Wet Shaving vs. Dry Shaving (What is The Best?)

Are you new to shaving? Or do you want to finally stop accidentally cutting yourself from the old ways? Between wet shaving vs. dry shaving, what is the safest option for you?

These questions can’t be answered better than right here. Whether you’re new or seasoned at shaving. It’s time to jump in and assess the basics of wet and dry shaving. And which is the absolute deal breaker for you!

Wet Shaving vs. Dry Shaving – The Basics


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It’s not surprising that wet shaving is the most popular option of them all. You, too, must have started off with a little bit of soap and water to shave. Many people use soap or shaving gel foam in place of it. But you’re always making the skin wet and slimy to run your razor over it.

Does this make dry shaving less comfortable? Not certainly not. Here’s why.

Dry shaving is good for sensitive skin. This is because dry shavers don’t press the skin to slice off a hair follicle. You can use specialized electric razors if you want to ditch wet shaving completely.

Wet shaving takes a longer time than dry shaving. This is because you have to prepare your skin before shaving. Let me explain with a good example of shaving your legs.

You will need to soak your legs in the water to soften the hair. If you skip this step, the hair will be brittle and the skin dry and uneven. This is result in bruises and cuts which you don’t want!

To prepare your skin for wet shaving you need a shaving gel and some warm water. This isn’t the case with dry shaving. Wet razors slice off the hair follicle at the closest point on the skin. It’s a good way to get the smoothest and closest shave. Comparatively better than say dry shaving!

Wet Shaving vs. Dry Shaving – The Technique


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What’s the difference between wet shaving vs drying shaving? Let me tell you it all depends on how the hair is cut.

A razor cuts the hair in a single stroke. This is either in the direction of the hair growth or opposite it. Most preferably, during wet shaving, you go against the growth of the hair. So that the hair gets completely sliced off from the opening of the pore. And not halfway through!

An electric razor cuts the hair between two blades. Similar to the way you cut hair with a pair of sharp scissors. They gently press down on the skin to pull a part of the hair follicle away from the pore. This is also what gives electric razors an edge over other shaving methods.

As you can probably make out that razors are best for wet shaving. While electric razors are ideal for dry shaving. Both are quick and effective. The decision between wet and dry shaving is solely on personal preference. And that is what we will discuss below.

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Wet Shaving vs. Dry Shaving – The Factors


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Now you know how each technique works, don’t you? What about taking into consideration your personal needs? The use of a wet razor or an electric razor depends on your skin and hair type.

If you don’t have the following things clear, you might as well never shave at all!

Skin Type


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The only reason why you would use a shaving cream is to moisten the skin. You don’t want to use a razor against sensitive and uneven skin. A gel or some soap makes the skin’s surface slimy to prevent bruises and cuts.

Contrary to popular belief, dry shaving is actually good for sensitive skin. The chemicals in shaving gels can inflame or irritate the skin even more. Sometimes, ditching them completely is the best way to go. But only when you have the best electric razor by your side!

Hair Type


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You can get either smooth and thin or thick and brittle hair. This makes a huge difference in how you shave. For thin hair, dry shaving is best. When you apply soap or gel, the thin hair follicles may get lost. And the razor may not be able to get rid of them all.

To catch every hair follicle on your skin, dry shave extremely thin and smoother hair.

Contrastingly, thick and brittle hair needs some softening and moistening. This is to avoid skin irritation, bruises, and redness after shaving. That’s where the effectiveness of wet shaving comes in.

When the hair is coarse, a shaving cream softens it and makes the skin even. Make sure you consider you the coarseness of your hair before trying anything!

Key Takeaway

The tug of war between wet shaving vs drying shaving is already burning up. What is the right choice for you? If you shave wet or dry, it has become a matter of comfort and convenience. What are your shaving habits? Do you have sensitive skin which makes you likely to get cut easily?

Once you look into all these questions with the help of this guide. You will know your ideal pick between wet shaving vs. dry shaving. Whether it’s to know how to shave or how to avoid common shaving mistakes. This guide backs your every decision!

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