What is a Water Bra – Water Push Up Bra (All You Need to Know)

What is a water bra - water push up bra? Does it provide comfort, support, AND lift? And is this type of bra worth taking into consideration? If you demand the correct answers to these questions, please keep on reading.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re definitely a woman. And if you’re a woman, I certainly don’t need to point out the obvious to you.

That there are plenty of options when it comes to buying bras to fit your needs and requirements. Each type of bra is ultimately designed for comfort and support. But not all of them offer the natural boost your breasts want to enjoy.

What is a Water Bra - Water Push Up Bra

What is a Water Bra?


Are water bras really filled with water? Well, strangely, YES. The water is present in the lingerie’s padding. It sounds ridiculously odd I know. But you’ll understand why pretty soon.

The padding of the bra is specially crafted with a combination of oil and water. This mixture helps a great deal when it comes to enhancing your chest.

Normal bras go way back, don’t they? But water bras have been a part of the industry for a little less than just two decades. However, it didn’t take long for women to fall head over heels in love with this style.

The reason for success here is the fact that a water bra can enhance the physical appearance of your breasts. Particularly if you have a smaller chest!

Now it goes without saying why water bras gained so much popularity. After all, they’re clothing items packed with WATER. It’s quite an uncommon occurrence, isn’t it? And this should explain why they stood out from the lot.

But, truth be told, water bras are not so trendy anymore. At least not as much as they were about 20 years back! Even so, you can still buy one if you wish.

What Is It Made Of?

Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra, Nude, 34C

What is inside bra? Water, obviously. But it’s not as simple as that.

Water bras include more ingredients to make them look seamless and perform well. But it’s the combination of oil and water that makes the most impact. Cause the mixture serves as an excellent cushion. Unlike any other type of bra!

The bra has fabric surrounding the water-packed padding. Water bras, to my surprise, are totally seamless. No one can tell you’re wearing one from the outside.

On top of that, they are sturdy and rigid too. This prevents them from potential damage. So you don’t have to deal with oil and water dripping from your chest while you’re in the middle of your day.

Here’s the only difference between this bra and a push-up bra. The latter features foam padding. While water bra padding consists of oil and water.

Who Should Wear It?


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Who is the water bra designed for? What body shapes or type benefits from wearing water bras? Time to satisfy your curiosity!

There’s no denying that a water bra enhances breasts and accentuates cleavage. This is great news for women with smaller boobs. It’s pretty much like any push-up bra if you ask me. Push-up bras are specifically created for small breasts. Cause they focus on lifting your boobs toward the middle of the chest. And likewise, water bras do the same.

The problem of sagging breasts is quite common among women. Old or young, doesn’t matter. And not many of them like to talk about it. Finding a good solution is hard as well. This is when a bra like this comes to the rescue. Since water bras’ priority is to lift, they are perfect for women with saggy breasts. Or a small chest!

What about Women with a Large Bust?

Olga Women's No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra, Toasted Almond

The ugly truth is that women with bigger breasts should not wear a water bra. Cause the plus size water bra you might want to buy won’t help you in any way. The structure is over padded, which means the bra weighs you down.

You would be better off wearing a D-cup push-up bra for that matter. And if you want to lift saggy breasts, your safest bet is the best minimizer bra for big boobs.

Here are some awesome bra hacks you should know:

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What Are Its Advantages and Drawbacks?

Now that you know what is a water bra, let’s get to know the list of pros and cons. There are two sides to every coin. Always remember that!

Advantages of a Water Bra

  • It lifts your breasts

Water bras enhance the shape and size of your boobs. While also lifting or pushing the sisters up! This push-up effect is totally appreciated by women with smaller breasts.

The cherry on top here is an accentuated cleavage too.

  • It has a seamless appearance

You might not like your bra showing through your dresses and tops. In that case, it’s great news that water bras are seamless. Think of this as the much-needed bonus!

  • It is very comfortable to wear

It’s shocking to discover that water bras are more comfortable. In comparison to other bras! All thanks to the water and oil-filled padding. This padding has the ability to form and adjust to the natural size of your breasts.

  • It features soft padding

Let’s take push-up bras as an example here. More often than not, they are hard and tight. Plus, they tend to cause pain after prolonged wear. And this discomfort overshadows the good part. The push-up effect!

On the other hand, water bras don’t offer hard padding. The padded construction is softer than you can imagine.

Drawbacks of a Water Bra

  • It is prone to popping

You might think that water bras pop very easily. Even due to the slightest touch. But just because you think it doesn’t mean it’s true. A water bra leaks and pops only when some sharp object comes in contact with it.

The rigid fabric does keep the oil and water safe from damage. But it is material, after all. So it can’t avert possibilities of tearing when exposed to sharp objects.

Water Push Up Bra

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up, Black Body/Beige, 34C

It’s only logical to assume that a water bra comes in different styles. The most common one being the water push up bra. It features the classic push-up design. And this is what makes the bra more favorable than the rest.

Most women buying water bras do so to accentuate their breasts. So it’s only natural to want to do that with this primary style.

The water push up bra is much like any other push-up bra. With an underwire as well! The only difference is that the former is filled with oil and water. While the latter features foam padding!

Apart from water push up, there are two other types of water bras.

Water Demi Bra

This kind covers only half of the bust with a lower cut. So it means the water demi bra is an ideal pick for dresses and tops that have a low-cut neckline. It’s the perfect daily wear bra.

Water Plunge Bra

If your outfit has a dive-deep type of neckline, you might be better off with this one. When wearing a low-cut dress or top, you don’t wish for your bra to be on display. In that case, a water plunge bra is the most suitable.

However, it has a major downside. Plunge bras are a bit lacking in terms of accentuation and support. But the cleavage part is well taken care of.


This brings me to the end of what is a water bra - water push up bra.

The bra might not be as popular as it was back when it first came out. Even so, the point here is to get to know what is a water bra - water push up bra. And that you already have, haven’t you? So the rest is up to you now. Whether you want to buy one or not!

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