and simple by employing the nearer hooks. Instead of tightening the waist trainer all the way. And not being able to breathe properly!

  5    Don’t wear the waist trainer for a high-intensity workout

What is a high-intensity workout? Exercises that increase the heart rate, like running. It’s important to remember that waist training condenses the organs. So taking deep breaths at such times is not easy.

But if you’re still planning to wear a waist trainer when running, be ready to pass out. Because that’s what happens when you wear restrictive garments for high-intensity movements. This should answer one of the most commonly asked questions. Can I wear a waist trainer while running?

  6   Don’t wear the waist trainer for more than 7-8 hours

You cannot expect your body to adapt to a new shape instantly. It doesn’t work that day. So avoid keeping the waist trainer on for more than 7-8 hours in a day.

The goal is to speed up the process naturally. That means not having to exert too much strain on the body.

Waist Training Exercises – Part Two


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How to Start Waist Training – 5 Waist Training Exercises at Home

Time to put on your waist trainer and get moving!

  1   Wall Balls


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The wall squat is the most functional way to engage multiple muscles. The exercise helps in strengthening the lower body while also keeping your core involved.

You begin by squatting in front of the wall. Throw the ball up each time you’re getting up from the squat position. Then catch the ball when squatting back down.

The workout consumes tons of energy no doubt. But it’s an excellent combination of 2 different exercises. And it targets as many as nine separate muscles of your body.

How to do Wall Balls?


  2   Side Plank


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Left elbow under your left shoulder, one foot stacked up on the other that’s touching the ground. And keep your hips raised. Make sure your core is tight and engaged throughout the workout. Stay in this position for at least half a minute. Then switch to the right side.

There are many different side plank variations you can try with your waist trainer.

15 Side-Plank Variations For a Flat Belly


  3   Leg Raises


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Here’s one of the most persuasive waist exercises for beginners. In fact, it’s the most common waist training exercises out there. Toning the abdominal muscles couldn’t get any easier than this!

Lie down on the yoga mat and raise both your legs high up. You can bend the knees slightly. Take around three seconds to lower the legs back down.

How to Do Leg Raises


  4    Stacked Sit-Ups


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Start by lying down on the back with legs extended. Place the right heel over the left toe. And hands positioned behind the head.

Now engage the core by lifting both legs, chest, and head off the floor. Consider this as the starting position. (21 Sit-Up Variations)

The next move is to bring the chest and knees as close together as possible. While also rotating the left elbow toward the right knee. Then go back to the start position. Do 10-15 reps.

After that, switch sides to perform another 10-15 reps with your left heel over the right toe. That means you rotate your right elbow toward the left knee.

You can begin by incorporating these waist training exercises into your daily workout routine.

The End

Now you know how the method of waist training is effective. And why so many women around the world are buying waist trainers. The wonder-garment does tighten your abdominal muscles as well as cinch your waist. It shows desired results in a short span of time. There are no two ways about that.

But wearing a waist trainer for waist training exercises has certain rules. And I have discussed them all in the article. I’ve also talked about the benefits and the different waist training exercises. So everything you need to know about a waist trainer is present here, no doubt.

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