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As various bra styles and types are on the market, it is surely a hard task to pick out a suitable bra for yourself. Amongst these bra products, contour bras are one of the most common types.

So, what is a contour bra? How is it different from other bra styles? This blog will answer all your inquiries about these bras and provide you with relevant facts related to contour brassiere. Let’s dive in now!

A contour bra (or an underwire bra) looks like a regular, everyday undergarment but is specially designed to create the illusion of fuller breasts. Contour bras normally have molded cups and padded or lined fabric that sculpts and enhances one's natural curves while giving an overall rounded appearance for your breasts.

Most contours are made from strong yet still flexible materials like spandex. Still, people may use other fabrics depending on preference/comfort level. Almost all contours contain some sort of wire support; very few exceptions exist among this style.

Contour bra.

Although contour bra and push up bra all help enhance the looks of your burst, they are totally different.

Contour bras and push-up bras both have molded cups, but contours are thicker (and thus prevent your nipples from showing), while the thinner ones reveal more of your burst. Both give supreme support/lift, yet, they also come with differences like smoothing lines underneath clothes for one of them.

Contour styles typically offer full coverage compared to plunging necklines in case of push-ups that can show off through partially revealing tops, as it has narrow center gore between breasts.

If you need more shaping and definition without adding a cup size, contour bras might be the way to go. In case you're looking for cleavage, push-up bras are the best!

Sexy push-up bra.

Can You Fix A Broken Contour Bra Underwire?

Underwires are a standard part of bras, and they can be dangerous for you if they break. Although people choose to remove the underwire from their bra to fix this issue, this will affect its fit. Or else, they choose to throw it off or use it as a sleep bra.

If you still want to find a way to fix your beloved underwire bra, we can help you with the below content. Read on!

Why Is The Underwire Broken?

First and foremost, let’s discover the cause behind this issue for a good solution!

1. Low Quality

If the bra is cheaply made or poorly made, it will result in low-quality underwires. The best ones are flat and tempered steel with a plastic coating to reduce deformation/breakage risk.

The brand may also have used poor fabric for the casing of the underwire--the channel that holds them in place inside your bra. Yet, well-made bras use only sturdy fabrics, so they won't wear through easily over time.

2. Washing Machine

Improper care for your lingerie can lead to broken underwires, even in a good-quality bra. It is best to gently hand wash them or put them inside a mesh bag for machine washing if necessary.

Never tumble dry bras as it will make the steel wires more brittle and damage elastic bands due to friction from other clothing items being dried together with the bra during the drying process.

Also, be mindful of getting rid of a tumbler dryer to avoid making your underwire become brittle and shorten the lifespan of the bra elastic.

3. Wrong Size Bra

When a bra is too tight, the underwire can get pulled and even break. If your cup size isn't big enough for all of your breast tissue, or if an already small band becomes tighter with washing, it can cause damage to the wire in one's bra.

When Will The Underwire Be Unfixable?

A broken underwire bra normally means that the bra’s underwire has penetrated out of its place. We can fix that by using pliers and re-inserting the wire back to where it needs to go.

However, if your underwire broke or bent, you will need some professional tools for this fixable problem to become unnoticeable again! If your wires snapped, don’t even bother fixing them as there's nothing more you can do now!

Can You Simply Replace Underwire?

You could take the damaged underwire out of your bra and put a new one in. However, finding an exact replacement wire is hard because there are so many lengths, shapes, and sizes that it's unlikely to be at your local haberdashery or even any store.

The Best Solution For Fixing Underwire

Here is a helpful guide if you are facing broken underwire issues! Take note of these steps.

1. Sewing Fix

If your bra is damaged, you can sew stitches over the tear in its underwire channel to repair it. Do not forget to sew the torn area with a small piece of fabric to position the underwire in its place.

Sewing stitches over the tear.

2. No-sew Fix

If you have a bra that your underwire has damaged, then pick up some moleskin at the pharmacy. It is an adhesive fabric great for cushioning feet, which should work well on your bra.

Cut a strip large enough to cover the tear in it, remove its backing paper before sticking it onto one side of the bottom part of your bra cup where there's damage from wire poking through or tearing out completely. Your new patch will stay put even after many future washes!

Attractive contour bra.

The end.

After reading this article, you surely learn about “what is a contour bra?”.

Contour bras are perfect for all types of exercise - from running to yoga!  They give you more options when it comes to your workout wardrobe, as you can wear them over your work clothes without feeling uncomfortable. They're especially great if you have sensitive skin or want to avoid wearing too many layers during colder months!

Overall, we’ve guided you on fixing the common contour bra - broken underwire. Let’s apply this method the next time you are facing this problem!

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